Today I’m showing you how to contour and highlight a round face shape. This creates shadows to help give the illusion of a chiseled and sculpted face. I show both cream and powder options! Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on more videos like this one!

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Smashbox Primer Light
Too Faced Born This Way Foundation
Tarte Shape Tape concealer
L’oreal Magic Lumi Highlighting Pen
Bobbi Brown Almond foundation stick
Charlotte Tilbury face powder
Mac Emphasize
Too Faced Dark Chocolate Soleil bronzer
Anastasia Contour Kit
Laura Mercier Translucent Powder
Mac Peaches blush
Estee Lauder Heat Wave highlighter

Beauty Blender
Crown Brush C517
Real Techniques setting brush
Real Techniques bronzer brush
Nars Ita
Mac 168

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Vlog camera-
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Edited with Final Cut Pro X

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Makenzie .2 says:

Im illergic to any type of face primers …i have learned that the hard way what could use as a substitute for the face primer

caitlin says:

I know I might sound stupid but can you use a powder highlight and contour

Ali Anselmo says:

Its still a lot!

krystal perron says:

You still look so cute without your face makeup! Adorable ❤️❤️

Cindy Somerville says:

I have a very round face, so I found this SO helpful !!!! Thank you.

Jessica Knight says:

Loooove this! So helpful since I’ve gained weight my face has gotten rounder! And I have the same products you have so that helps lol ❤️❤️

Sam LSD says:

White people love imitating Africans but hate black race.

icegirl1755 says:

ty for explaining all of that and showing the different products. I wish I had the time to do all of this. Maybe for a big event, a wedding or something, but I’d be afraid to mess it all up.

Amazing Grace says:

Sweetie, you are not oval or round…let me explain and please note I’m being respectfully nice. She is a mix of round and square. She says she’s round, but what changes that is the sides of her face and her chin, as well as her forehead… Leaving her real face shape to be square…not round and not oval. Someone with a round face, their chin goes aline with their entire face and her chin does not. The sides of a round face also go aline with the rest of the face and her sides do not, its more straight and flat … Sides of her face are more like a box-like structure. There is no shame in any woman’s face shape, you don’t need to be ashamed of your face shape and say you’re round when you’re not. Or you may just don’t know. People with round faces their forheads DO stand out a bit, but not huge. The reason their forhead stands out a bit is because they have a round face and that’s what comes with it. Please ladies, don’t be ashmaed of your shape, everyone is different and unique, which makes us all beautiful in our own way. I think if she actually knew her real face shape she would be able to contour her face correctly, because the contour for a round face does not look good on other face shapes. Always contour your face in the way you would as it’s normal shape.
My face is all round/circle. So I know when I see someone who has a round face or not. I always felt self conscious because of my round face growing up, but now I am content with what I look like because we are all unique, we are all different and I learned to love myself for who I am. Not saying she doesn’t love herself, just my story. Peace and love. Xoxo

Yoshi Stoner says:

I absolutely love you. Glad I came across your page

Chelsea says:

She definitely has a square face not a round one

Liz Bee says:

You really need to clean your brushes more often… that’s why your face is breaking out and looking all red.

Christy Woods says:

I know this is an old video,but Im so glad I found it!!!Thank you so Much!!!!

Виталина Крылова says:

Are you interested in learning all about the beauty tips. Visit google and search: “Blast4beauty”. You’ll find plenty of of unknown facts given here.

Tracy Cocco says:

I’ve been contouring all wrong. Thanks so much for explaining why you are doing what you’re doing. Very helpful

JA G says:

Great add in to tell us the “brings forward” and “pushes back”

Dzuvichu 17 says:

How to countour a prominent your tutorials a lot

marty vdm says:

This is me

Rosse 59 says:

I love it she looks fantastic….. 🙂 🙂 greetings from El Salvador

Rae says:

Question: How do you find that cheekbone line if it isn’t defined?

Sarah Jimenez says:

After I do my face and all the jazz,, sometimes my face feels cakey,,what product would you suggest??

lustforlove says:

Girl you’ve got a square face.

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