New KKW Beauty Contour Kits – WYD? !| Jackie Aina

Hi guys! This is phase 2 of the KKW beauty launch. Last month it was the creme contour kits. This season we have the launch of the KKW powder contour kits. Today I will be sharing my thoughts and opinions on KKW Beauty and the contour powders. Enjoy!

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Changing the standard of beauty, one tutorial at a time 🙂
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ayyad13 says:

Kim should have had Kanye swatch for her

jessica williams says:

I love Jackie, like LOVEEEEEE HER ♥️♥️♥️

dharmakarma says:

Jackie. Try Juvia’s Place!

Erika Tarawallie says:

please do a tutorial on this look

Cai says:

They actually don’t look bad on you

Eleanor Elias says:

can i have the medium palette lol pls?

keely roberson says:

I’m not trying to throw shade or hate on Jackie but I wish Jackie didn’t wear such thick lashes because I feel like we can never see her eyeshadow

Alex Wilson says:

i loveeeeee your hair it looks so nice on you

Samantha March says:

lol at that intro!

Unaltered Beauty says:

I see Kim watched this video and copied your hair. Typical. She’s forever stealing.

Dani Ann says:

Kim is a woman of color, she is Armenian.

Jack Septiceye3 says:

I don’t wanna wear Yeezy colours on my face

Koreana Pak says:

I love your honesty. You always keep it real and even when you’re at your most critical you keep it constructive and fair. I love it when people on social media make fun content…but can also have a moment to use their platform to talk about important issues. Keep it coming!

Sara Brant says:

I have the Black Radiance limited edition blushing bronze palette in dark too deep and has a contour a blush and a highlight I think I paid 499 for it at Rite Aid and it is amazing the blush and the highlight are great I also got a brush that’s kind of like theNARS BRUSH and its great combo it was limited addition but it is really really great. I go tanning and it is hard to find any Contour shades that look good on me I tried the kkw one and it’s really not that good The Black Radiance one is way better just my opinion

TaMera Campbell says:

I am living for this makeup look! Please do a tutorial on this!!!

Maren Hills says:

Once again auntie Jackie comes through and helps me feel better again. I love you!

Nadia Pajkovski says:

Why were you going crazy about the swatches?

A Johnson says:

Not sure if you have done it, as I’m new to your channel, but you must do this makeup look. Those eyes are amazing.

Yazmyn says:

lmao when she pulled out the black radiance I screamed

Kia D. says:

<3 <3 <3

larkleproductions says:

What lashes did she use??

Rachelle Bañuelos says:

I never personally purchase shit base what I think of the person. I go off the product that’s it. Idk what the says about me but I just don’t get caught up in that because I’m not about to do research on every single product and every single brand owner… I buy too much shit. It will get ridiculous

With that being said….. I ain’t buying shit for Kim K. Her shit is way to expensive, she gives you 2oz of product. And she’s a new brand with old type product. Like you said if she wasn’t Kim K would people buy it….

Desiree Stevens says:

ugh need a tutorial on this makeup look tho!

Landry__.N_. says:


Cori Dixon says:

this makeup look slayed

Zariya Esan says:

My phone must have fell while I was sleeping I woke hearing how much you are not here for this lol

ashleyo413 says:

You look incredible in this video!!

cassmula says:

This look is giving me life

MasterRealm says:

Your eye and lip in this video is to die for!!! Wish I could make something like that happen, that is TALENT!

Elea Moulin says:

Wave garlic treatment plenty description learn sister within armed.

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