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My try-on review/impressions of the new 2017 Bare Minerals Bare Pro line – foundation, powder, contour kit, & primer! Have you tried any of these? Thoughts?

No, not sponsored. BM sent me these products for PR, like a lot of makeup I review. I was intrigued by these products and had a lot of requests to review them here on YT! 🙂 As you know, I am always honest in my reviews, for good or for bad!

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Bare Minerals Bare Pro Foundation

Bare Minerals Combo Control Primer Balance

Bare Minerals Bare Pro Powder Foundation 

Dupe mentioned: NYX No Filter Powder

Artis Oval 7 Face Brush

Bare Minerals Bare Pro Contour Face-Shaping Powder Trio in “Tan to Dark” (That is the shade I have of this contour kit!)

Highlight is: Pretty Vulgar Shimmering Swan Highlighter in “Glimmers of BS”


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Lisa Wiley says:

Yes, girl, tired of the contour palettes!!! Lol!!

Jessica Pritchett says:

Haven’t finished the video but when I went in store they mentioned not to dot the foundation on your face before blending it but to put it on the back of your hand and then dip the brush and apply right away because of how the product dries or something.

Paula Sushka says:

I am 50 with dry skin and have been searching for my “holy grail” foundation. This is it. It’s great and it seems to look better the longer it is on.

Kara Devine says:

Hi Jessica! You’re one of my favorite YouTubers. This question is about your teaching job. I have a son who is in 5th grade this year, we are from St.Louis, MO. Is 5th grade considered elementary school where you teach? My son is in an Intermediate school(5&6). Just curious!

Grace says:

I don’t think this is an exact dupe, but the City Color Cosmetics Contour Palettes 1 and 2 look very similar to the Bare Minerals Bare Pro Contour palette. Might be worth checking out instead since the City Color Cosmetics’ one is muuuch cheaper~~

Heidi Aguilar says:

Does anyone remember back in the day when BM was powder? To them, if you used a liquid foundation you were viewed as a demon almost. Anyone remember those infomercials? Well, I do. Now, they have come out with a couple liquids. Not falling for their marketing.

Princess Azula says:

Jess, can you make a review or best and worst of NYX? I think this brand is a great drugstore brand and I would love to hear your opinion. xoxo

Brittany Wermelskirchen says:

Jess you are by fav makeup youtuber! Only videos I actually look forward to! Keep up the good work!

Lora Presley says:

I ordered the foundation and brush from Qvc and I’ve used it every day since I got it. I have dry skin with some eczema and it works really good for me. And love the brush!

Deidre Plotts says:

Any stitchfix reviews coming?

Jessica Lynn says:

I didn’t know where to leave this comment. Have you ever tried brands like Looxi Beauty, Devinah, or JD Glow? I want to get more into indie brands but want to be sure that these brands are truly good quality. I find it amazing when smaller companies can hand press shadows but want to be sure the brands are worth trying/safe. If anyone else in the comments has tried these brands please let me know your experience as well!

Kathleen Illustrated says:

I would love to see a video of you doing full theater makeup, it’d be so over the top and fun! I think the fact that you have a history in performance art makes you a really unique youtuber…. cue the lights!

MomNMe Beauty says:

I still have their Mineral Veil and Mineral Powder Foundation, but am not drawn to any of their other products. And now seeing your review just affirms to me that I’m not missing anything (in terms of my personal preferences). But thank you for your thorough review… it was very helpful!

Shelby Neff says:

I have never ever LOVED a foundation before and I absolutely love this one! I have the world’s oiliest skin and this stuff looks beautiful! Light weight, doesn’t break me out, controls shine and doesn’t break up and get patchy by the end of the day. I truly know I will be using it for years to come! Love you, Jessica!

chivs0811 says:

what tone inteh contour palette are u wearing the fair or the tan??

Lisa Russo says:

I am taking the bare minerals foundation back…it oxidized like crazy on me…

Ann Trim says:

I am not interested in bare minerals… especially after seeing how liquidy it was.

Melissa Swenson says:

Check out Loreal true match powders. I’ve used these powders for years before contour and bronzing was easily available/popular. I go 1 shade lighter for “highlighting”. 2-3 shades darker in cool for contour and 3-4 in warm for bronze (depending on season). I like this line because the blush is in the same packaging, the four stack nicely. Since they’re face powders they blend well, never patchy and if your heavy handed you don’t look a hot mess.

Cassie Rodgers says:

ive never enjoyed the bare minerals foundations, I tried one of theirs for years before I found one that worked.. idk why such an established brand wouldn’t have a good liquid foundation, stick to what you know I guess

Claudette S says:

Who wears foundation 24 Hours?

Cindy Romero says:

You do you ok …. please do not take this in a bad way ….. but this look ages u ..I am over here like what the heck is she wearing !!! . The hair nooooooo …..a cute black choker and your hair down messy curls would look so cute with those tops … just my opinion

Carey C says:

I’ve seen many reviews on this and a lot of people have trouble with the application. I stipple in on with my It Cosmetics 110 brush and then kind of buff it out at the end (I do this with all foundations) and it blends beautifully for me. I think this method gives good coverage as well. I do use a primer. I have oily skin and this is a good foundation for me which always makes me think it wouldn’t be the best for dry skin.

Emma Nielsen says:

I love that sweater. Where did you get it?

Brooke Clark says:

I have been wanting to try this foundation hopefully i will like it after hearing your thoughts lol I dont usually like really runny foundations, i feel like this would be great for winter.

Erica W says:

I mix mine with the smash box primer and apply it with my beauty blender. I applies well and looks great. I am loving this foundation.

NellyPlaysMSP says:

Can you plz do products with more than just 8 reviews and stuff. It’s more trustable. At least 100 reviews

Samantha March says:

I’m glad you talked about the BareMineral foundation! I’ve been considering it!

Iru Theday says:

If you like the middle shade in the contour palette you would like using the Mac Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in Medium Tan. I use that as a bronzer sometimes. It has the right amount of pigmentation and blends well.

Lynn Choiniere says:

All year round as my skin changes we always have the same skin

Helen Knew says:

Anyone else notice that there are more commericals in her videos? I really appriciated that she has put them at the tail end of her videos. Now that there is another near the begining of her video; it is begining to put me off bc as much as i love her videos, I don’t like the interruptions from the commericals.

Gabrielle G says:

I need to know where you got that velvet blazer from!

makingupashlee says:

That shade in the contour kit is perfection! I love it!

Margie Walker says:

Are you pregnant?

Mia Vukic says:

who else watches this video but know that you won’t buy it just watching it cause it is Jessica’s video

CamoDivaBeauty says:

Please tell me where you got that jacket!!!

fabandchicfinds says:

Jess I love you so no hate
..but I love this foundation in 40 years I’ve been looking for my holy grail and I found it in this
…the brush that came with this you are suppose to use in a tic tac toe like motion ….you and I always like the same foundation ….I figured you would love this…..oh well one we don’t agree on
…love you see ya soon…xo

Eastclaremum says:

The BM Invisible Bronzer is lovely

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