BHA skin care product review| Dr Dray

ZapZyT Acne wash
Cerave SA cleanser
La Roche Posay effaclar
Neutrogena oil free acne wash
MD Complete Clarifying Cleanser
CosRX BHA power liquid

Vanicream lite lotion
Cerave PM
Neutrogena oil free
La Roche Posay Toeleriane Riche
Differin balancing moisturizer
Eucerin Redness Relief
Cetaphil redness relief

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La Roche Posay antihelios mineral
MDSolar Sciences Mineral Tinted
Cetaphil redness relieving
MyChelle SunShield Liquid tint
Solbar zinc SPF 38
Eucerin daily protection
EltaMD UV Clear
EltaMD UV Sport
EltaMD UV Physical
Murad City Skin SPF50
La Roche Posay
Cerave AM
Cerave baby
Eucerin Daily Protection
Avene Very High Protection SPF50 (UK)
Differin SPF30
Neutrogena sheer zinc
Aveeno natural protection
Hamilton Active Family SPF (AU)
Bioderma Photoderm Max (UK)
Coppertone sensitive skin

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Miche09 V says:

Dr. Dray, so I would need to use a regular all over face wash first then the SA wash after to acne/oily areas only?

Alex r. says:

I use the ordinary 2 percent bha

Olga Supranovich says:

Dr Dray, isn’t cleanser’s pH too high for the salicylic acid to work as an exfoliator?

Aysima Beril Baydar says:

Can someone explain why use BHA cleanser but not leave on kinda cream?

Nina Graci says:

Can you help this confused convert? I’d like to use up the BHA lotions I have (that I used to apply before moisturizing), but don’t know when to apply them in your cleansing/moisturizing process. The same goes for retinol I’m trying to use up. Should I not leave them on overnight? Many thanks!!!

Cassandra Elizondo says:

Have you reviewed Paula’s choice products?

Sharon Wiest says:

Dr. Dray is it true bha’s have to be a certain ph to be effective?


The cerave salicylic acid wash has been a lifesaver! Been using it for almost 2 years and its helped clear acne on m y sensitive skin! (followed my a no-fragrance cerave moisturizer! 😉 )

TOM Patterson says:

Have you found bha is a better choice than benzoyl peroxide after retin a to control moderate acne

MadamMorgan says:

Hi. Another great skincare tutorial. Thanks so much for the recommendations. I’ll pick up the ZapZyT Acne Wash and the La Roche Posay Effaclar this week. Have a great week 😀

Miriahm Garcia says:

What about clean and clear products??

forashi says:

hi, could someone pls point me to the video where dr dray speaks about the Differin balancing moisturizer. Thank u:)

Mira Parker says:

Just to let you know, the Cosrx AHA/BHA does not contain enough of either to be exfoliating. It has 0.1% BHA and 0.1% AHA…. per their label and very misleading IMO. It does have willow bark water and apple water though and is around PH 3.5 which may explain the irritation?

The regular BHA as well as their BHA products do contain enough tho! Their BHA is 4% betaine salicylate and the AHA is 8% glycolic I believe.

Josefin says:

Hi! I’m super confused about something and I hope for your opinion or knowledge on this matter because it seems to be a big thing in the skincare world: a lot of people are saying you need some wait time between applying products with ph dependent active ingredients such as acids, vitamin c, niacinamide, retinols etc. They say you should wait about 30 minutes after you’ve applied for example salicylic acid before you layer another product on, because that’s about how long it takes for your skin to go back to its natural ph by itself, and if you apply maybe a moisturizer or a serum directly after the BHA you change the ph in your skin too soon and the BHA won’t work optimal. Are there any truth in this?
Thank you for all your skincare advice, I love it!

ushta hataria says:

what is your opinion on the Dr. Murad clarifying cleanser (acne) with 1.5% salicylic acid.

clare prv says:

What do you think about svr products?

