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Kate Holland says:

Johnson’s test on animals John, Great review though.

Helen R says:

No PR up in this beech! Lol

Xrated Caster says:

I had such high hopes for it. 90% of the time lightest color and it was to dark for me… It turned me yellow.

Elizabeth Jarrell says:

Very dry and oxidizing so bad!

Bordeaux Rose says:

Cmon John the foundation is definitely NOT oily, not even a little bit. You are really doing the most in this review. And there are several other shades of contour sticks that could match your under tone. Aaaand they are stocking darker shades we are just buying it up fast. And these brushes you are using or foolishness which is probably why you are having a hard time. To me it honestly just seems like you don’t really know what you are doing. There is nothing cakey about this make up and bitch blend out your contour! BLENDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!

Qudien says:

After I’ve watched the whole thing I’ve realised it was 49min long ahahsh

Rhiannon Jones says:

what primer did you use?

C V says:

Your contour looks better without the fenty stick

Elizabeth Jarrell says:

Fenty does look so orange on you, wtf? Why is it doing that? Bothers me so much. It goes so dark on everyone!!! Contour is so muddy and highlight, is so dry!!!

Makaylas beautiful life says:

Maybe you could try the foundation again with working in small stages on your face? As well as trying a white mixing foundation with it. I won’t be trying the fenty foundation because catrice makes one that would match my skintone if I wanted to steer from my holy grails that are much more budget friendly for me.

Alexis Mata says:

What you apply your product with makes the difference with how the product goes.

mrs shelly says:

I swore i just saw jacklyn hill do this video!!!

petsan09 says:

But where is your makeup line????? UGH want to buy it so bad 🙁

Damiemdude says:

Looked like you had contour on before you put on the foundation ??

Elizabeth Jarrell says:

Omg. Not a good look. Took away from your gorgeous skin tone! Wash it off and return!

Luke T says:

I don’t know how he looked off camera but in camera he. Looked. Amazing!

Rebecca xo says:

“just keep building it” wonders why it looks muddy?…

Shadé Palmer says:

I have a serious love-hate relationship with this foundation. I feel like if it was a little bit thicker, it would have made a better formula. If you have any (and I mean ANY) imperfections that are darker than your skin, they’ll still show, even when adding three layers. I actually go through around 4-6 pumps each application, and that’s when I’m also mixing it with my Becca Ultimate Coverage for more coverage. It’s actually the most work I’ve ever had to put into a foundation, and the only reason I use it daily is that the colour matches almost perfectly – I could almost go a shade down.

This is also the only foundation I’ve ever had to take off twice – yes, TWICE – while doing my makeup. Literally half-way through my makeup routine, full on contour and everything, and it just looked like complete shit. Because of how liquidy it is, it just sinks into the fine lines on my forehead…. and I don’t even have a lot of lines. One thing I do like about it though is that it doesn’t pick up much texture other than that. Now that I’m using it as a mixing foundation, it’s much better. On its own though, it’s not worth the hype. It’s really not. If you want something that has a matte/demi-matte finish, it’s really nice, but that’s not enough reason to pick a foundation.

It does apply better when applied with a sponge because that helps with the liquidness of the foundation. Whenever I applied it with a brush, it just looked way too streaky because of the hairs… and that was when I was using a buffing kabuki, which never leave streaks with my other foundations. Again, I feel like all my concerns would be fixed by simply thickening the formula just a tad. Literally, that’s it. It would allow for more coverage and less sinkability into lines and pores.

Either way, that’s my two cents, and I really hope someone reads this before they go out and decide to buy it. Also, when buying your shade, go one shade lighter in the right undertone, or wait two minutes when you’re swatching in the store to see if you really match correctly.

Melanie Lee says:

The Fenty foundation is making you look ready to shake your titties in a casket because you look sallow, dry, and lifeless for real. Like this too, I shall pass lmao

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