Hey Larlees, todays video is on the KKW BEAUTY highlight and contour stick kits. I also talk about meeting Kim Kardashian! Keep watching to find out if this product was a hit or a miss! – Laura

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Pooja Adivarekar says:

please do a vedio on nail hacks

Sevanni Black says:

ya face red af and i can see your natural skin tone line. learn how to apply before you insult someone elses shit. and i dont even like the kartrashians. but girl…..ya face redder than trumps.

Yarel Middel says:

The price is crazy for how much you get. The product is a huge no no for me.

TheNraveles says:

Pisses me off that she’s giving HONEST opinions and shes getting hate for it. Just like Tati all you guys want is to hear your opinion come out of her mouth and if she says something different you flock and hate on her. Stop acting like kids.

Jasmine liketheflower says:

You look like a very very pretty giraffe <3

Sveta Morozova says:

This product looks like shit and there is so many drug store make up that’s has wayyyyy nicer packaging and more product in it. Jefree n Laura literally saying that they like this crap because they want to be involved with her. She didn’t like high ended brands, that has a lot of good make up and sooooooo GREAT! and she said that she would not purchase that, and now here she goes saying that she will buy it if it weren’t send to her, for a ziplock bag and a sample size product, in a packaging that looks like a make up from Claire’s. Don’t even want to watch this channel anymore.

Megan Russell says:

I just don’t understand the “buying the name” part…To me, as well as many others, the KKW “name” doesn’t feel or sound lux. It SCREAMS Walmart. I could just never display any of the Kardashian items on my vanity & don’t feel, in any way, compelled to purchase these items. For the price point, I’d rather spend my hard earned $$ on REAL luxury items, items I can use, count on & display.

OhWonderAshley MSP says:

I love her voice tbh

BellaG2013 says:

That’s nothing but some expensive garbage with Kardashian name on it , a drug store product will do the job 1000 better.

bonita brown says:


princessnjj says:

to little for the money

Yasmin Rangel says:

I have watch 5 reviews of this product and 4/5 have broken something lol

Laura Lee says:

Hey babes

Gillian Seacole says:

i feel like this is not worth the 50 bucks

Chloe Souter says:

Hey, love your videos butttt I thought I would let you know as your hair is up theres quite a harsh line between your contour on your forehead and your scalp not sure if you noticed or even mentioned it in the video I’m only at the beginning but I always blend my contour into my hair line to avoid it.

love you xo

Tieia Middleton says:

The packaging reminds me of an MRE.

savdaddyism says:

youre paying for her name, not really for the product itself…kinda ridiculous that they came in plastic bags, too.

Emily D says:

This looks so blotchy. The contour looks so orange.

Hink Beauty Guru says:

didnt evn look gud tbh..


Thank you for being honest

Lucy Sandoval says:

Looks cakey.

Bryana Hill says:

Omg you should do a eye tutorial on your eyes they’re so gorgeous

Lovesalsa25 says:

I like your real talk !

Kirsten Ismond says:

Why are all the youtubers liking the packaging. BLAH.
I don’t mind the whole sanitary aspect but girl please.
Still so many layers of garbage anyway!! But I guess that’s me lol

I know youre paying for the name but that amount of product theres other companies who make contour sticks that give you more and work just as much!

Deysi Octaviano says:

Is it just me or was she kind of ashamed or embarrassed to say she liked the product? When it came to the actual review part of the video she kept looking down while saying she liked it. I mean it’s ok not to like it. Just because it’s kim k I think most youtubers feel pressured to like it. Just my opinion.

Ana Portillo says:

Looks like trash

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