AHAs vs BHA | Get Better Skin with Chemical Exfoliation

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Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Extra Strength – http://bit.ly/1FuTybD
Algenist Pi Phase Peel – http://bit.ly/1HtzFkW
Sunday Riley Good Genes – http://bit.ly/1IX7tFa
Obagi Toner – http://bit.ly/1T1soup
Sunday Riley Juno Oil – http://bit.ly/1G84tHP
Sunday Riley Luna Oil – http://bit.ly/1KPdWGA
Sunday Riley Flora Oil – http://bit.ly/1I0H6vC
Belif True Cream Moisture Bomb – http://bit.ly/1KNhghU
Fresh Seaberry Oil – http://seph.me/19PL7JF

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Sondra Bloxam says:

Even though you have dry skin, do you use a BHA if you have a breakout instead of an AHA? Can you used both a BHA and an AHA in the same skincare routine?

Kendra Morgan says:

Don’t forget, the 0-14 pH is aqueous!!! You can have a “solution” that is non aqueous and it’s pH may exceed the pH (i.e. Bases in alcohols)

Rachel Ong says:

Hi Stephanie! Your video is really useful, because I’m actually considering whether to have AHA chemical peel from my dermatologist. Guess I should give it a try, then go for the Dr Dennis’ peels you recommended. 🙂

Saglara Ivanova says:

Can I use my pixie glow tonic before I put my TLC DE serum? Or it’s too much? I actually did that and it didn’t irritate my skin or anything. I just wonder if it’s not bad thing to do to your skin

Sydney Herzog says:

What do you think about Mario Badescu products? Insanely curious.

Capture Madrid says:

you are my skin twin so glad I found you!!

Anousha 1 says:

I was using the extra strength dr gross peels but my dermo said to stop. Said was too harsh. I had the same thing as you, v dry and red chin and flaky top lip. Now I get microderm and hydrate but I have combo skin

Sarahh Cook says:

ATTENTION: are you able to use both aha and bha? not at the same time but alternate use?

Christine Cormier says:

Do you have a salicylic acid body wash and AHA/BAH cream you would recommend for “chicken skin” suffers?

Marc Schwarz says:

What do you think about the cetaphil products? Id luv to know because your reviews are so good and educated.

The Amateur Esthetician says:

Wow. Just found this video and am so impressed by your knowledge and the ease at which you explain a complicated subject. I now know what I will be doing today – binging on all your videos!

SpiritsOfTheNight says:

How do you learn this stuff?

Kathy Byrne says:

I use retin-a almost every night, but take a break once a week. I really like the Sunday Riley Good Genes lactic acid. I have combination/oily skin. So, my question is…for PM, can I use lactic acid with retin-a, a vitamin C oil, and follow with, either Sunday Riley’ vitamin C.E.O. Protect + Repair Moisturizing or a regular good moisture instead?

Jessica M says:

I just started using Paula’s choice. Any tips or recommendations????

sophie m says:

loved this video, so clear and in depth. thank you. You have a new subscriber.

Jaimie Nunn says:

Steph I have a major question/concern and a minor one. First off have you ever tried the korres vitamin c rose oil and what do you think, I love it personally. And for the concern, I have acne prone skin since I stopped birth control and I have been researching what causes it. I know you said it’s when the hair follicle gets infected but I’ve also read that it’s because dead skin cells and debris left on the skin clog the pores. When you chemically exfoliate, if all those dead skin cells are being eaten away and then you just put an oil/moisturizer over top to seal everything in, aren’t those dead skin cells just sitting on your skin overnight and being sealed in? Or is washing your face in the morning the time it would be ideal to remove those? And if so, shouldn’t you use a mildly exfoliating facewash to remove all those dead skin cells? Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!! -Jaimie

Tales Of Glow says:

your look hair + makeup looks so awesome here Stephanie. Thanks for this amazing video!

mary k says:

U looked good with a tan!

ha yi says:

I have so much respect for you! thank you so much for being educated!

Christyn Cochran says:

Two Questions: Do you use these peels every night? Where did you have the Perfect Peel Done? It appears their website is down and I am unable to find a provider locate tool.

Alexandra Marks says:

I’d your allergic to dairy should you avoid lactic acid (and good genes?) ???

Kendra Morgan says:

I love your analysis of products. I have my bachelors of Science in Chemistry so I can really appreciate this!!!

gabriela vicuna says:

Your a fountain of information!! ❤️❤️❤️

Ira Yeung says:

what about mandelic acid and azelaic acid? I have rosacea. Would they be better exfoliants for rosaceans? Thanks! 🙂

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