AHA vs BHA exfoliants. Which one is right for you?

I started seeing a great improvement in my skin after using BHA exfoliant just for 1 week. My skin texture has improved, but the best thing is that the acne and blackheads reduced tremendously. I could even say that I have clear skin!!!

Everyone can benefit from daily use of a well formulated AHA (alpha hydroxy acid such as glycolic and lactic acids) or BHA (beta hydroxy acid, also known as salicylic acid) product. Each provides multiple benefits, including fighting signs of aging and breakouts!

Exfoliating Can Make You Look Instantly Younger.

How Do I Use an AHA or BHA Exfoliant?

You can apply an AHA or BHA product once or twice a day.
You can also apply either of these around the eye area but not on the eyelid or directly under the eye.
Apply the AHA or BHA product after your face is cleansed and after your toner has dried.
Once the AHA or BHA has been absorbed, you can apply any other product in your routine, such as moisturizer, serum, eye cream, sunscreen, and/or foundation.
If you’re using a topical prescription product such as Renova, other retinoids, or any of the topical prescription products for rosacea, apply the BHA or AHA first.

It is a must in your daily skin care routine.

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essentialessential.com says:

Good video, I learned a lot.

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Vincent Li says:

Subscribed 🙂

Rob Anderson says:

Happy Thanksgiving

Desi Doo says:

great video

By The Grace of Gabe says:

will BHA also help sun damage?

madhu thute says:

how do your eyelids look so white. any tips please

Gabbie Prado says:


lilian mourad says:

I have oily prone acne skin so is there any exfoliator would you recommend for me to use

courtnie johnson says:

Hello how can I order the products you use on your skin? What products can I use to increase the collagen under my eyes? I have real bad bags and uneven skin and skin tone.

Aleena H says:

Hello, I suffer from a lot of KP all over my body and I am thinking of purchasing a BHA exfoliate for my body; however I cannot find one. Also is it okay to use a BHA exfoliater and an AHA body lotion after?

Ramona Onisii says:

You didn’t mention an important thing: sunscreen! After using any exfoliant, the skin is sensible to uv rays and may get sun burns, freckles.

Gabbie Prado says:


Claudia Robbins says:

Growing up, I dealt with moderate to severe acne. Most acne products push BHA, but it always irritated my skin and made it worse. I spent a long time trying to figure out what I could use to help my skin and about a year ago, started using AHA. AHA has been a thousand times better on my skin, its more hydrating and not at all painful like BHA was. Even now, I found this video helpful because I am alergic to aspirin and never knew there was a connection between aspirin and BHA. Its good to know now why whats supposed to work the best for acne, made mine worse. Thank You!

fadiaz aziz says:

What would happen if we do stop using bha or aha? Is there any side effect?

TheKanunia says:

Is it safe for people with capillary skin type to use aha and bha products?

Annisa Adiba says:

this actually help me a lot!!!!!! got a new subscriber from indonesia!!!

JeanCarlos Martinsen says:

what about acne scars?
which works best for that?

Njoud ii says:

your hair is beautiful

Rob Anderson says:

thanks very helpful for my skin

madhu thute says:

may I know the name of the product once again

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