Sleek Face Form Contouring Palette Review

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Featured Product:

Sleek Face Form Contouring & Blush Palette
My shade: Light
Also available in Fair, Medium & Dark
(medium & dark include a bronzer in place of the blush)

$14.99 at Sleek’s website-

**I’ve had lots of questions about Sleek’s shipping– I ordered my products from Sleek’s website and they shipped from London. They arrived in about a week and shipping was just over $5. Everything arrived in tact. No complaints!

Also found it on Amazon-

Brushes used:
ELF Studio Complexion Brush (Contour)
ELF Studio Blush Brush (Blush)
ELF Studio Small Tapered Brush (Highlight)
All available here:

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My info:
Shirt- Target
Necklace- No idea- I’ve had it for so long!
Earrings- Target
Nails- The Balm Hot Ticket polish in Sky Blue Right Past You
Foundation- Cover Girl Ready, Set Gorgeous Foundation
Eyes- Cover Girl Eye Enhancers Quad in Natural Nudes
Lips- Cover Girl Outlast Illumina in Radiant Red
Blush- Sleek Face Form Palette – Light

Disclaimer: This product was purchased by me. These are my own, honest opinions. Not a sponsored video- I have never accepted money from a company in exchange for a video.


Chronic Danica says:

Nailed it.

Caiythsbeauty says:

I got “Fair” in my kit from school and its BEAUTIFUL! I have also used it on someone with a slight tan and it looked just as beautiful, I can highly recommend it. I love it so much that I think I will be getting one for my own personal use 😀

Habib Hussain says:

ur face is starting to get chubbier so cute :p

Beyonce Giselle says:

So did you use the angled brush or blush brush because on the description you said it’s the blush brush… Not trying to be rude. Great review as always 😀

Ola Ka says:

you recommended it to me very well, gonna buy it! thx 🙂

Murielle Jean-Baptiste says:

I am literally just looking at ALL that make up in those storage bins behind her like O.o

Jennifer Ann Fox says:

cool review!  I’ve not heard of Sleek brand before. The concept of the 3 together is awesome. I still have never used a bronzer. LOL  seriously I’m 50 and I don’t know why, I think it’s because I’m so white that it would be too dark. One day I’ll try though. One question, if you have a narrow or slim face, if you use bronzer will that make it look more daunting, especially with aging skin?

Stephanie Villanueva says:

Is it me, or does the blush in that palette resemble TheBalm’s Hot Mama?

Cantwait4summer says:

Love this

Linda Lee says:

thanks Emily, thanks for your review. i do have this palette and i love it so much as especially when I’m on the road. you got the urban decay palette? how would you compare both of them?

Marce Rodríguez says:

Did your shipping method include a track number? Please answer :3

Maira Mac Carthaigh says:

Does anyone know if the blush in the fair pallette is the rose gold one??

panini ception says:

You sound like Ellen!

MissBrunzy says:

I have always heard great things about Sleek but never purchased any for myself, I really love this trio though!! Can you please tell me how this compares to the Urban Decay Flushed palettes or do a review on those PLEASE??

alyssa frej says:

your reviews are so helpful! definitely can’t wait to try this 🙂

andrea campos says:

do you think i can get away with this colour if i have medium colour skin? 

Alex Good says:

Loved the review! I always hear about Sleek products, so definitely will have to order a few things ♡

Arpita Bajaj says:

I already love this! I’m waiting for it to go on sale here to pick it up. Thank you for the lovely review and I too, have truly fallen in love with Sleek!

Loh Wen Xin says:

Thank you Emily! Just ordered this 🙂

Jo Clawson says:

+emilynoel83 Does Sleek have just the bronzer available as a single? I loooove too faced chocolate soleil (sp?) However I would love a lower $ alternative.

Nidhi K says:

Great review !

Kathryn Theiss says:

Hi Emily! I wanted to try some of the Sleek makeup but sadly I am extremely disappointed with them. After ordering one of their eye shadow palettes, not only was I charged and waited two whole weeks (10 business days) but when I reached out to them they said that they enver received payment…but my account was charged and my Sleek account said that the order was complete. Apparently since they “didn’t” receive payment I have to wait yet ANOTHER 2 week to receive a refund. I really enjoyed your review and was SO excited for my palette to come in but sadly…I will never order from them again. Thanks for the great review though! 🙂

Joyce says:

its definitely comparable to bobbi brown bronzer

Maeve Kingston says:

hi I was wondering is the contour powder in the light sleek contour palette the same colour in the medium???

Cătă says:

I have this palette too, also in Light and i love it! I also used the colors on my lids and they work great, very fresh and spring-y makeup look 🙂

Irene Stetska says:

It’s interesting that you find the Sleek bronzer from this palette similar to the Too Faced one, because I have both of them (I’ve got exactly the same Sleek palette in the same color) and even though they appear to be looking the same in the pan, on the skin I find that the Sleek one is waaaay more yellow/orange. Maybe you don’t see such a significant difference on your skin tone but on a lighter skin tone (I’m very fair) it is very obvious that it’s significantly warmer (Too Faced Chocolate Soleil is much cooler on the skin). So I did expect it to be like the Too Faced one when I ordered it but in reality it is quite different and I cannot use it in the same way unfortunately. Also I find that when you use the blush and the highlighter together from this palette it results in a too shimmery look to the extent that I feel like it’s better to use only one of them but not two simultaneously. On the other hand, I suspect that with fair skin you just have to be more careful with this palette because things are just more obvious. Anyway, it seems to be a nice palette but I can’t get as much use out of it as I initially expected, so I’m a bit disappointed, because it could have been a great-great little product.

Randi MacDonald says:

Do you order the Sun Safety kit from Sephora?  Its available now, it always sells out.

Inner Beauty Shines says:

Thank you Emily for this Review. I was wondering how you would compare this to the Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette? I think I saw that you have one in one of your other Reviews ( We love your channel in my house! ) I really want to try both but my husband has asked me to curb the makeup spending, I can only choose one. I just cleaned out my Makeup Drawer which I haven’t done in years (I had no idea so much of my stuff was really expired) had to get rid of almost ALL of my Makeup. So, now I’m replenishing and he is cringing. Can you help with this please? Thank you!

bobo Smily says:

what is the difference between light and fair ?? i can’t seem find the difference in the blush colour, contouring and highlighter ? can u help plz

Aisling The Earthling says:

Does the bronzer get lighter with the fair kit? does anyone know…. I’m obviously really pale and deciding which one to buy.

Yan Anachi says:

I’m about to buy it coz everypne loves it & I’m a bit scared coz I’m getting the medium one coz I’m a bit yan.

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