KKW Beauty?! Watch This Review First! | Jackie Aina

The KKW Beauty Contour Kits launched today and instantly sold out! Are they chocolate girl friendly?? Find out on this review and swatch demo of the Kim Kardashian West

hair: The Virgin Hair Fantasy http://bit.ly/2frIS6n

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KKW Beauty Kit Deep Dark (you can sign up for email updates) http://bit.ly/2sTbg7m

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Phil 4:13


urpieceofheaven says:

I just came here to see her brake the contour stick, done. Bye!

Jamie Espinosa says:

New subscriber I love the honesty I’ll always appreciate that it’s hard to come by these days

Melody Eleweanya says:

I love watching your videos. You’re hilarious AF. What eyeshadows and blush are you wearing, looks so good on you!

Sue Shakiba says:

Absurd !

Alisha Saint-Ciel says:

little ass brush

Ronnie Hicks says:

Love the air-tight anonymous packaging. It’s environmentally safe and it prevents postal thefts.

Breakuptomakeup Beauty Channel says:

Its so funny cuz i had to watch this video allll over again because these comments tho! Lol omg, her opinion, review, and constructive criticism was very, very professional. And lets get real yall, most fingernails are longer than the amount of product u get in that tube! Lets get real ppl!

Vicki Leung says:

@Jackie Aina where is your shirt from? I LOVE ITTT!

Jada Carter says:

I didn’t see or hear anything that you have said was wrong! Not only that you even invited her to explain the lighter stick on the proper use. So My question is WHY DIDNT SHE ACCEPT YOUR INVITE AND AT LEAST DO A VID WITH YOU TO ADDRESS ANY QUESTIONS?! LIKE…WTF?!

Ashlyn Ossi says:

your hair is gorgeous!!! I wish my hair looked like that lol

cacs kigjl says:


Linda Pennicooke says:

You are so right. I have watched her for many years now Highlighting and Contouring and I really thought she had products on the market…shock to see her just putting something out there.

Melissa Durocher says:

It was said that there is very little product for your $$. Is that true? Could we see how much product is in those wands

La diabla says:

Subbing to you OMG! I already love you!

Jacqueline Morningstar says:

All I heard was an honest opinion. ❤️

Zoe Skinner says:

Girl I don’t think you meant to mix them together

Sapphire Rose says:

I’m a bit late but FOURTY EIGHT DOLLARS FOR A TINY STICK …y tho :

Payton says:

Your skin is so beautiful!!

Dark Site says:

You pretty without make up

Mercedes dlz says:

“I’m judging you…” LOL!!

Elizabeth Patterson says:

“maybe I’m just blessed! Mind you’re own business!” hahahah dying

Leila Mal says:

I really love your honesty and integrity. It takes a lot of strength and character to remain truthful to yourself and others after being in the spotlight and perhaps being tempted to butter up to celebrities to get more famous or whatever. And you’re right! These celebrities with sub par entertainment do not pay your bills! We pay theirs! Your honesty and integrity may not get you all the fake friends that Hollywood has to offer, but it wins our hearts. Keep it up Jackie. ♥️

jaivika satish says:

I literally see the product coming off of the container thing in every single review.

Asigedge says:

we should have known the products were going to be trash considering the original kardashian beauty line at ulta…i brought the kit and i hated the wear time. i got 4 hours in 70 degree low humidity weather. Jackie gave her ipinion and thats what i wanted

Anym says:

The package reminds me of MREs

Hallayah Sade says:

JACKKKIIEEE!! I just watched Jaclyn Hills review and I am SO disappointed in her “honest” review. Never should a YouTubers, (or anyone at that) integrity be compromised for their fame.

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