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Watch this video to learn how to identify your face shape to contour:

Products used:
COVER FX Contour Kit
SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Angled Contour Brush #75
SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Precision Foundation Brush #58
Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder
SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Flawless Powder Brush #40

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Someone Anyone says:

Thank you. This technique solved my problem with lengthening my cheek-heavy jaw/jowl line. Have been confused about where to contour vs. highlight. I will certainly use this information.

Gerith The Fifth says:

Lmao she got darker after contouring

Emma Spicer says:


Kim, Lip Addict MUA says:

She looks like she has a heart shaped face to me.

rachelmanman says:

How is her face round?????

AsianDiva says:

Makeup Artist: *draws contour line from top of the ear towards the corner of the lip*
Me: ok
MUA: *then proceeds to drag it all the way down*

Me: lol wut

Star says:

she looks way better without contouring-not everyone needs contouring.

리아 りあLIA says:

The makeup artist looks like Betty from Riverdale

noge says:

This drag contour is getting out of hand.

kawaii nekogirl says:

I don’t know what face shape I have. This model has a face shape similar to mine so I thought maybe it was round but looking at the comments I don’t know.

shibuyadepunch says:

Her face is definitely not round. Mine seems to be slightly heart shaped, but I have really chubby cheeks and an almost pointy chin. I was expecting someone with wide cheekbones and, well, a round shaped face!!

blacknwhitestripe says:

thats.. not a round face

Heather Hollie Haller says:

It looks like mud

Eva Smith says:

what if someone wants to keep the roundness of their face and not narrow out the round edges?

「イウテルピ」Euterpe says:

Wow she is sooo cute

sarah rays says:

Model face doesn’t look really round.

Daniela Rodriguez says:

Her face isn’t even CLOSE to being round! This video is such a scam. The makeup stylist has more of a round face than the ACTUAL MODEL?!

SheenShow says:

This is not round.

WabiSabiLyfe says:

Um sooo…about that round shaped face….is she a pretend round face model? I never heard of those but hey.

kooky says:


Olga SPe says:

oh … her face shape is not round.

Leonor Távora says:

The make up artist looks EXACRLY like Ella Purnell what the heck

Aquí hay DeTodito says:

What about contouring someone with egg shaped face? (more like an upside down egg, the wide part is the forehead and the narrow part is the jaw)

Tiffany Russell says:

She has an Oval face. Smh

Hooney2me says:

slim down here round up there…. she is already perfect imo

LanaMarie TheStrangerThingsObssesed says:

I kinda see how she has a round face shape

Rawan Jasem says:

Im a beginner at contouring and i loved this video especially the part where u show how to blend it was very beneficial thnx a million

이엘렌 says:

My face is round/oval ish but I my fave is also wider than your ‘normal’ round face bc of my cheekbones contrasting with small features gathered in the centre of the face leaving some free spaces I’m hella confused bc I want to contour but I’m not experienced with make up at all asdfgjkl

Gabriela Umana says:

Do you contour before or after your foundation?

Joyieta Gupta says:

thats not a round face. and the model is a boy or a girl. you dint get any other model?

Angel says:

Her face is not round

Erica Moza says:

what brush do you use to cream highlight???

Helena Okonma says:

God dammit I don’t know what face shape I have

Ioana Botezatu says:

She was prettier before contouring

cajadiri says:


Fifi Nicole says:

my face type is potato

Joyciepoo. says:


P J says:

she is dam cute

Adara J. says:


Amira De Vanité says:

Her face is not Round aka Circle ( Length = Width). This girl has a medium (Length = 1.5X Width) HEART shaped face, widest at cheeks, slightly narrower rounded forehead, with a V-shaped Jaw. Example Circle Face: Selena Gomez, Singer.

Sarah Nugent says:

Her face isn’t round

ghosted166 says:

It’s not good when the Before looks better than the After. Also, her face wasn’t round.

Azwa Imran says:

Her face is not round

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