DOES IT REALLY WORK? Maybelline Master CONTOUR Stick | cosmochlo

This is my first impressions, review and does it really work of the maybelline master contour stick!
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alizeeviard says:

Ce serait mieux sans toutes ces manières!

hedgehog says:

you have a really lovely bone structure.

Emily Morris says:

Tried this for the first time this morning so not sure how it lasts at the moment but so far so good! I have super super dry skin so thought I would try a cream and love it so far! <3

Dessi Fox says:

Loved it! It worked so well with my skin and I was very nervous at first but it turned out perfect.

Ana Žoher says:

Hello 🙂 I have one question. Which brush from Real Techniques do you use? (It is Pink in the video). I would like to ask you Which brush sets from Real Techniques do you recommend me?

Thanks for your help

Greetings from Slovenia

Taylor Morris says:

I have this, this is like the worst contour stick I’ve ever had. It wipes off any makeup you have underneath and just makes your makeup look patchy and muddy.

Igg Azalea says:

i love thst product i looks very natural !! not too rich but very creamy!

Carli Liebenberg says:

I also use that Maybelline stick

Kelly Miles says:

pals medication it looks like deeply # funny sound :[

Shelle L says:

Skin type is a huge factor in this working. I bought it nearly a year ago, I’m a light contourer, but I liked it the same as you did.

The only thing for me is that it was not buildable. Really though, the rich pigment in it makes it unnecessary, so its not an issue, but going too thick makes it lool muddy.

After nearly a year I still have half a stick. I think a lot of people who bought this didn’t care for it because for one, its a cream stick thats heavily pigmented. Appying too much is a huge mistake but not a problem that cant be corrected. Knowing how to use a cream stick thats dual is another thing. Its a turn off for most once it wears down, however its tapered to a finer point and works better for me.

Rachel Anastasia Fenwick says:

Thank you for making a video for this product! I accidently purchased the Maybelline master sculpt ‘powdered version’ contour palette. Fingers crossed it’s not a complete waste of money and that it turns out to have positive results! X

Eva Čechová says:

I’m wondering …if I used more of just one side (would expect the shadow one, because I have light skin) does it make the stick worse to use (after using it for a long time)? If it was used everyday – how long (approximately) you think this packing withstands? Thank you 🙂

krishna kharel says:

bin and

Dannie Spokes says:


Azan 2695 says:

Oh my god people lets send this to Alfie so he sees her. They look so much alike

Suiciide Cat says:

You’ve got super pretty structure naturally only noticing as A. I draw anyway and B. It’s a contour video but your nose and cheeks are so pretty! And your forehead/hairline. …. random odd compliment aside great video

Jamie Winters says:

I thought this video was Great. It was done quite professionally. You spoke well regardless of mispronouncing a few words. You kept eye contact with the camera instead of looking at yourself in the view finder. You were smiling. And you gave your thoughts on the product being reviewed. I am so disgusted by the mean comments here. Just please, please remember, that no matter how many mean people there are that say mean things to you, there are many more who adore you. Also, what they say about you actually says nothing about you at all and everything about them and the type of people they are. I am sorry that you have to read things like that though, even if it doesn’t bother you. It bothers me. You are a human being with real feelings and it’s just mind blowing to me that people can just go around and treat others so harshly. Keep up the good work. I am subscribing and I look forward to seeing the growth of your channel. Keep your head up.
P.s. you’re very beautiful, and I love your accent! ❤

alienbaby says:

Sadly it did’t work for me. It just doesn’t blend out and I end up looking dirty.

Scott Joseph says:

If you get rid of that disgusting Essex accent and get your teeth sorted you could be a much bigger YouTuber.

Ame thyst says:

This product is fcking shit, I regret buying it, I’d like that all you guys out there change to powder contour instead of this cream shit ! Moves everywhere, no pigment, very greasy and unblendable!

Diane Vitale says:

WOW got me sold! I agree with your thoughts that contour should be a shadowing; not orangie- YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL and do a great job here LOVE the color on your eye lid

Robin Hunter says:

What brush are u using??

kidsmuaythai mma says:

i really hate this product i tried it at Maybelline it was horrible did not blend nicely at all

Kathy hammer says:

She didn’t blend it properly.

Nancy Gee says:

ur nose looks bigger…it did t the same with mine.

Trisha Dhanasar says:

Now it looks like you have two dark lines on the side of your face

Alice Moya says:

it really looks good , like it

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