Hope you guys enjoyed this video of me reviewing and trying the KKW Beauty contour and highlight sticks! There are four sets – light, medium, dark and deep dark! What do you guys think?







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Thanks for watching this review and swatch video! Love you guys! XO

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dawna luv says:

i am shocked after seeing this product , when my friend got it ,we had flashbacks to when we had to eat MRE’S after the storm!!!!!!!! WTF was she thinking!!!!!!!!! kim must think we are all stupit as F@#%k!!! and oh it dries up on the face and show every little bump!!!!!!

Mihaiela says:

thanks for honest review. because it was honest, i subbed

polly anna says:

Coming from a kkw lookalike lol

Rosie Stewart says:

been waiting for an actually truthful review and finally it’s here!

Emersyn Layton says:

Nuuuuuu I just bought that

Sherry Munroe says:

Due to your honesty you have a gained a new subbie ! So sick of all these lying ass licking you tubers. …your honesty is refreshing.

miRnz says:

Im sorry… but I LOVED the KKW products. It definitely depends on individual.

Olivia Fitzpatrick says:

Thank you for you honest review Lysm ❤️❤️❤️

Shay Márquez says:

“Kim’s a princess” HAHA love your videos

F.Xinna ! says:

I live how honest you are

Sam B says:

Omg you have a PERFECT SIZED FOREHEAD, I legit have a 5 head and would kill for yours !

Julia Yabes says:

yazzz gurl. preach. thank you for your honest opinion! love you alwayss I feel like everyone is liking this not for the quality but because of the trend.

Emma Nicole says:

Thank you for your honesty!!!

Jordan Goldstein says:

thank you for this amazing review

Hippie Garcia says:

You think as an adult, the whole high school ass kissing thing stops after high school. These gurus literally have the product breaking on them and their like ” it so awesome.” It makes me mad they lie to these impressionable young girls. I hope Kim sells her shit next so these dumbasses will day how great it is

Beatriz Martins says:

In Brazil this kit is $ 360 reais, which is worth $ 114 … that is absurd !!!

Shahida Begum says:

Suk ur dad.

Jilian Bower says:

Chrissy T was joking in that interview lol. Her cheekbones are her own 😉

Shopper Mandy says:

I get who Kim K is – she’s a big deal. I try not to think about WHO someone is when I review a product. We are all human. We are all equal. Ten minutes before publishing this video I felt like I wanted to vomit because I could feel the hatred coming on. My parents taught me to be courageous and always stand up for others. They showed courage in a war torn country – why shouldn’t I show courage with this video? Here we go internet (just pressed publish)…

AnimalJazz4 says:

thank u for being so honest!!! This is a truthful, unbiased review.

Sophia Griffith says:

soooo happy somebody has an honest review about this product!

Abbygail Mendoza says:

I don’t mind buying expensive products so long as they are good, but this. Is. Disgusting.

dawna luv says:

girl you speak the truth !!!!!!! love you:)

Kimber Love says:

1. You’re insecure about your “bad period skin” and “big forehead” no just no. Where????

Chris Nigelio says:

Kim isn’t taking advantage of anyone. It’s her first product, it’s not gonna be the best. People are going to continue buying her products whether you like it or not. Just stop the hate against the Kardashians, you’re probably mad at the fact that it didn’t work for you, but it did for others. Maybe you need to learn more makeup tricks to help you out on this one. People will find every reason to hate on a Kardashian, but guess what? Shes a KARDASHIAN, she will always make money and she will always be a business women, this review looks so fake, just another Kardashian hater roaming on youtube, unfortunately your review won’t do anything….

ItsMarlee says:

I just watched you hit 200K!!❤️

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