Contouring 101

Twitter: @SlaylerJ

*pterodactyl screech*


Suzanne Gabriel says:

Brilliant!! (as long as the church doesn’t find out!)

Trinity Merrell says:

I seriously watch this anytime I need a quick pick me up

kitty flo says:

This was my first video I ever saw from you and after this I can’t get enough of you. I now watch your videos on my way to work to put me in a good mood. Can’t wait for more videos from you, you are doing an amazing job.

Elizabeth Gall says:

Not what I was looking for

…But what I NEEDED

The Spinshots says:

haha great

Eric Gregory says:

Ridding myself of flesh, I found. myself a mate!

Galax Gunz says:

Ya made me wanna learn to makeup… #dudemakeup

Shannon Sunshine says:

I think her teeth are pretty cute. Idk whyy

Shaya says:


Kalyani Sanchez says:

This has to be one of the funniest videos I have seen in a long time! Thank you so much!!

N00dl3 C4t says:

this is amazing

Caitlin Holland says:

This is literally my favourite video, I’m in the middle of exams and I’ve watched this about 7 times in the past three days

frost's dragon says:

ur my favorite person

Allison Bilbey says:

I actually really like your teeth ;-; i think it makes you look cute

Alyson Garcia says:

Tumblr brought me to you & I’ve never been happier

nekokannes says:

Woman, you are absolutely HILARIOUS. Please don’t stop being hilarious. You make everything awesome.

ConcernedBagel says:

nostrils? i don’t know her!

TheQueerMusketeers says:

im living for the accent

crazycatgirl18 says:

how your lips so shiny?

Intergalactic Janet says:

Please do a video with MacDoesit

cookie says:

you don’t even know how many times a day i quote this fucking video

Kailee Liss Johnson says:


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