How To Contour Your Nose Like A PRO!

Woohoo here it is!! How I contour my button nose, this is definitely my favourite part of my face routine! I hope you enjoy! xxx

Tutorial on the makeup I am wearing in this video:

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Products Mentioned:
TheBalm bahama mama bronzer
Makeup Geek contour powders – fair cool, fair warm
Australis banana powder
Hourglass ambient lighting palette

As always, thank you SO much for watching, I really hope you enjoyed! ♡
& shoutout to the snapchat family for helping me name the tutorial (as always) (because I suck) (thank you)


Angela24407 says:

do you have a tutorial for your eyebrows?

Victoria luczak says:

I have a snub nose and I absolutely hate it. It’s probably one of the worst type of nose you can have because it looks bad from the side AND the front. Besides my nose I’m greatful for my nice facial features. This video is a blessing!!

Mili Maselli says:

she look like mila kunis

Devin G says:

You look like TESSA BROOKS!

afilia baskoro says:

your nose is actually look like mine 0_0!

Ally Msp Gamer says:

Im 10 and i have a shiny button nose and people say if i wear makeup… IM ONLY 10

tiara jenkins says:

lokwey could listen to her accent all day. so cute

Loveyourbeautiful self says:

This definitely works, thank you so much !!!

sapphire divine says:

this is hard to do lol

Kristina Douglas says:

wow, I think your nose is gorgeous without makeup, but that is also a really great contouring job. (side note – I think you could do an excellent Veronica Lodge cosplay)

Tanisha Codner says:


Sleeping Cinderella says:

omg I have the same nose and I wanted to find someone who had the same nose as me contour her nose and here we are, my wish came true.
mine changes too, it’s so weird.

Pastel Princess Gracie says:

I hate my nose! I want a smaller nose but don’t want a nose job.

jennifer nerd says:

Your natural nose is really cute

Anissabilla style says:

i could see the 2 lines clearly ; doesnt look natural & that wat i need !

meri styles says:

this is the most helpful tutorial I’ve watched

No Emojis says:

But your nose is legit so cute don’t hate it!

Mandi Moore says:

I really enjoyed this! You’re super cute and this was extremely helpful! Thanks girl

shu ma gorath says:


bubble _ly says:

I acctualy love the tip of nose but i hate the rest of it

Eryza Zamora says:

I think we have the same nose shape. Hahaha thanks for this video.

Wiktoria Szewczyk says:

giiiirl you remind me of dua lipa

PitchEmily M says:

i have a button nose and i hate it ugh

Diana Styles says:

I was watching this with my 7 month old daughter and whenever the camera would zoom on your face she would laugh 🙂
Awesome video btw

Aiimz Osborne says:

Whats the color of your lipstick?

mozart says:

ahh thank you!!! the tip of my nose is bulbous and i’ve NEVER known how to correctly contour it. you’re gorgeous, btw!

Fel Gonzales says:


Hayley Garcia says:

Your nose is pretty don’t beat your self up about it


It will be very nice if u could provide videos with English subtitles.. i can’t get ur accent perfectly

Chocolate/ Girl/ says:

You really did a step by step there for beginners, thanks

Kanishka Sohaal says:

I am in love with your eyes girl!! You should do this eye tutorial as well!

goth witch says:

u look like that girl from riverdale

Katie Burke says:

Um your nose is perfect for your face I wouldn’t even bother fyi

jenna akel says:

We have the exact same nose

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