RIHANNA: FENTY BEAUTY – Review + First Impressions

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It is FINALLY time for me to do a review and first impressions on Rihanna’s NEW makeup line: FENTY Beauty!!! My order came in and I finally got the time to play around and see how the products work for my skin and complexion! Do you think the products will be any good? Let’s find out!!

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Bobi Angelkovski says:

Not gonna lie boo but u wear to much boys like natural

April Parish says:

whats the brand of your highlighter brush I need one

Eliza Jane Aitken Curran says:

Anyone else unable to skip the MakeupArts ad? Like just the music and art idk

Jennifer Dragas says:

what lip gloss is that? beautiful

Dubem Agu says:

great review!

Summer G says:

I’m okay with makeup but this is too much man

A Sprinkle Of Darcie says:


Jai Floyd says:

Her eyes look like candy corn

Slim Shady says:

I’m not into makeup but my friends told me to watch her and she’s actually making it interesting.

Reagan T says:

Finally a youtuber who has dry skin!!!

Mayra Lara says:

the foundation part made me laugh until you did the transformation I’m like oh. nice job (:

Ilaria Ruggiero says:

Wich shade is it?

Hayley Keogh says:

Such a down to earth person aw love ya!❤

Lucy Lucy says:

It is (rE-AH-Na) not (rE-ANN-NAH) sorry, im not hating just saying. Love you Nikkie

Jonna Heijke says:


Eliza Jane Aitken Curran says:

Why am I shade 110.. or at least I think I am, too poor to actually buy it lol

Genevieve Gardner says:

Did she say Rianna no hate but why

Lovelife I. says:

ich schätze das total an ihr das sie so erlich ist ❤❤❤❤

ashley ferster says:

this is the first time I’m seeing your little dinosaur tattoo ! its adorable !! I love it !

TheWurzelx3 says:

make a video about primers (drugstore brands too?) and all about care of dry and sensitive skin please

Maddisun Lewis says:

so would you recommend the foundation for dry skinned people?

Live Love Li says:

She’s just so honest. Like I really appreciate how she gives a polite review of everything like wow

Maya Wallach says:

You talk about how it looks kind of off on you but you really good

Daddy Gee says:

For the foundation I would use the brush instead.

MoreKaylaRoberts says:


Sarah P says:

I have really fair skin and no foundation matches my skin. I think I will try this.

Beatriz Pozos says:

where does Nikki live?

Abhay Saini says:

Damn, cakey.

It's Deer says:

I agree I also give a big applause to Rihanna

Naif Ameen says:

يليل الاجانب م يوقفون كلام لي نص ساعه استناها تبدأ ميك اب

Reagy _lady says:

I freaking love your dino tattoos

Bri Tabor says:

Dayum girl ❤ I need those makeup skills

Nora Kelly says:

Random question but, I have really freckled skin year round and does anyone know how to make the foundation look semi normal? I’m kinda new to makeup so any suggestions would be great!

Kendra Riddle says:

you look so beautiful but around your lips look a little orange

Kawoshin is Canon says:

Is it good for dry skin?

Myah Chambers says:

May I suggest using a silicone beauty blender because the fabric beauty blenders might be soaking up moisture and making it dry or maybe a foundation brush

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