Face Contouring How-to + Review


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My answers to random questions…

Not sure if I made it clear in the video, but I purchased this product myself and I am not affiliated with this company. These are my own honest opinions. I have never accepted money in exchange for a review.


Sarah says:

yes she doesn’t need makeup! but it’s a HOBBY to! I love it as a hobby and I wear makeup like twice a week!

melissa h. says:

She’s a newscaster! 🙂 Lol.

Elvy Star says:

Lmao an awesome tribal look

luuvnich says:

You look sooooo much younger without makeup

Amanda W says:

I was curious how you would compare the it cosmetics contour palette to the ABH contour palette. Would love a reveiw =)

sonia84ela says:

I recently got this palette, but wasn’t sure how to apply the product. (I didn’t receive the pamphlet thingy) :/ thanks for this vid.

The Ibis says:

it’s the darkest one for special effect

aggiePA1 says:

you look so much like Ashley Judd in this video. Would love a tutorial on how you did your makeup here!!

Frodo Baggins Ⓥ says:

can you use like matte eye shadow for contouring? 🙂

Sandra Clark says:

You are such a good teacher. Thanks alot, Emily.

Elizabeth Vega says:

I bought mine at ulta and she is so wrong there are 2 sides one for the day right side one for night left side…. A make up artist who works for it was there I think after 30 yes he’d know just saying

TheSalvigirl81 says:

Is there any drug store contour pallets ?

Milian Violet says:

What if my forehead is too small?

grammyh2005 says:

So do you just apply blush in-between the contour & highlighting???

Katherine Batista says:

i swear you’re so detailed when reviewing any item. Anytime i need to buy or try new makeup product you are my GO TO girl! a lot of these ladies on Youtube, do review it and give their quick opinions, but i find you’re the most honest and detailed one out here. Thank you for your help! you always make me look so fabulousssssssss! LOL..love yaaaa chaooo!

Sarah says:

makeup is a hobby for her not to cover up something. And Harry is my fav <3

kimdinhable says:

Can u show us your beauty collections?

Melissa Myers says:

You buffed it out way too much. That “distinct line” is what gives guy the chiseled look. Blend a bit, sure, but don’t buff out your work. I can’t even see the difference in your cheeks after you buffed it away.

Margo Glicksman says:

This palette just came in at my Ulta and I’m glad that I got it. The colors are good and the pans are a large size so I know that it will last a long time.

Menendez1983 says:

Emily, I have been watching a few contouring videos but can you clarify the difference between bronzing and contour or is there not a difference?
Thanks for the all the lovely videos you do!

silviuchca says:

2:04 i loved the joke haha

Amy Michele Photography says:

BOOOO mine didn’t come with the instructions. 🙁

Moxieknits says:

Do you have the anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette? I was wondering how they compare. Also this seems like a good option for people weren’t able to get ahold of the ABH palette.

Siddiqa Jivraj says:

i ordered this last month n never got an instruction guide 🙂 emily u r amazing , am so addicted to ur channel , i wish u cud do a more of the fav from each brand videos, like hard candy, sleek, covergirl, and phys formula….updated version

Cristian Adrian says:

If you desire to lose fat quickly, you should google Ultra Slimming Formula. They will help you get the body you deserve.

Elise Moreau says:

I was so excited about “My Sculpted Face”, but then went to purchase it online and realized that it was made in China. I don’t feel comfortable purchasing cosmetics from China. I finally found the Milani Multitasker Face Powder and purchased it in Medium Tan do act as a matte contouring powder. It works well.

eyes5976 says:

Have you tried the IT cosmetics eye shadows?

celene0313 says:

I just bought mine and it dirent have the instruction booklet neither. N also some of the powders were broken… I tried calling customer service so they can replace it… but they haven’t responded to any of my email r phone calls 🙁

Espoir Espoir says:

 le seul problème il a pas une lumière parfaite pour bien voir le résultat. mais à part ça bravo et merci!

themusiczebra says:

Your hair looks super pretty!!!

Degonay says:

I just ordered one on-line today, so now I can’t wait to try! Thank you for the easy to follow steps. I hope I can apply it as well as you… Please tell me, what is your eyeshadow ?? It is stunning on you

alwysjuju says:

Thank you so much for this. I’ve wanted to try some contouring on my face but didn’t know where to start. This video really helped. 🙂

Lacoux says:

I know this sounds weird, but you have a voice that’d be good for radio.

Nikki's Book Obsession says:

I am looking for a highlighter. Do you have a video on best highlighters? I value your opinion, what do you recommend for a highlighter. My skin tone and hair color are similar to yours.

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