Wet n Wild Color Icon Contouring Palette Review

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Featured Product:

Wet n Wild Contouring Palette
My shade: Caramel Toffee
(Also available in some Walmart stores- Dulce De Leche)

Wal-Mart’s website says “In Stores Only” – but here’s a link if you want to check it out-

Caramel Toffee:

Dulce De Leche:

Brushes used–
Real Techniques Buffing & Contour- http://bit.ly/17ZHL5X
Up & Up Blush Brush- http://bit.ly/1KBqktZ

Also mentioned– NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette Review/Tutorial:

What I’m Wearing:
Shirt- Old Navy
Earrings- Target
Foundation- Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm
Eyes- Pur Minerals Secret Crush Palette
Blush- Milani Rose Powder blush in Tea Rose
Lips- MAC Lipstick in Angel & Sonia Kashuk Velvety Matte Lip Crayon in Candy Nude

Disclaimer: This product was purchased by me. These are my own, honest opinions. Not a sponsored video- I have never accepted money from a company in exchange for a video.


Danielle Mazza says:

This is so funny to finally see someone doing a review on!! Ive had this in my kit and my collection since it came out n i absolutely love it!! Expecially the cool toned one!! I think its amazing…

Detective Ena says:

looks insanely similar to the marc jacobs!

Susana Zepeda says:

by cooltoned you mean pinky tones rather than yellowish tones?

Nelly says:

Emily you look so gorgeous in this video. The makeup is beautiful as always but something about all the pink is just so complementary with your coloring.

yandy tavares says:

Hi Emily I was wondering if you can review the L’ordeal la palette 1 and 2. I really want to buy them but I’m not sure yet.

Dawn Green says:

Hi Emily, Have  you  seen  the  new  color correctin pallet  from  Wet and Wild? I would  love to  see  a review  on it. Thank  you !

Melissa Caldwell says:

I am so glad you did a review on this product and liked it. I came across this h/c palette at walmart and decided to just give it a try. I LOVE IT! I use the contour more than the highlighter and have hit pan. I will definitely repurchase this if i can find it again. I have tried to use W&W bronzers as contour but they are just too orange on my skin. So glad you liked and demo-ed applying it. I love all of your videos and always check to see if you reviewed a product I want to buy before I purchase itexcept this one but still glad it got a favorable review from you.

Breann Day says:

it’s so cakey and patchy sucks.

MakeupbyMarissa says:

Gonna try this out

Zayra Lizzeth says:

I got mine like a week ago and I’ve been using it every single day! For now I choose it over my high end contour palettes

zoozoo T says:

Very useful and helpful and simple . Amazing 🙂 thank you . Do you have a video of nose contouring??? It looks veeeery natrual .

Taylor Spears says:

i have a great need…..

winendesertrose says:

PS who thinks these 2 Sade’s along with the banana color on the warmer one would be the perfect simple palette? Natural shadows in one’s face are usually cool too many warm shades are more a bronzer. Shimmer looks horrendous on the average woman once older and if you are pretty much wearing my during the daytime.

Amy Flamenco says:

could you do a video on how you spot clean you brushed and deep clean them? please and thank you

Kristine Tank says:

I actually was debating on wbicb to purchase. I actually went for the lighter of the two….which …i thought…was the cooler of the two?????….it doesnt swatch nice….but translates as the nicest contour powder….and the yellow powder is the bomb for under your eyes!!!

joannej_1974 Youtube says:

I’m also just hearing about this … does anyone know the total product Weight?

X0 alicia says:

I been wanting the Marc Jacobs contour powder #instamarc but it’s like 50$ I heard this wet n wild was a dupe but I would lovee if you could find a dupe for the Marc Jacobs I love your dupes girl ♡

baby spice says:

thanks for this video! i’m just starting out learning how to contour and this is a nice, easy natural look, just what im looking for

Rose Tandekar says:

I like your channel. Thanks for the reviews. I have the other contouring pallete it’s called dulce de leche it’s a much softer version of this one. I like the fact it’s lighter it gives me a hint of color but not overpowering on my face.

wirina holstein says:

I’ve watched about 12 youtube reviews now and no one – literally no one at all address the powdery, extremely dusty texture of this palette. Its almost to the point where I suspect its one of those products sent out to all the Youtubers for reviews. There tend to be an overflow of positive, similar sounding reviews whenever brands send out products free for reviews.

Snap-Shot-AHP says:

I have super pail skin so this works realy well for me. My wall mart just has the color u have I would love to get the warmer tone one. I have natual a warm skin tone.

OnceUponADime says:

That wet n wild contour palette is one of my FAVORITES!! I just listed it a one of my faves under five bucks 🙂 Thank you for all the great videos

Erin xOx says:

Thank you so much for this review!! I went to two different walmarts and found the dulce de leche!! I kind of want both now lol….I know you mentioned in older videos you didn’t like the fergie shimmer palletes but you need to try the new one “hollywood boulevard” it is so pigmented and pretty!!

Reyna Ramirez says:

if i have medium to dark skin. what color of blush would complement my skin color?

