✰ An In-Depth Glossier Solution Review ✰ | Janna Tew

Hi Everyone!!!!!! Hope you’ve been doing great!!! I tested Glossier’s Solution for a lil over 5 weeks and these are my thoughts on it!

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Physical vs Chemical:


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lydia says:

Just a liiittle bit of a tip – the glossier sunscreen has citric acids in it, which can burn skin if it’s super sensitive, and also can make your skin more sensitive to sun rays, so proceed with caution I guess!

Putri Aprilia says:

luh the new intro gurl!

Sara Sandoy says:

When will it be possible to buy Glossier in Scandinavia? I’m dying to get my hands on some products :..((

Terra Adèle says:

you make acne look good. the backslicked hair really fits you, you look bomb!

Mackenzie Holder says:

I like how she’s an every day total and she’s stole my heart with her underarms

Nicole Bae says:

i so appreciate how in depth this video was!!! thank you sm!

gemini says:

honestly, finding out that you also deal with acne is so reassuring, most “aesthetic youtubers” or youtubers that review glossier products have naturally clear skin and so i can never really trust them but you showing us that you suffer with acne too and arent ashamed to say you ate dairy or have hormonal acne makes you one of my favourite youtubers and not just another seemingly perfect and controlled clear skinned youtuber thank you sm <3

maddieg says:

<333 cutest intros ever

MrsSHERlocked says:

So helpful wow!!!

Madison Clayton says:

I’m gonna be buzzing my hair this weekend, any tips? (not gonna lie, your buzz was part of my inspo to do it lol)

Lorena Vodniza says:

Gosh, i love your videos

Eileen Tas says:

ah yay i loved this b/c ive been looking into chemical exfoliants n i rly trust ur reviews! i recently bought the ordinarys aha/bha schtick so i wont be buying glossiers solution anytime soon but im 100% u w picking @ my hormonal acne to the point where i sensitive-d my skin which is what i learned a few days ago that im so abrasive w my skin that its normally normal n not technically sensitive but is now b/c of me picking so much @ it

Broadcast Neo says:

Yes no difference! Maybe do it when you change eating habit and all

Kaylee Macaroni says:

Anyone reading I wouldn’t use a Chemical exfoliant everyday (I don’t know if she mentioned how many times a week she was using it). Even though this one seems pretty gentle it’s just a good rule of thumb!

Elissa T. says:

I’ve been using it for two days so far.. I will give you guys updates!

Macarona says:

so glad to see you back on youtube janna!! how do i apply sunscreen (or spf products to protect my skin) to my face properly without breaking out?? i feel as though whenever i put sunscreen on my face i always end up with clogged pores and in turn start to break out 🙁 are there any products you love that you could share? x

Luminous Leisure says:

Automatic like when I see u in my Notifications!

Lizzie Anne says:

i love the new intro!!! your videos are so inspiring because they’re so well done while being accessible

S. H. says:

Yay! Glad to see you posting!

numb edits says:

youre so heart eyes uwu

Hannah Hancock says:

Where is that notebook from!!!!!?

Lizzie Anne says:

also what pen you using

HeinzDoofenshmirtz says:

ahhhh ive missed you Janna!!!
so glad to have you back <33

Eva R. says:

your short hair looks so good! how did you skip the awkward growing out stage?

Shirley Cauchi says:

As a 16 yr old girl using her mom’s account, I just wanted to say that your buzz cut and style have affected me and I’m now rocking it (I think) but tnx for being a huge inspiration to me 🙂

Bryan Digitol says:

I use a Japanese brand, Cure, that does the same thing but cost $40 damn doll hairs. Literally only use that on my face daily because I’m an oily city guy<3

Claire Kilpatrick says:

just letting you know, im using your link for my first purchase 🙂

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