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mccallkt says:

He does a great job packing a lot of information into a short and sweet review. I don’t understand why there are people being so critical every time! Take it for what it is. If you want more information on these products, go into a shop, and try the tester for yourself, and ask the sales person.

Caroline says:

My skin is kinda green so sounds good to me 🙂


It comes in two intensities – Intensity 1 and Intensity 2. Intensity 2 looks darker, but it’s got a better shade for contouring, I think, and the Tom Ford specialists will tell you that Intensity 2 is for cool skin tones (not necessarily dark skin tones) and Intensity 1 is for warm skin tones. I don’t know if any Australian retailers sell it, but you can order it internationally by phone from Neiman Marcus or Harrods, I think.

Lavandelover says:


Heba42287 says:

Few days back I got walnut coffee cream contour from Mac with the brush but don’t know how to use it. Can you do a tutorial please?!!!

Rebecca says:

One is for pale skin tones, and two is for darker skin tones… One looks so dark though!

TinyTippler says:

The deeper shade is quite green on camera and a bit of a gross color : ( I’d love to know how you rate this against the Ben Nye contour creams.

GlitterGoddess says:

pretty :

MsTheBow says:

No one here is being disrespectful. Its called communication. Its what adults do. I have faith that Wayne is able to take this suggestion and not feel hurt by it. We all watch Wayne and know how hard he works and what he gives to his viewers. If your looking for cyber bullying, this isn’t it.

Maria Maldonado says:

wha’ts your favorite countering product? you didn’t seem to like the kevin aucoin (which you deterred me from buying). i want a product that has both the highlighter and contouring product in one palate…what do you recommend? i am beige/fair also i dont like glitter in my highlight I want want it to be reflective and look natural something you can use every day. i appreciate your help! thanks!

MsDeeDesigns says:

Wayne, love these mini classes. My love of makeup has been renewed through your teachings!

MakeUpMLC says:

Hmmm.. Now you are just enabling my spending habits! LOL .. Thanks for the info – this girl loves her Tom Ford!! Did a recent video on a big haul I did in September! His make up is divine!

THEbutterflys420 says:

Do you like intensity two better for fair skin? My skin is similar to yours. Right now I use the MUFE contour kit in shade 2 and I LOVE it!! It is the bomb.

Ilona Rubešová says:

This is a great product, a pity it is wrong obtainable..

Shannon Jones says:

Tom Ford is just too expensive. Thanks Wayne.

Lisa Dugan says:

Thank u wayne

MakeUpMLC says:

Thanks for saving me the $. I was thinking about this product but wondering if the brown might not be ashy/gray enough…

Reecie Darling says:

I love this! I wish it wasn’t so expensive.

Nikole Ayala says:

I want!


FYI, the Shade & Illuminate palettes are SUPER creamy – you definitely have to set them with powder to keep them in place, and on oily skin they can be really slick and move around. If you use it, remember to use it with a LIGHT hand and to set with powder.

S Johnson says:

I wish I would spend my hard earned money on that expensive oily mess. And I love makeup…

Charlotte says:

thank you:)

h2ocrazy13 says:

What is your favorite cream contour?

sophie moore says:

could you do a review on more cream highlighters and contours?

cheryl mccarthy says:

Is it pricey?

Jennifer Ortiz says:

Have you tried the Senna version?

CremeInYourCoffee08 says:

@OonaAnanka he already did one

mariahpapaya1 says:

what do you think of MAC’s Sculpting Creme?

Aoife Byrne says:

hey! i’m nc15 and i got the intensity 1 and 2 be quiet honest with u i’ve used it twice! it cost me 70euro. i find it reli hard 2 use but im no makeup artist so maybe im doing it all wrong!!:(

PhillyGirl60 says:

The brown looks a little muddy to me.

pwincesshXxXtanz says:

thankyou, off to superdrugs.

liz kampe says:

i tossed mine; the white was greasy looking on my face and the brown just seemed way too dark — bought upon your first video  raving about this….

Indigo A O Byles says:

hey, would you suggest mac’s cream contour or Daniel sandler’s watercolour cream bronzer more?x


I have the product in Intensity Two – he also reviewed that one – and the shade seems much better suited. (:

Lea Ann Bishop says:

what are your favorite brushes?

EstrellaDivine09 says:

I need this!

Linni Snupp says:

I would give my right Hand for getting my Hands on this,still not possible =(

Sandie B says:

I’m not crazy about it. Too greasy looking.

hippiedippietrippy says:

can you do an updated favortie foundations video? i love seeing whats the best foundations!

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