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Katie says:

the highlight is really nice but the contour colour looks like a blush to me…way too orangey peachy to be a contour colour. unless it’s just the lighting

ItsMiaxx says:

What foundation you using? Looks amazing! Xx

marii0178 says:

i like this countour palette but not the brush

Rebecca Alicia says:

What fan brush is that

Mandy N. says:

Good to know that the brush in this palette is more of a gimmick than it actually works.

tyler munoz says:

look more like bronzer to orange

Lisa Maynard says:

The reason you got that line from the applicator is because you were too damned worried about your makeup getting messed up (not an accurate review) and you started with the applicator there and was afraid to move it so you ended up with a line where you was barely moving it back and forth! I understand doing a foundation review at the beginning of the day but a product like this, why not do it when you don’t need to worry about your makeup getting messed up? Like when your staying home or the end of the day? Oh, that’s right, you said before your lazy af and can’t be bothered with doing your makeup everyday and that would mean you actually have to do something extra (for your already easy job) Smh… This girl, I just can’t anymore. I just can’t.

Jill Gries says:

idk about you all.. but that brush DID help me apply the contour. it helped get right where my cheekbones were and made sure it didn’t look like a black spot on my face, you know?

SupahNinjasfreak says:

What’s the shade you used?

Thisisit! says:

Girl I love ya and im not trying to be rude but those sideburns need a trim!!
sideburns on a female not a good look just my opinion!

Andrea Suarez says:

is it powder or cream?

shawty says:

i honestly hate it when companies include their useless brushes in palettes. i would rather have a smaller and more compact palette rather than have something slightly larger just so it could fit a brush i won’t even end up using

Alexis Esomonu says:

Has anyone else found this at ulta or target

U R B I says:

in the UK we don’t have this but we have a cream to powder not just powder

Joey Poon says:

The one I got the other day was horrible! It was super un-pigmented and just awful! My solution: I used it as powder.

Karina Zavala says:

you do a lot of talking but not saying much….

Grace Rodriguez says:

I just bought this and the brush was a little strange…now I know not to bother with that brush! Lol

Lia C. says:

You’re so pretty!

S T Y L E B Y B A R E says:

I didn’t bother with the brush lol. The highlight is lovely on you. Thanks for sharing

Saje Allen says:

I would have liked her to actually really try to use the brush supplied, because that is still part of the product, and people (or at least I) would have liked to see if it was utterly useless (like she implied) or if it isn’t actually that bad.

Mrs Hale says:

You have me sold. I need a fan brush so bad. What are the best brand of brushes out there for eyes and contouring?

Celestial Disciple says:

you sound like Nicki minaj a little bit haha not a bad thing! love you!!!

Flower Palacios says:

What fan brush is that?

caro gague says:

what’s the name of your fan brush?

Rachel says:

What eyeshadow is on your lids? It’s so pretty!

Piya Michelle says:

I like it girl. ☺️

Rebecca Tendean says:

Love your hair!

I wish I had seen your review before I bought it. Not satisfied with the product. But the highlight really appears on your skin. Hopeful to get better results when I try it again tomorrow…

Nicole Martina Victoria says:

Es,solo un tono? Cual escena Tuto

Jennifer O'Connell says:

i love it! looks so good on you 🙂

Stephanie Pimentel says:

I like glowy highlights not intense sparkly or glittery highlights So I think I need this!! 😀 thanks for your review!

pyoung391 says:

I picked up the deep one yesterday, but haven’t use it yet. But now I know not the use the brush it came with. Thanks!

Katrina Wolf says:

I really liked this product, I’m newer to contouring so it was a great starter kit for me. I didn’t want to shell out a lot of money for something I was unsure about but this product worked for me! However the brush in the kit REALLY sucks.

Sophiee Salim says:

Lip color ?

Canii peopleperson says:

sam I’m going to be honest with you, that comtour color looks orange/really warm toned. D:

Brittany Davis says:

thank you so much for testing this. I thought I was applying it wrong when I used the brush that came with the kit-you got like a smudged line on your face too! so it’s best to use the actual contour brush.

Nicole Martina Victoria says:

Cual es él tuyo

Jenny Yang says:

Every time I watch your video, theres always a dot on the left bottom side. Its like right in the background where your gray desk is, on the corner of the first cabinet. Nd its always your videos. Lol. I think you probably have to clean your lens.

shannon mcdonald says:

looks great on my end:)

Christy Medina says:

Video was great

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