How To: Cream Contour & Highlight For Beginners

“How To: Cream Contour For Beginners (Drugstore)”
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Hello my lovelies! Today I thought I would share with you guys how to contour with cream products /for beginners/. My version of contouring is always more toned down than the usual contouring you see on the internet so that makes it that little bit more wearable! I hope you guys enjoy it and learn something new! – Roxi

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Amber San says:

What were the names of all the products used please put it down! Thank u 🙂

Jennifer Urrego says:

very helpful! thank you:)

tuna fishcats says:

what’s the stick contour she’s using?

Neelam Gandevia says:

This was seriously so informative and useful, and I WISH I had seen this video before I went out and spent money. Thank you for such awesome expert advice! <3

Sukaina Rupani says:

the brush used fr blending d contour should be damp??

lauren letendre says:

Did you apply these products after you set you’re makeup or before??

Susan H says:

too much makeup lol looks funny lol

totalxretard says:

do you put on your foundation before or after contouring?

Katja U says:

Thank you so much for making this video. Love it!

Dahni G says:

ok so I just started getting into make up in the summer (don’t judge I’m v ugly lmaoo) so I’m still very much a beginner and obviously new to contouring. just wondering, what would you guys say is easier for someone like me (with literally no experience and no talent) crème or powder?

Nabila Abu-Hantash says:

what dark circles ? your kiddin?

Hannah Rain says:

If you face is really oily and you use a cream contour will it make it more oily?

Emily Wightman says:

I have that contour kit, highly recommended x

Stuart Rich says:

Thank you for such a good video from a male makeup wearer – blend out from the edges !! I lose my contour as I blend it too much !!

Make You says:

You inspire me ❤️❤️

Awkward Potato says:

I’m like.. hey I have some cream looking stuff for contouring that ive never used… so I pulled that out and I tried this… and all the colors just look unnatural… so i’m like: oh whatever.. it will be fine.. I look like a banana.

Mariana Badra says:

You look stunning! Great video <3

Patricia Soriano Condes says:

this is so helpfull 🙂

Manuela Lee says:

I wish u could’ve shown us how u use the L’Oreal product, I’ve never heard of “boots” must be a British store or something.. I’m from the US. Still love the way you contour and CONGRATS ON A MILLION!!!! Happy for u! Does the infallible one really work tho going on a drug store run and really wanna know if I get or if I’m gonna regret :/ @roxxsaurus

Kristie De la Cruz says:

soooo awesome!!

Elena O' Connor says:

This was so helpful! You have a new subscriber x

Ellie Mcallister says:

Has she got her foundation and powder underneath or just foundation ?

Jasroop Virk says:

Your cheekbones are so amazing! i absolutely love this video it was really helpful and informative xx

Shukriya Niazi says:

Is it just me or does she look like she already had contoured before she started

wuv says:

my skin in kinda dark/tan (i’m hispanic), so it’s kinda hard to contour right. plus i only have a couple cheap brushes, so i end up blending badly 🙁 also my nose is kinda wide (think of a triangle) so i desperately try to contour it well. but nonetheless, this was really helpful!

Ditzy Director says:

It looks like the line (of the contour product) is too high, try and make it lower it will look alot better, loved the video 🙂

wildfabulous says:

this vid helps me to this day❤️ thank u❣️

Oi Lilly says:

Which brushes do you use for the L’Oreal Paris product?

Katie Smith says:

This really helped, thank you!!! 😀

Zoe Fragou says:


Charlotte Woolgar says:

This was really helpful xx

Jordan Rayford says:

The only thing I somewhat disagree with is the cool tone comment. When I tan naturally, I do look orange and when I contour I like to go more for my natural tan. So I use products that are slightly more orange. Not like Oompa Loompa lol but closer to my natural tan.

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