Jack Crossley says:

I just gave the Neutrogena wash a go, and it stung ever so slightly on the apples of my cheeks. Does this mean that I should find another treatment?

Maison David says:

Hi Dr. Dray.
Do you still use a salicylic facewash everyday?
Morning and evening?
Or should you just limit to once per day? Thinking it might be drying?
Hope you can help.

Natalie Noelle says:

You’re so knowledgeable, Dr. Dray! My skin has improved significantly since watching your vlogs. Love them! I don’t trust any skincare gurus on YouTube now, lol. Also, you’re going to save me a lot of money as I have a history of being a skincare junkie.

I just wish Canadian drugstores sold more fragrance free SA cleansers. The first 3 products you mentioned aren’t sold anywhere in Canada. Argh…
Anyway, thanks for all your tips!

Wafa Hussain says:

If I decide to use a salicylic acid facewash 2-3 times a week for congestion along with a gentle facewash like Vani Cream, would I have to use salicylic acid DAY AND NIGHT those 2-3 days?

Rachel says:

Hi Dr Dray – can the microbeads in zapzyt irritate the skin? Like are they big enough that u feel them? Just love your videos btw!

Jeanne Browne says:

Very addicting watching your videos! Your so informative and thank you for all your videos . Truly enjoying them! Question on zapzyt .. which I love and is the only Salicylic acid wash I can use it being so gentle. No problems! But u say you can’t use them the same time as Retin-A? I have used a few times and haven’t been irritated.. is that wrong to do? I hope I’m not doing damage ! I just feel the zapzyt is so gentle even more than an actual gentle facewash I have used. Thanks for all you do !

Khal Douge says:

I’m using the Every Man Jack Skin Clearing Face Wash Salicylic Acid Treament. It’s marketed for men but I think anybody can use it. It’s cheap ( 5.0 FL oz) ,fragrance-free, Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO and has 2.0% Salicylic Acid.

potatomojito says:

Do you think Stridex is good? It seems to be a timeless product. I deal with Malassezia and its the only BHA product that doesnt use Polysorbate 20 to stabilize salicylic acid. What do you think about it? Thank you!

Katrina says:

Has there been any studies on whether or not dyes are harmful for the skin?? I try not to use products with dyes in them, is this a real concern? Also you have enlightened me in so many ways, and brightened my days thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and parts of your life with us!!! ❤️

Beaute Niche says:

I like Proactiv Clarifying 2% Salicylic acid. Its a leave on n its excellent for acne n rough skin n it is good exfoliant n makes skin soft n smooth.

S AN says:

thank you for the info <3

KweenLatifa87 says:

Can someone please help? I’m really confused…overwhelmed with where to start! I’ve been getting a few pimples that have spread..should I start using benzoyl peroxide as a spot treatment? After moisturizing? I use the wet face technique when applying a moisturizer:) I’m 30, have a basic skincare routine, I do have olive skin…so usually pimples leave a red/brownish mark afterwards, I do use SPF. TIA

DrNik says:

The Neutrogena Acne Wash irritated my skin, and my skin isn’t normally very sensitive. About to try the Cosrx salicylic face wash.

love jay says:

I’m noticing that I’m getting clogged pores little tiny under the skin bumps can the zapzyt help with that? And will it make you purge like break out? Thanks for sharing! GOD BLESS.

James says:

Is using the ZapZyt Salicylic acid face wash every morning and night for long term ok for the skin and safe, or will it damage the skin barrier too much and cause aging??

cherriebelle dolores says:

Do you have any recommendation bha in japan

Chelsea MacDonald says:

I converted to your routine minus the BHA and retinoids and had amazing improvements with acne, dryness, rosacea and skin texture. I don’t even need foundation anymore. Thank you! The only issue was that I had blackheads. I started using a BHA cleanser (the Neutrogena) to alleviate this and immediately had total face peeling. Is this just the BHA, or is it plausible I’m also having a reaction to fragrance (which has been an irritant for me in the past)?

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