20% Glycolic Acid Lotion – If you want to LOOK YOUNGER, you HAVE to EXFOLIATE!

If you want to have healthy, younger looking skin you HAVE to exfoliate!

Donell (The Science of Skin)
AHA 20 Body Tingle
Use Head to Toe for Softer Smoother Skin
20% Glycolic Acid

Face and Body

Link to Donell AHA 20 Body Tingle:

Link to Derma e Vitamin A Glycolic Toner:

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Rosanna King says:

Hi Jenifer, I just started using glycolic acid cream 10% along with a salysillic face wash and toner. How should I apply these items for its best effectiveness? I also started using retinol creams and was wondering in what order should I apply these ?

Jane Hibberd says:

being in the UK its not easy to purchase effective AHA or BHA. We cant even purchase mild carbamide peroxide here.. the laws are so strict. have to buy from USA

Carlie Holt says:

Can u use this and the bha &hahs under eye areas

Peggy best gotos says:

Just love the way you describe exactly what glycolic acid does and how it’s the smallest molecular AHA that can penetrate our skin and how effective when combined with Retinols and toner. And yes, for the eye area! 😛 Very informative! Another more terrific product I’ll be adding to my regiment. Thanks for letting tag along on your skin care journey, Jenifer! xo

lauren armitage says:

Can’t find how to get this into the uk??all the sites iv checked don’t ship to uk! Can’t get on eBay or amazon and on amazon com doesn’t ship to United Kingdom?? Do you know how I can get this or where? To the UK? I’m off to Florida next year could try get some then but don’t want to wait that long, thanx! Love your video so pretty!

Chrissy2blovely says:

What does this product smell like? Light or on the strong side. Chemical or floral smell?

Kare s says:

Will it help with uneven body skin tone and stretch marks ????

iloveromeo3 says:

Is there any less expensive options anyone can share? Anything even at 15 percent aha ok just want a better price. Thx.

Raquel Santiago says:

Hi Jennifer. Thanks for all your great advice. Can you tell me how often (how many days a month) do you use retin a, glycolic acid and salicylic acid? Thanks

Yubelkis Valerio says:

For how long do you leave the glycolic acid on?

Zaina Haddad says:

WHat do you think of retin-A? Do you think glycolic acid is better?

L T says:

Hi Jenifer, how long do you leave it on for?

Monique truthe says:

should i try if I’m in my early 20’s ?

Julie Lars says:

how do you alternate with the retin a?

Amanda Hough says:

Hi Jenifer, Ive just turned 45, and use the Paula’s choice AHA 10% weekly treatment and the 5% AHA daily smoothing treatment, do you think this is strong enough, I wonder if maybe the 20% might benefit me better, I have definitely noticed a reduction in my pores. I use the derma e toner since I saw you using it in one of your demos, I love it, on my second bottle, I can’t find it in Australia, but get it from iherb for a fab price. Your eyes are looking great too…..love Amanda xx

Linda Sanger says:

a konjac sponge does just as well and does not cost so much

Makeup Biz Tips by Jackie Ulmer says:

Thanks for this review. I had not heard of this product and will look for it. I just found dermae brand today at Ulta and bought one of their products to test!

Raquel Santiago says:

Also, what is the percentage of the salicylic acid you use and which product is it, please

ana reyes says:

Hi, if you show the process of putting on the glycolic acid would be helpful. I just buy it and I just tolerate for a few minutes. I’ m Spanish talking person sorry for my English. I love your videos!

Lisa The Beautician says:

Have you tried glytone exfoliating body lotion? It has 17.5 percent glycolic acid..I don’t feel the tingle with that product…maybe because it’s ph is 4

Julian Campbell says:

is it a prescription lotion

Christine Hensley says:

Thank you for this info. I just bought the toner that you have mentioned and am excited to try it.

Rachael Benson says:

What is the name of the product and where can I buy it?

Zaina Haddad says:

CAn you share your full weekly routine. How do you incorporate all 3 of these agressive products into your routine?

Phyllis T says:

Am curious if you have ever used Amlactin head to toe? I’m big on exfoliation and always have been and I’m in my 60’s. I tend to alternate between glycolic acid cosmetic lotion like yours and the Amlactin blend and use both top to toes. Been doing this for about 30 years! You should recommend that new users start with a 5% solution and work up. You can get a real burn stepping into 20% without working up to it ESPECIALLY if you are also using Retin-A. Most dermatologists would not recommend using all because of stripping. You are right about the acids working well…I use all of them myself but I spent a long time working up in strength and building strong collagen to support more aggressive exfoliation. Interestingly when I went off my skin regimen during chemo and just moisturized and did only mechanical exfoliation, things were not so perfect. Amazing how much your regimen resembles mine! You look fabulous.

Grace McCullough says:

It’s actually BHA’s not AHA’s that “clean” the pores out & in turn, reduce the look of the pore size. Beautypedia has a great article explaining the benefits of and differences chemical exfoliants.

lexuscarrington says:

Where do you get your Retina -a from?

miasmomma1 says:

Jenifer thank you for sharing! I’m thrilled I found your channel. I’m 42 years YOUNG lol and I too am doing everything I can to stay looking young and vibrant. You mentioned using SA. What brand do you use? Lastly, do you use the GA lotion once a week, twice? Thank you!

Farhiya Dalel says:

hi jenifer I get AHA moisture in instead lotion is that the same

Audrey Natalia says:

Is glycolic acid good for someone in her early 20s? If not then what would you recommend?

Melissa Laney says:

I purchased this product about 2 weeks ago and I am so amazed. So far I have only used in about twice a week on my elbows, hands and feet. My feet was to the point that I stopped getting pedicures and would not go out without wearing socks. It was so embarrassing. This body tingle works and works fast. If I had known it was going to work that good I would have definitely taken before and after photos. I have not used on my face but I will definitely never be without it. It was a life changer for me. Thanks for the review. Finally a product that is worth every penny

Terrie 67 says:

Jenifer. So do you just put it on at night and leave it on until you do your morning routine?

enenenene0989 says:

How do u use it with retin a? Do u use them on the same day? Do u use them each other day each ?

Jane Hibberd says:

can you do a tutorial on your eyebrows please

shaolin95 says:

I bought the derma e glycolic cleaner. Should I get the toner too? If so, how would that fit in my current products as I normally do the glycolic cleaner then Neutrogena serum then Neutrogena night from you other video.

Dawn Morningstar says:

How do you use the salicylic acid in your skin care?

Marlyn C says:

Thank you for another great video. loving your Arms, they look very toned!! as usual always looking flawless!! Thank you for sharing…

Jill Carlson says:

I’m assuming while using this on your body it’s pointless to self tan? I bought this and stopped tanning but I wish I could. What are your thoughts on this?

iloveromeo3 says:

So, instead of retin a, you use this? Do you have a video showing your exact routines? Im confused. Your skin looks great.

Robin Allgold says:

Wonderful video. Loved the saying at the end, so very true to be kind to everyone.

Jibriel Ali says:

Hey Jen,

How many times a week do you use this?

anon 007 says:

Hello there!! thank you for sharing! what would you recommend as a moisturizer to put on top of this? im assuming something with spf for sure. thanks in advance!

Sandra De Alba says:

Great video, what is the difference between glycolic acid and TCA?

Blanca mcintosh says:

what do you know about lactic acid and how aften can I use it and I would like to use my retin A 0.25 too. and I like this product that you are talking about

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