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HOLA CHOLAS! Todays video is on this super affordable cream contour palette I found at Forever21 about a month ago (but still up for grabs on their site). I know its light and its sucky for my viewers with deeper skin tones – I will keep my eyes peeled for you!! This is probably one of my very rare purchases in the beauty section there – but happy I got it! It blends well and – 2 – of the colors are perfect! I thru in a tutorial just for kicks!

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C Ocasio says:

I do appreciate short videos as well.

Melissa Lee says:

I didn’t know they had makeup like that in there. I have to tell my daughter to look next time. She loves makeup and just started cosmetology at her high school. She’s only a freshman but she really really loves makeup and does a great job better than I ever did. Her makeup and Skin Care is so expensive I buy her the expensive brands because she says it makes a difference for the skin. I buy just the drugstore brand crap for me. I’m excited that Forever 21 has makeup like this cuz they have really good prices on everything. My daughter found I think it was Anastasia beverly.hills I’m not 100% sure but it was a good brand that’s normally like $40 or more Contour kit at Marshall’s on sale for like $7.99 it was a great deal
she turns 15 tomorrow but where I don’t mind buying the makeup because she never cares about anything else name-brand she’s never been a kid to really care she just likes what she likes and literally doesn’t ask for anything I’m extremely lucky I’m sorry I think I just wrote a novel I got excited about the makeup at Forever 21!!

A Rod says:

please do an updated eyebrow tutorial

Pearl Watkins says:

İ prefer soft brushes when using a concealer. and Ȉ found it below
İ am feeling happy everytime Ĩ wear on make-up with that brush set. It is so soft and feel gentle on my face

Lindsay .D. says:

What happened to the bigger boob video? I watched it and then it went private and disappeared before I got a chance to like it haha!

eyecandie2004 says:

What Mac foundation shade are you for reference?

Sophia Thompson says:

The quality of your videos are so amazing! Your hard work is definitely showing! 🙂

beautifulucosmetics says:

I actually like the way this turned out looks pretty darn good for only being $6.80

ChatwithBritt says:

I love your new look!! : )

Stephanie says:

You have been so creative with your content lately! I am loving it! Although, can we pleasssse get more fresh Friday’s too??


what happen to Sugar??? Did you break-up?

Alejandra Buitron says:

your hair is perfect! love! 🙂

hilda padin says:

Curious!!! What happen to the Sugar

mallory says:

Woah I’m way darker than you and I just got this as a Christmas present so idk what to do with it besides highlight

Mally Abundez says:

Was wondering if it accepted you’re face in any way ? Like breakout ? Please reply would be really helpful

Mally Abundez says:

Was wondering if it accepted you’re face in any way ? Like breakout ? Please reply would be really helpful

raecat90 says:

The palette looks great! Thanks for sharing

Acee Cee says:

Sonia what do you think about the new Better than sex mascara in the waterproof version? How does it compare to the original? I want to get it but I want to know if its as good as the original! 🙂

ninfa salazar says:

I bought the powder contour from forever 21 . & I regret it. it sucks

Maricsa Aviles says:

So glad your making videos again ❤️❤️❤️

Yep_It's_Josy says:

got to try it

The CHD Family says:

I love it

Diana Rivas says:

I love your videos !!!

Jonathan Young says:


Sarah Bullard says:

I just got this! Did you notice any adverse effects on your skin? I like the way it looks and blends but it feels disgusting and so heavy and I’m afraid I’m going to break out.

Estilo Erika says:

Lovingggggggg your hairrr!!❤️

GabriellaGlamour says:

U look soooooo gorgeous with this kinda simple “cool girl” makeup idk why you just look like that really cool girl that everyone wants to be friends with lol I love it !

Ida Devine says:

You can make any makeup wearable!!!! Your THE BEST!!!!!!

Lola Hiqueen says:

Dang Sonya your on a roll lately with videos! Love it!

Jessica Rodriguez says:

Your hair suits you so well!!! ❤️❤️

nancy delgado says:

what eyelashes are you wearing sonia? i love them so much

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