Victoria Randazzo says:

You look great in black!

usa US says:

you looked better before loosing so much weight. Don’t wanna sound bad, just my opinion, I don’t think you have to loose that much of weight

andreina Wilson says:

Now that you lost weight you look old

Türkçe Oryantal Gül says:

wow Wayne! you look amazing! =)

Ellen Silva says:

I missed your wink at the end.

Star Mac says:

Wayne, you forgot something….the wink. I’ll let you pass…this time;)

KJS1444 says:

Wayne you look hot! I love your videos thank you!

Notime says:

I need my wink!

High End Beauty says:

what camera are you using? and what lighting? i like it!

ChannelElen says:

I’m asking you girls,has Wayne ever tested Dermaroller? I’d like to try it but I ‘d like some opinions before sticking needles into my skin

Amber Myers says:

Wayne, my whole “look” is thanks to you. I’m using your one drop of oil tip in my foundation, rolling my powder on with a puff instead of a brush, and using your eyeshadow tutorials. I’m starting to get compliments on my makeup or just how I look! Thank you so much :). Love and kisses and a wink!

Ania Rosa says:

This palette looks same like Anastasia’s contouring palette

Ewe Raj says:

Love you !

Allyson Sixx says:

I think these are coming off too light on camera, 4 of the 6 look almost identical (white or close to it) and the darkest shade appears very orange. So it’s hard for me to give an accurate opinion of whether it peaks my interest or not. I’ll have to look at other photos online.

Freja Bruus says:

I’m pretty disappointed that you didn’t mention anything about how warm that “dark” colour is, and how it would NEVER look like a shadow, it would just be an orange streak on most people…

Natalie Ogden says:

Looking great Wayne (:

Mario Cardona says:

wayne u look amazing!

Sabrina Botelho says:

( had a hard time posting this on your other video)

Love you Wayne. You worked hard for your weight loss and look great. Some ppl are just awful. Sending you all my love. Please don’t let these ppl stop you for being you

emmaliveslife says:

Does anyone else put on a playlist of Wayne Goss to fall asleep to? So relaxing. He’s just one of those people who has an unintentional asmr affect.

Karolina R says:

your hair looks utterly amazing in this vid 🙂

ichi1957 says:

OMG Wayne, you are so thin!!! , I had not visited your channel in a while and you look good, how ever did you manage that? Looking good!

supkimmy says:

Just wanted to say thank you for teaching me so much. I wanna be a make up artist in the future and out of all the make up gurus I’ve watched, you’ve definitely helped me out the most. You give some amazing tips and I love how you talk about more than the current make up trends. Your tips and tricks are timeless.

kennedymeow says:

Love you, Wayne. You’re gorgeous. Block the meanies!

Erin McNally says:

He is extremely good looking but looks so much different than he does on his original channel.

Mariah-Nathalie says:

Thanks sweetie for this review and the best thing its CF yay! Sadly i dont think i would purchase this pallette the colors looks just “ok” and im not sure i would pull off any of these shades except from the darkest one and im not very dark but that fair shade is a big NO for me kisses to you all the way from Sweden xx

Sabana B says:

Hi Wayne, could you please review Make Up Revolution’s Ultra Contour Palette? Thank you! 🙂

colormegrape says:

You’re so lovely I can’t stand it! I’ve always thought that and always will!

Shawna Eardley says:

LOVE you in sweaters (jumpers). LOL Love you all the time, but you know…LOL You’re adorable. <3 Much love, Shawna

T S says:

So, I know I haven’t been watching as consistently as I used to watch, but where’s the wink?! I was waiting for it!

Jus'Sayin' says:

Thanks Wayne, for showing us something beautiful once again! Wish I could buy each and every one!!!!…..Your hair is absolutely gorgeous lately. Makes me wanna touch!!!!  Love you,   Lisa

BeautiifulMelody l says:

I haven’t watched you’re channel in a while and decided to get back into you’re videos and omg you’ve lost weight. You look so different I think it’s been about a year since I’ve watched any of your videos it’s crazy !

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