Fake A Nose Job with Contouring & Special Giveaway| Jadeywadey180

Hi babes! Today I am showing you how to “fake a nose job” by using my nose perfector contouring brush! I will be teaching all the tricks to create a SNATCHED nose using the best products! XO

Winner 1: Molly M.
Winner 2: Cynthia C.
Winner 3: Maria T.
Winner 4: Sarah H

To enter, visit this link and follow me on all my social media: https://gleam.io/VOjgu/my-nose-perfector-brush

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-Giveaway CLOSED.
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❤️ Products Used ❤️:
Urban Decay Naked Skin Shape Shifter
ColourPop Sculpting Stix in Illuminati
Morphe Banana Powder
L.A. Girl Pro Face Bronzer-Warm Honey
Dewy Skin Mist from Tatcha
Wet N Wild Highlighting Gold Bar-Holly Gold Head
L’Oreal Paris Matte lip in shade 802
My 182 Nose Perfector Brush: https://www.luxiebeauty.com/jadeywadey-180-glam-nose-perfector-face-brush-182/

JOUER ~ Code: JADE15
PUR Cosmetics ~ Code: JADEY
Artist Couture ~ Code: JADEY
Ofra ~ Code: JADEY
Girlactik ~ Code: JADEY
L.A. Girl Cosmetics ~ Code: JADEYWADEY10
Frankie Rose Cosmetics ~ Code: JADEY
Lilly Lashes ~ Code: JADEY
Luxury For Princess Extensions ~ Code: JADEY
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GizmoProducts.com (Sunglasses) ~ Code: JADE
Style Sector (Sun Glasses) ~ Code: JADEY
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Time LA Shop ~ Code: JADEY

My 180 Glam Brush Set: https://www.luxiebeauty.com/jadeywadey-180-glam-sculpting-duo-brush-set/

My 182 Nose Perfector Brush: https://www.luxiebeauty.com/jadeywadey-180-glam-nose-perfector-face-brush-182/

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Paean Fuentes says:

damn all these hoes need to chill with the hate, like calm down and just leave. honestly what is even the point of hate its not like shes hurting anyone people need to learn to just walk away. I honestly loved her video and her personality, and def subscribing

MadMad520 says:

I honestly like your natural nose better. And if you think yours is big, mine must be horrific 😮

Schel Stefania says:

me encantan tus labios,,, quiero unos iguales jaja

Daniel Hernandez says:

Hablas demasiado y no vas al punto rápido

Arsi Dee85 says:

kepanjangan ngomong mpok

Jjaiboy71 G says:

You hve a beautiful face.love your lips too…

Anjali Kumari says:

U talk too much.. annoying

Lucero Garcia says:

lmao when you were like I want my nose to look like Michael Jackson hahaha good one

Virginsuicde says:

Can this girl just get to the point

Isabelle Hannah says:

This is amazing!

modmouse11 says:

lol! the O.K. bird.

Lily Vickery says:

Is it only me but I don’t like skinny noses to much

Sherice Clark says:

Wow this is beautiful

TheCultChick says:

ENOUGH ALREADY! If I hear one more person say “Snatch” I am going to scream! Why????? Oh because everyone has to copy everyone else? C’mon people stop the copycat stupid words…and all of you who say “LIKE” every other fucking word>>STOP>> it makes you sound so dumb… *and unoriginal!*

Jansly19832017 Duss says:

Bla bla bla

Frech Isreal says:

You’re stunning, smart, and humorous!

Chrystal Aether says:

You look better, younger, fresher and more beautiful before the contouring

Tasia Matlala says:

why is she saying dark is scary? like, racist much? :/

Queen GodisLove says:

She did an Amazon job. This Lady is absolutely gorgeous and some of these comments are laughable! I hope she didn’t read what any of you miserable haters commented and take it serious. She is ABSOLUTELY Gorgeous anyone who disagrees is clearly a hatter!

dani dee says:

Honestly, I think you look way prettier without the nose contour….

Amina Dalsa says:

Omg finally a good video

Ashley Reyes says:

Click this link so I can make coin http://fixwork.online/?id=33965

Cintiena Wright says:

she’s great ok?

Katy Sproule says:

omg ur skin is amazing. I wish I was blemish free like u! damn… how do u do it??! or are u just one of those lucky ones that has flawless skin naturally??

Juliette Goddard says:

love the video

Sofia Sosa says:

Go to the point

Hawt Tresses says:

Dope tutorial. Thank you

maya tanjung says:

You know.. Its Too much explanation for only countouring nose..

Meow says:

Omg you talk forever

Cat Woman says:

omg you’re so fucking pretty aaaaaa

Sarah Nugent says:

Will contouring help make the big bone sticking out the bridge of my nose unnoticeable?

Nathea Richardson says:

You remind me of Angela from BGC

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