Seriously Kim?! KKW Beauty Contour Kit Honest Review / Tutorial

Hey guys! For todays video I tried out Kim Kardashian’s new makeup line in which she came out with a contour and highlight stick and a double ended brush. I showed you guys my honest opinion and my first impressions, hope you enjoy!xx

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NeverSayNeverBeliev1 says:

I’m dying at his reactions LMFAOOO

Beautyfulleah A.k.A. Leyah says:

omega he is one of the realist person on YOUTUBE I’m also a new sub and I’m loving it

Екатерина Факирова says:

Okay hunni listeeeen
First of all: how the hell are you supposed to get extreme contour when you pit on the smallest swipe of product. It’s obviously buildable.
2: the sponge is supposed to be wet
3: where the hell did you spend 82 bucks, it costs like 40
And last – I love how you say this is an honest review and state that you love Kim, when you don’t use the kit properly and then straight up bash it over how ineffective it is. All the negative reviews seem to come from people like you who just want to put KKW in the title, create some drama, get few clicks on the video because of that and mislead people only because of the views. Pathetic.

Livelife And smile says:

Yall other youtuberd talking shit cuz you werent at her house party lmaoo

Ariana P says:

This is the first video I’ve seen from you and I’ve subscribed bcc u r soo funny

Latifahhh1 says:

Eww he’s not cute.

Reese Carabott says:

Hello I brought something from your Depop when will it arrive

UMM NO says:

In what world does a sponge hurt when blending

maria ivanna says:

Her talent is to FINESSE you all

Ultra Rare says:

Is this a guy

OkayLxlex says:

I personally think maybe hes too pale for kim kardashian’s highlighter no wonder he couldnt see it and maybe he didnt put enough contour on

Vagaga die Fee says:

I love your eyebrows

Karla Kocijan says:

you could have fuckin watch some videos and you would see how much product you get or review on the product, you are bitter and you shit too much

Jeah Almoete says:

This is my favorite product review video out of all the other kkw reviews lmao i feel like you’re comfortable with us now than before because i remember you said you don’t post videos that you look “hideous” in (not saying you look hideous now) but I feel like you’re accepting the fact that your viewers love you for you and majority of us look up to you idk I love your videos I’ve been subscribed to you for quite awhile and I expect more videos to come 😉

Travis McMurray says:

It seems like just about everyone in the videos I’ve watched who actually paid for this product are really disappointed and everyone who got it in PR just love it…hmmm….

Kawaii Nugget says:

One side is cool toned and the other is more of a warmer tone

Sofie says:

Thanks for being honest. I’ve been using the Nyx one and absolutely love it since it’s a good product and a lot for the money. I would never buy any makeup from the K family because the products are bad, overpriced and I don’t wanna support something like this.

Jay-Dee says:


is sy says:

Heyyy, I just want to let you in on something. If you’ve watched Kim do her tutorial on her channel, you can see that her face was oiled tf up! That’s the only way it works. The “creaminess? That’s a whole ass lie! Maybe try adding a oily foundation or face oil that could help it blend out more.

queen sparkles says:

diva much

Irene Papoutsaki says:

This is a fucking honest review! thank u❤

Francine Hammen says:

What foundation and powder do you use? It looks so natural. When you said you had already done it I was actually shocked. First time viewer here! I think I’m here to stay! You are a sweetie!

Zaidah Abdul Monip says:

lol! your review cracked me up! love it! its totally absurd to be spending that amount of money for that little product!

Sophy ORen says:

First time viewer. Paused the vid to let you know I’m subscribing purely because of the way you said ‘hit that red subscribe bUTtoN’

Jels says:

I just met your channel and I’m so in love with your accent ❤

By the way, congrats for the video (even with these results haha).

Hugs from Brazil.

Chelby Coppedge says:

i fucking love your eyebrows

Oliver Zaifnejad says:

i just found you and i love your videos omg! what are your pronouns!! <3 <3

Taxxlima H says:

I found 11 jk I love him it’s the first vid that I watched and I love it

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