Norma Gutierrez says:

picked this up at walmart I LOVE IT. Its a perfect dupe for my marc jacobs instamarc contouring palette (shade #20 dream filter) except that one is 49$ and has a mirror, not only are the shades almost identical (the dream bronzer is a bit warmer) but the actual product in the pan looks exactly the same in shape and is almost the same amount to the T. needless to say I will be taking my instamarc back and exchanging it for the 40 mirage filter which has a cooler bronzer and a yellowy highlight(i use both of the lighter shades to set concealer and under eye brightner) that way I have I have a palette for when I am lighter in fall/winter the wet n wild and one for when I am tanner in the spring/ summer my instamarc. I must say even the texture is similar the instamarc is a tad more pigmented and creamier but for the price i really dont mind having to build my contour a bit or I just use a cream contour first. The shades are just beautiful on my light skin.

Cheena Blain says:

Her ears are adorable

candycanemonster691 says:

Do a colour pop review 🙂

Korine Smith says:

Love your review. I got it and I’m actually glad it doesn’t have a shimmer, because I just want something to give more defined cheek bones (I have a baby face ugh) and to reduce redness on my face.

Ashley Young says:

I JUST bought this product at Rite Aid today. Thank you for this video. I’m going to try it tomorrow.

Xilca Mae Gutierrez says:

which shade is that? 🙂

Julia Thomas says:

I love that Wet n Wild is not only repackaging, but also reformulating their product line. My only beef with this palette is that the lack of shimmer or brightness to the highlight kind of makes the concept of the palette mute. At that point you may as well grab a bronzer from your collection and utilize that rather than obtaining this palette.

VickiAnn Rickards says:

Emily, Thank you so much for the review. I have had mine for a couple of weeks now but I like that it just gives that little some thing with out going ‘ BAM ” if you know what I mean. I have a friend and I show her your videos and she is now watching you as much as I do which is almost everyday. Then some more than once. She has come along with our help. Thank you so much and keep up the good job.

DRmakeupgirl says:

I’ve found both shades at my Walmart. The lighter one is Dulce De Leche & the highlight powder ‘highlights’ much more on me than the Caramel one does. You’re right, the lighter powder works great for setting under the eyes. Since my skin tone is light I’ve been leery of using contour but with these I’m more confident. Both shades are selling very well at the Walmart where I shop. Are you still a spokes person for WnW? xoDebbie

Dominique Pena says:

the highlight was a miss 🙁 made my face look way powdery

Joyce Chitwood says:

I do get and read that blog. I love her. It’s a go to thing first thing in the morning. That is where I saw and was waiting on it to hit the stores. I don’t have a huge WNW display one is a little bigger than the other at the two Walmarts we do have and I grabbed it as soon as it was there I love it too. I even mailed one to a friend that couldn’t get it in her Walmart. I am waiting on the return exchange from her. Lol. It’s been several weeks that I have had mine. Thanks so much for tip about under setting too. I am so glad they came out with it. I did not and probably won’t be buying a big contour pallet from any brand. Seems like there r always shades that some ppl don’t use not right for every skin time. So I just buy what is good for my tone individually. I am all about the Drugstore. I love love a lot of the brands and really for what I need the products r phenomenal. I don’t work and don’t need makeup to stay hours and hours. Not that drugstore won’t do that. It’s just a great fit for me. I can get so much more for the price and have a lot more options. I really enjoy ur channels. I hear a lot of ppl mention u around the beauty world and so many ppl appreciate u and ur opinion. I hope u know how special u r. Thanks and love and Blessings.

Lindsey Bailes says:

does anyone else find the lighter tone to be a little too powdery?


i have that same one i mixed it with a lil water to make it less powdery and i love it just barely doing contouring and i like my results so far.

Tayzerfun says:

Yes! This is what I need to try! I feel totally nervous about contouring because I either can’t find a color that suits me, it’s way too shimmery looking, or I blend it out and it looks really muddy? Or it looks really drastic?  For $4-ish I’m going to have to hunt this down and try it! I need a “beginners” contouring product! 🙂 

winendesertrose says:

Thank you, I am looking for something simple and matte. Its a tie between this and the ELf one, dislike shimmer.

reeceicycle says:

Buyer beware – w&w changed the formula, and the caramel toffee is not cool toned any longer. I got it today and found out after purchasing. They changed the formula and color. 🙁 I need cool tone .. Back to the drawing board

Anastasia Ragazzia says:

Been watching for years and never commented; but you’re just beautiful. Your family is lovely and you just glow. Happy you stick to making videos love them all

Monica Guevara says:

whole time I’m sitting here like b is you gone use it or naw?

Reservechic says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing your review of this new contouring palette from Wet n Wild. My local Walmart just started selling this contouring palette. The only shade that I found it offered in is Caramel Toffee. I just picked up 2 of them today. I like the contour and highlight shades that do come in this palette. Also, I like that it retails for less than $4 each (which makes it super affordable), and that you get a lot of product for your money too.

Nish xo says:

It doesn’t work for woc. I have this pallet also I was so bummed about the color pay off

Lisa Maynard says:

I have some bad news everyone!!! I just found out today that Walmart has stopped carrying Wet n Wild products! I’m just SO upset over this & wanted you all to have a heads up 🙁

Crystal Cain says:

I am loving Wet n Wild more and more these days…and the price point ain’t too shabby either…LOL
Thanks for the great review Emily! xoxo

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