My EXPERIENCE with SculpSure | Laser Body Contouring

This is my first time having a cosmetics procedure done…besides laser hair removal (does that even count?) and I am happy to share my experience with you guys!

Even though this procedure was complimentary, I was already contemplating having a similar procedure for months. So when RealSelf reached out to me I was excited to give it a try….this way I wouldn’t be mad (and out of a couple thousand dollars) if I didn’t get the results I was looking for. Right? Right? And this way I can also share my experience with anyone else who may be considering such a procedure. So we are 12 weeks in, 2 sessions down and 5 lbs up in weight! LOL! Wait that is not funny….! So even with the weight gain I haven’t gained any inches on my stomach area (but hello back rolls and love handles!) which is a win for me. My stomach also feels a bit less “fatty” if that makes sense and my skin has tightened a tad.

Now it’s time for me to get into the gym and get these lazy lbs off! I will check in with you guys once I am back in the swing of things and we will see if this procedure really did help with my tummy tum!

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This is not a sponsored video. However, this procedure was complimentary via RealSelf and Madnani Facial Plastics. I was not compensated for this video otherwise and all opinions expressed in this video are completely honest, unsolicited and my own. My thoughts as always are unbiased and based on my own overall experience.


Diana Jackson says:

I agree with your views. I am most against invasive plastic surgery except breast lifts, for reconstructive, for congenial deformities (like deviated spectrum, excess fat padding under the eyes, tuberous breasts and tubular breasts), tummy tuck/body lift if their are one pound or more of loose skin, hymen repair (if raped), and vaginaplasty. I am pro non invasive cosmetic procedures and only for dermal fillers if they person has HIV/AIDS.

DrkNSwt says:

cool opportunity for you since you were looking for a place like this.

Nicole Clark says:

Honestly I hear what your saying but saying and what I’m seeing are 2 different things. I’ve made up my mind liposuction here I come

Natalie Cook says:

Sculpsure takes 12 weeks to see the permanent fat loss. And you usually need more than ONE treatment. If you are a person who eats healthy and exercises but certain areas of your body hold fat, this procedure is for you! Fat loss is NEVER a one-prong approach!

MAX walsh says:


EPSTomcat11 says:

In six weeks you can have a six pack with proper exercise and diet

Love, Miss SJ says:

I definitely see the results!!

Racheal Shaddeau says:

The cost in Chesapeake, VA is 2795.00 for 12 sessions. You will have to follow a strict diet and exercise 5 days a week and when you don’t loose inches, they will tell you are doing something wrong!!!!  The lights do not work, only diet and exercise.  They will not guarantee the refund like they advertise.  The owner told me he could cancel my contract just for not having a positive attitude which is in the contract to be positive. The owner also said they rarely see results in 7 to8 sessions…not what they  said when I signed the contract

Gotallofthem1 says:

You have more “back fat”, NOT “back Fattage” that is not a word.

Jay Hardy Brown says:

did u do an update im excited to see it but i didn’t see it on your channel

TheLonelyblackgirl says:

I thought you personally didnt like youtubers making videos about plastic surgery they’ve had……

Christine Z says:


Cameo Leggett says:

Can we PLEASE see a cool sculpting or laser sculpting video on people who are actually FAT in the belly?!? Cmon man!

Tracey Manzano says:

Thank you for sharing,but I didnt seen that much difference.I will stick to what I know for a fact works which is Lipo!

SandiCheeks says:

yeaaaa looking to do something like this….are u Jamaican though?? i sense some accent

Bailey Walker says:

I was wondering if you were happy/saw any more changes after the second treatment. I’m looking into it getting it done. Thanks for the video post!

Armani Diangelo says:

Ok, its been 5 months now…..results?

princess nora says:

I had no idea she was on long island. I thought she lived down south..idk why.

themisses says:

Love realself….thanks…

Trueangel -tee says:

i kno u said it was free for u .. but whats the cost typically

Rein 18 says:

It works for sure…i can say that. If u went years looking a certain way everytime u lost weight and no matter wat u did to workout those certain places on your body just could not lose fat there or tighten up…do sculpture. Trust me, works wonders. Legacy also to help tighten loose skin u could never tighten before. All I can say ppl u wanna know if it works truly, I’ll get u the proof u need. Someone who shows alot of results from the treatments so it helps with your decision. I’ve read comments saying it dont work waste of way.

Teresa Washington says:

So grateful you made this video. I was thinking about getting this!

Bill Kilgore says:

Let me say this, I was jumping out of my skin it was so painful! Every interval was a hot branding iron!!! But I paid for it, so I went thru it. Holy shit be careful!

sarah j says:

Waste of money! The only thing that will remove fat is Lipo! Don’t waste your money folks!

D Blackwell says:

I didn’t see much of a difference, since you are already small. Perhaps in a few months there will be a slight difference.

ann bailey says:

It hurst like hell. Not worth it.

Lola Batista says:

Looks great

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