Hey babes! Hope you enjoyed this Kim Kardashian West Beauty review!!! Make sure you watch the entire review to see what I thought about the KKW Beauty contour and highlight sticks!!! Congrats to Kim and her new business adventure! Truly inspiring!!! Make sure to subscribe lovies xo!

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Kristi says:

You’re little into made me laugh so hard! The way you said it was kind of creepy which is hilarious. Welcome back to my channel biiiiish.

Nina Brandaleone says:


Capri Gould says:

Camera don’t lie. It looks great on Nicol! No reason to be ugly to her about it. If you don’t like the product, don’t buy it. If you don’t like Nicol, don’t watch her. Yall taking the time to watch and comment is only benefiting her honestly lol get them views huntyyyy!!

Ali Smith says:

It’s kinda sad how people are unsubscribing to beauty youtubers just because they like Kim kardashians product and accuse them of kissing ass like did u ever think that maybe they just like the product because they like the product most of u people just want to find a reason to attack someone just because it’s created by the kardashian Jenner family

GraceThao02 says:

I don’t understand why people are rude to Nicol. These are her own opinions.

estefaniiis says:

The intro is hella akward and weird

Alice-Mae Thompson says:

Omg i lysm❤️❤️❤️

stes0me2011 says:

So just because she said something about the launch party, her opinion automatically doesnt matter?
Haters gonna hate.

Neida Ojeda says:

I feel like this is such a hit or miss product & on your skin it looks nice but $48 for that little amount of product? And I’ve seen the stick break on multiple videos from other youtubers? Oh Kim girl nooo!

Sanjana A says:

I like how you review the products. Kindness is always required❤❤

Tabi Wilson says:

When she yelled “Kim what you doin over there” she scared me so bad I jumped

Ashley K says:

Goodness. Is it so hard to believe that Nicol might actually think this was a semi-decent product? She’s not singing its praises like it’s the best thing on Earth but some how just because the name Kardashian is involved it’s automatically a crap product & troll city in the comments. So what if she went the party, good for you girl! Keep networking & being you, Nicol!

Grace Myslo says:


Nikki Beacth says:

Your lip filler on top is making you look like you have a mustache.

Brenna Yolen says:

already knew this bitch was gonna be sucking kims ass before i even clicked on the video lol

Alma Rangel says:

I agree it’s not a lot of product but looks so creamy.

Kenzee Hutch says:

“Welcome back to my channel, bish!” lol I love you

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