3 New K-Beauty Ways to Exfoliate

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After double cleansing, it’s important to exfoliate regularly for clear, glowing skin! Sarah and Christine give a tutorial on newest K-beauty technologies to erase away dead skin and reveal bright, new skin.

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ann l says:

You don’t need to buy all those scrubby products just get a scrubby pad or towel unless you want to pour a bunch of money into those products.

Kate says:

I thought they were using pringles to exfoliate cute video though

Millenium Falcore says:

those nails!!

Lulu Pushic says:

Do this work on skin that has sticky build up daily?

michelle maffia says:

So glad I found you guys! K-Beauty is definitely the leaders in technology, efficacy, innovation. New subbie!

Mashtxn Cakwe says:

Does this work well on oily skin ?

Sam Glow says:

which is the most gentle and affective exfoliator for dry sensitive skin? most granual exfoliants are too harsh and scratch me. I can use the Japanese version of “let the good times roll” from lush because its much softer but I cant buy it anywhere else or its far too harsh

Amira Masri says:

Hello Glow Recipe! Just wondering if you do international shipping?

lila sus says:

can i use a washcloth soaked in warm water?

SuperAdriana1207 says:

I wish you will have a different set up like in a beautiful bathroom. . and close video this will look beautiful. ..I want to hear the water and see all this God products in action.

Sofieokie says:

An awesome topic! I have always been scared of exfoliating

Bailey Kopp says:

How many times can you use the wish formula mesh pad? Is it a one time use or more? Thanks!

Michelle Yu says:

Doesn’t the puff accumulate bacteria worse than a towel, which is why you recommended the pat dry method?

Sue Shaleh says:

I guess that squishy sponge thing can only be used once?

elepop says:

I think a lot of people are fooled by peeling gels. The little residues formed by using a peeling gel are not dead skin cells. You need a microscope to actually see skin cells! It doesn’t mean they don’t exfoliate, most peeling gels have papaya extract or pineapple extract (which contains the enzymes necessary for exfoliation) or chemical exfoliants. But the residues are not skin cells.

Jessa Dayang says:

where i can buy that?

aufa joe says:

okay i love this

Nguyen Ngoc says:

What products are you recommend for acne and combination skin? Thanks

Vibranx says:

You guys have such professional setups and such, but you only have 8,000 subscribers? Impressive. XD

Aspirant Artist says:

can i use that silicone sponge every day?

M.Y.O. H. says:

You both look so great without any make-up on, because you have such great complextions. Korean skin care products have changed and improved my complexion, the complexions of my friends, and family members who have tried them as well. They’re wonderful! Lead the way, Korea!

Daphne Uyen says:

How many uses can you get out of one Wish Formula Squish & Bubble Mesh Mask? Are they a one time use product? Thank you so much for this videos too xoxo

Jane Tanu says:

Hi juat wondering if exfoliating toner is enough? or do we exfoliate and use toner like pixi? Thanks

Vanessa Moran says:

Hey Sarah, you look so young without makeup

Sofieokie says:

Can you guys do a video on kbeauty and makeup for dark skin?

harini rajasekar says:

hey guys !! Am Harini Rajasekar from India . Am a 21 year old female with medium fair skin and i get tanned easily and also i have white heads on my nose and upper chin are which are a bit stubborn. Can u recommend me ways to remove these and also please recommend me some products suitable for my sensitive skin . thank you in advance !!! have a beautiful day 🙂

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