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Aeva Rose says:

what about women,,,,,


Cecilia says:

this was fucking INCREDIBLE

rawryTHEaguacate says:

You are my favourite beauty blogger/ YouTuber of all time

TheGirly_ Bookworm says:

I want food. Who needs a man when you can eat food. Food wont break your heart! Food will always be there for you!

Also….men arent really an option for me

hannah dale says:

“Who needs vision when you have a man”

Don’t Subscribe says:

Hunt them for sport, and the one who manages to survive you shall claim him as your own.

Ashley Smith says:

Wow. I have never cared for beauty videos but you are fucking hilarious ohmygod

andiekane says:

This has been very informative. Thank you

Myishen Haines says:


Rudyard Montas says:


Charlotte Daly says:

“Do you want a husband or do you want snacks?!” I want snacks and a wife.

Jayarden Spencer says:

This is pure gold

Galaxy Kat says:

I showed my mom this video without dying because there is so many cuss words in this, she thinks you cuss too much but she also thinks that this video is accurate and really funny

cante davis says:

Love your shirt

Maria Rib says:

Ugh. So sad. The lipstick color is ‘women don’t need to vote’ and pretend you’re stupid so you can find a husband?? Is this the 50’s? Girl – be yourself, get a good job and buy your own house. You want babies? There are sperm banks for that.

caleb williams says:

You didnt look like a teradactyl. Downvoted.

Shyanne Bliss says:

I fucking love this lmfaooo

Kakoli Roy says:

OMG iconic

ma ud says:

sometimes im glad to be a lesbian

Septic Boy says:


indigo tea says:

Fellas, the shit has gone down

Rebekah Braswell says:

Help me a man found out I wear makeup what do I do now so he doesn’t ruin my life?? Is it to late?

sharon steffan says:

“Blend that fucking neck!!!”

woebegonner illustrates says:

Does this apply to lgbt men that are into a guy? Lol

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