How to Contour Your Face Shape | NewBeauty Tips and Tutorials

All contouring techniques are not created equal. Any makeup artist will tell you that your face shape will make a big difference in determining what type of shading and highlighting you need. To find out the best ways to contour the most difficult shapes (square, round, and heart) we brought in co-founder and makeup artist for W3LL PEOPLE, Shirley Pinkson.

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all of the women are very nice looking though the last women looked good either way.

Annu S says:

I don’t really see much of a difference.

InvisibleRen says:

their makeup looks good but the contouring didn’t make any difference in their face shape…. I thought that was the goal.

Fabliha Khan says:

Any trick for a butt shaped face like mine?

Challenge The Gamer says:

they look worse with it on

Astha's Art Diary says:

They are looking even worse after contour…!!!

psycho Star says:

There’s no difference between before and after

911mindsnatchers322 says:

Seems like a lot of work so that the three girls look exactly the same. I say spend all that time instead at the gym and skip the expensive makeup ladies. Fit, natural beauty, not petrochemicals will win the day

Aily Gixy says:

I guess I’m just ugly

Helen Patrick says:

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Rhea M says:

The first one has an oval face…

arktis yü says:

the nose contour is horrible
it makes the bridge of the nose much wider… not what i would want to achive, but maybe this was the goal… ^^

Kaylea Poff says:

How do u know what your face shape is ?

E lle says:

The first one is a long face, the second is a round face and third one a rectangle face. You’re welcome!

akshaye seegoolam says:

i like it

Rachel Garcia says:

Nice and natural love it

Sabri says:

What about if you have a small forehead?????

Angel Rodgers says:

Quit saying highlighter its concealer. Omg

Topainga 321 says:

where’s the long faces like mine? ugh

Kiran says:

i have square face but i don’t like it

S Sanne says:

therebull to juse that lot of make up not normal anymore! thw skin can not breathe. and then womens wonder why they have all kind of a skin problems!

Laeliel says:

They looked better before ;(

Paskalina Yakasay says:

they all look fatter after ;)))

S Telecom says:

how about a face with inverted triangle..small forehead and large jowls 🙂

fefe fierce says:

how is this supose to help us ???

Beverley Doyle says:

I see no difference

Ilonka Coombes says:

Cant tell the difference!

BeautyBusinessDaily 0812524567 says:
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Debbie Butler says:

NEVER USE UR FINGERS TO APPLY MAKEUP!!!! BIG NO NO!! and this is a horrible video!!

S Nil says:


Whole lot of garbage in this tutorial !!!! lol

Eva H says:

If only they had oval face shape…

Cherilyn Gertie says:

blush is like my first makeup items, and Ī only apply this using the bruushes on here
You should get one and try this for yours! this is definitely worth it

Tara Floch says:

I’d like to know why almost no one ever does oblong faces. It’s nothing like oval and we always get over looked in makeup and hair styles

Nuno Santos says:


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