Everyday CONTOUR & HIGHLIGHT Tutorial

Contouring doesn’t have to be intimidating or Kim K extreme. Here’s my natural & super EASY daily contouring routine using foolproof contouring pens!
Burberry is now available at Sephora! http://bit.ly/1VtCA5o



Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base in Nude Radiance No. 01

Face Contour Effortless Contouring Pen in Medium No. 01

Face Contour Effortless Contouring Pen in Dark No. 02

Fresh Glow Highlighting Luminous Pen in Nude Radiance No. 01


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Disclaimer: A huge thank you to Burberry for partnering with me for this video! I am so incredibly honored to be working with you!


Kute Kat says:

i accidently thought the highlight thing was lipstick o.o

priyanshi taneja says:

which products did u use?

Anne HDC says:

great video! btw I don’t have any hollow on my cheeks at all…lol my chubby face. but I will try this technique for sure.

Soo Chung says:

Hi Jen, can you do a color correcting tutorial? it would be awesome if you did! 🙂

Jen Loves Travel says:

Jen, thank you for your video. i studied making up from your video, and my coworkers in the cometic shop said that i have a better makeup now.
Thank you, Jen. i hope to grow more. Waiting for your video!!!

AUD MAC says:

great video- i was wondering if you could recommend any less expensive same size contour sticks for those of us on a budget? thanks 🙂

Charlotte D says:

What are you using on your lips??

Miao QIU says:

You are beautiful

Amanda Abney says:

very natural and simple

Gia says:

This is actually the third time I watch this, it’s gorgeous Jen!

Cynthia Cynthia says:

Hi,did you use foundation and concealer already before contouring and highlighting? Thanks

fur and four legs says:

i love you

Mafia Shah says:

hi i am new can i used this produsts my sakin oily ???

Yuping Zhou says:

thx for sharing!!!!

Xin Wang says:

Ok, ok. Pretty Jen, you got me. I can’t help but purchasing burberry pens in both colors! thanks for the tutorial

Jessica Boentara says:

may i know what kind of countour pen is it?

GueyshArt says:

Hey girls ! Know of any drugstore/sephora/ulta dupes??
+From Head To Toe your contour looks so beautiful!

katalinabebz says:

Are these contour pens okay for cool undertones? I’ve been having a hard time finding cream contour and contour pens that don’t have a yellow cast to it. Any recommendations?

Amparo Danaly says:

She looks like Hye sang from the new Korean drama My daughter geum sa wol.

Lisa Mayer says:

Great and helpful video! You’re so gorgeous! Love your nail polish! What is it? I just found your channel and will definitely be subscribing!!

陆正 says:


Yuliya Oleynykova at Yukova says:

you are soon cute!

Javi Reyes says:

Whats your hair color in this video? i love it..

Onlychild101 says:

This is the first time I’ve ever watched a contouring video and actually 1. Seen the difference between before and after 2 it looks natural and flawless 3. It appears to be quite straight forward. Thanks Jen!!

Jemma Ho says:

You’re amazing! Yes, us woman who don’t have very “defined noses” would benefit from contouring… A LOT! Your makeup style is very natural looking and has a simple glowing look. X

M0r32Lyfe says:

my god you have such a sweet way about you 🙂 good vid!

Nyeeam Nyeaam says:

I really like her! I can’t explain why lol

Colonel Sanders says:

this is actually a pretty good everyday contour look, thanks!

ToniMarie Puglisi says:

when she said “ill show you how to get from this to this” i was like from what to what?? her natural skin is perfect im jealous

Elizabeth Hui says:

your hair is like shampoo commercial shiny its so fabulous c:

makeupbychia_ says:

omg I love this!!! You’re glowing! <3


Hi Jen

Jingjing Zhou says:

I love it! You totally convinced me to try this out! *_*

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