KKW Beauty Contour Kit FAIL! Honest AF + Review/Demo on Medium Skin

♥ Hey guys!
First of all, I am SO sorry for the super duper long video but I wanted to give you all as much detail as possible on the NEW KKW Beauty contour kits. These are SO hyped all over social media but for me, even with some positives, these were an overall fail.

I honestly cannot look past the amount of product you get and for $48.00 + the fact that the matte highlight took AGES to blend. I really did have high hopes for these contour kits because c’mon… they are KIM KARDASHIAN’s brand but these were a HUGE miss.

If you didn’t get your hands on these, I honestly don’t think you are missing out on too much. Check out Maybelline’s Master contour, a fraction of the cost but you get an identical product that actually works beautifully!

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Heather M says:

You are flawless

ARGI M says:

kkw beauty is trash girls!!!!do not buy this bullshit

John Constable says:

shitty product by kartrashians

Karla Larranaga says:

You’re gorgeous!

Fatii C says:

how do you not set cream contour with powder?!??!?!?!

emily flores says:

Thank you for your honest review!! Really appreciated

Charli says:

no bullshit review !
i just subscribed !

claire boyd says:

a two head not a forehead hahahahaah!!!!!!

it's wednesday my dudes says:

can i have your eyebrows

Kissimee Coquette says:

I died when you said, “my hand hurts!” LOL omg ty for saving me 50 bucks!! I’ll stick with my Kat Von D

Annie Wang says:

Where did u get your top from?

Julissa Hernandez says:

They should’ve used the money they saved on packaging to give us more product.

Priscilla Casas says:

I feel they just slap their name on anything, make their millions, and walk away. Their kardashian beauty makeup was a flop. I don’t know why people would think this would work. Mario nor Kim would use these products. Her video with Jaclyn was the phoniest tutorial I’ve ever seen. They seriously try to put a front on how good these products are. I appreciate your honesty. Everyone else who attended her launch party and did reviews on these are so afraid about their reputation and don’t give an honest review. For that price I rather invest in ABH, Natasha D, or some Viseart.

Samantha Tabares says:

i feel like kim made this probably focusing on her type of skin like the formula

Magdalena Bascuñan says:

Hi Arshia!
Looks like your skin is oily or am i wrong?
If yes, is usual for you to look cakey before a few hours of wearing your makeup??
I’m asking because i have this problem with a lot of makeup – foundations, concealers, etc. I have oily skin and i hate it when my skin looks cakey and patchy.
Do you have any advise for me? 🙂

Thank you!!

P.D.: I’m from Chile and my native language is spanish so sorry if my english is not the best 🙂


The reason why your nose contour went away was cuz you blended out the concealer first. maybe try blending the concealer then applying the contour…. don’t blame your makeup mistakes on someone else product.

Humeera Saleem says:

Hi maybe try the concealer one eye at a time and then blend, its not good that it dries too quickly but to make use of the product try one area at a time, will not be purchasing these makeup items x

Sade Williams says:

love,love,love! where did you get that top?

Unicornlover Lover says:

Im relly sorry but i like The package

Heather Rams says:

thank you soo much for keeping this review real because i have seen so many other youtubers do this review and hype it up wayy too much because they’re bffs with kim.

Melissa Howes says:

Hi!! what is the foundation and shade you used in this video!!???

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