I was SO pumped when Kim released her KKW Beauty Contour Kits! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one to do a review, and hopefully recreate Kim’s perfectly sculpted contour. Will you be getting one? Why, or why not? I would love to know!

KKW Beauty Contour Kit Light |

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KKW Beauty Contour Kit Light |
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KKW Beauty Contour Kit Light |
ItCosmetics Superhero Mascara |

KKW Beauty Contour Kit Light |


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Bianca Fisher says:

It actually looks good on you and you made it work!

dobcsek says:

There are many indie brands that are made in the US now and they cost the fraction of the price and have a better quality.

Mallory1712 says:

Will you be purchasing a KKW Beauty Contour Kit when they relaunch today?!!!! Why it why not?!!!

Kari Anne D says:

I feel like the made in US argument isn’t really valid. the Maskcara beauty contour kits are way better probly quadruple the amount of product and about $50. she’s just ripping people off to make money

Kinsey Neilson says:

I feel like Kim was marketing this as a fresh faced product, to be used on naked skin, as a way to enhance the natural face. I’ll definitely give it a go. Thanks for your thoughts Mal x

Sandra Burton says:

Great video Mallory!! I appreciate your honesty and totally agree with you. You look absolutely beautiful in this video. Also, I just started listening to your podcast and I can’t stop listening and laughing! You’re awesome ❤️

Nadia BeautyO says:

Hi Mallory have you tried the tarte contour stick that is amazing hope you are well xx

PantherRin says:

Love the video! I totally agree, that brush seem so hard to work with. I wish Kim would sell the contour stick on its own.

I’ll probably skip this for now but it did re-spark my curiosity for contour sticks. I’m thinking about trying the Lancôme Le duo contour and highlight stick. A lot more product for less. Lol

Charlie Anne says:

For anyone in the U.K. Who wants a dupe of the kkw light contour stick that is way cheaper (and as good if not better imo) try the lightest shade of the Collection precision contouring stick from boots/Superdrug!

Chris Wallace says:

You’re too good to even review that mess. 🙂

Sarah Schouveller says:

Mallory what’s on your nails!?!?!

Shelbey Wilson says:

Ugh – biggest ripoff of the century! Glad you showed what a difference it makes to use a proper sponge to blend! I call BS that she uses that dinky brush and sponge lol

Brooke Milkis says:

You’re so cute! New subbie xoxo

Amy Ernst says:

If you watch KKW video her skin is like glass smooth and she has on a moisturizer before she starts so that combo makes it blend well on her skin

Waiting on these years and being the QUEEN of contour these products should be outstanding!!! But every review show the same they just suck!

Shanel Smith says:

You’re so gorgeous

Emily Everett says:

You’re so cute Mal. So I would never buy anything from the Kartrashians. I know that sounds immature but I do not support their fake unworthy lifestyle and the fame they’ve done nothing to deserve. At least Bruce was an athlete. Kim – a porn video. What is wrong with Americans? Lol
I love you and watched even this bc it’s you!

D Squared says:

I imagine she would’ve made more money if she collaborated with brands she already uses instead of releasing junk. I can’t fathom why the three K’s always have crappy cosmetic products. Yet, Kylie gets on board with something at least usable to an extent. Maybe Kim can collaborate with MAC for a few launches. It will help her and help the ever declining MAC. Just constructive criticism…

Stephanie Strope says:

Does hell go with no i wouldn’t support that brand if my life depended on it honestly I’d go for jail makeup baby powder & melted crayons

Jamison Gee says:

It looks very wishy washy and pale.

Chris Wallace says:

Great review! You are a true beauty. Much too good for Kim KW

Behind the Blush says:

100% agree with this after also trying the light kit. The Burberry Face Contour – Effortless Contouring Pen Face & Eyes in Medium 1 is basically the same color and I would probably repurchase that single contour stick instead in the future. Almost the exact same formula as well! It has 1.5 g to the KKW kit of 1.8 g is the main difference and is $37

Chrissy C says:

I think for the amount of product you get that it just isn’t worth it.

Myra Gemini says:

You have nice skin

JessKCalhoun says:

I got them on the first launch! I really like the contour. Especially if I’m having a light makeup day. I don’t mind the brush if I don’t have face makeup on but never use the sponge. I rarely if ever use the highlight stick because I have dry skin as well. But that back of the hand trick is super helpful I may at least use the highlighter that way since it comes off so natural looking.

gianaseppanen says:

Have you tried The Ordinary 100% Plant derived Squalene? It’s been an amazing hydrator for me!!

pinkabuki says:

I won’t be buying it, but I can see why so many people would, that family could sell anything and it would do well. Beauty is a big market and even if the products are kinda not great, she still gets paid.

Maddie Ferrero says:

Omg that’s too much for the amount of product you get, I guess you pay for the name?

TaffyNicole says:

I just think for that price there should be a whole heck of alot more product in that little tube. I just can’t justify it myself. It looks super beautiful on you though. I love how you were able to use it all over your face. I think she needs to at some point sell them individually. No one wants to repurchase that little brush again and again when they run out of product. Seems like a rip off.

Deanna M says:

Great honest review!

Jenna says:

Ah I adore you. So sweet and cute! And fun ❤️❤️

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