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I am finally doing this review on the KKW Contour and Highlight Kit in the “Deep Dark Kit.” I was definitely resistant to doing a review over this product because I knew it wouldn’t work for, but I had realized I have this platform for a reason and I can use it start conversations that will bring about more change in the beauty industry. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, if you did don’t forget to give it a thumbs up. 😘

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KKW Contour and Highlight Kit “Deep Dark” -SOLD OUT


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Nicky Bicks says:

you must have known that the contour would be too light for you from the models on the site. Black people come in many shades but your skin tone is very dark therefore you must have known that she’d be catering it for dark skinned women like Justine Skye

Arwa Khalid says:

girl your natural glow is waaaaaay better than the product

numbgore says:

Jesus fucking christ your skin is so beautiful

SavannahSteel says:

I wish I had your skin shade, it’s so beautiful! Like omg your skin is so perfect

shubhangi kaushik says:

You are so beautiful babe. mesmerizing creation of Almighty!

Jessie Martins says:

Your skin and your skin tone are so beautiful, I am in love

Lena Pacek says:

i feel wrong watching this, lightest shade is too dark for me…

Lizzy Jackson says:

Honestly this is the only review of KKW that matters.

Samantha Cole says:

Thank you !

C Randau says:

oml your skin tone is so beautiful!♡ i wish i would have a darker skin tone because i am very fair eww

Anastasia Purr says:

So what do you usually use for your cream contour?

lxn says:

Kim K has a dark skinned husband and can’t manage to get the dark shades right? I’m 100% sure she didn’t even make this, just put her name on a product she doesn’t care about…

Selena Mguni says:

And the audacity to call it “deep dark” lol kim no

DocMc Stuffins says:

Let’s be honest, you can just use black eyeliner or something to contour.

Francesca's journal says:


Nicole Edwards says:

your cheeks are to die for and ur button nose! and ur skin is such a gorgeous shade! love it! you’re so beautiful! ❤❤❤

when I found yr channel, I had to subscribe! our skin tones couldn’t be more different as I’m a very fair skinned Caucasian but you are an inspiration and u are absolutely gorgeous and it is so important to give women with ur skin tone a voice in the beauty community regarding the lack of darker shades and especially contour. Keep doing what ur doing! You are and will make a diffeeence! God bless!

Linnea S says:

You are so beautiful wow.

Nina Sabine says:

oh honey your skin doesn´t need any kind of countour crap. It doesn´t do it justice.

Gracia Grabarić says:

It’s sad bc makeup is so fun and then some people can’t find deep enough or liht enough shades. I love your channel and hope companies see this… also i neer in my life found a foundation for me, I always mix in white foundation, also i have to mix it in concealor too and also colored powder is just a no no for me. i haven’t tried really that much high end makeup where i would maybe find things, but this kit is not that wallet friendly and should have more shades..

Stella blablabla says:

For the price it should be at least 5 shades.

Heaven Palffy says:

You are so freaking gorgeous!

lipglossqueen21 says:

Your skin is so beautiful damn

t1me2di3 says:

Ur so gorgeous

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