Boscia Exfoliating Peel Gel Review & Demo // NEW Product Review

Thanks to Jaclyn Hill, I just HAD to try Boscia’s NEW Exfoliating Peel Gel! In this video, I share with you my thoughts about this chemical and physical exfoliant.

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tomojo333 says:

Oh I thought I was the only one, yep it takes for ever… and annoys me but in the other hand it does what is promise and is great at that. Maybe there is a trick to rinse it? We are just nor aware of it.

Girl Interrupted says:

What if that’s not dry skin but product that has changed into a grainy texture in order to buff the skin?

Sam Weezer says:

Hi! I like your video – very informative. I have this product too. I will try what you said about using it on a totally dry face, as in, not having just washed the face and towel dried it off. Because so far, it sticks to my cheeks so badly afterwards and I have to take my fingernails to scrape it off, which can’t be good for my skin.

siwueofk says:

You look like Allison Williams!!

Yvonne Sun says:

I didn’t find it hard to rinse off at all! After washing my face or before. It was recommended to me by a lady at sephora. When I got home I took a video demonstrating it on my hand to show my mom. It was so light and soft I just brushed off the flakey balls with my fingers after and didn’t even bother rinsing. When I used it on my face I did find it hard to cover my entire face but it was same light and soft feeling and rinsing off was much easier. Does it only stick when your face is wet to begin with?

Elizabeth Tucker says:

Try purity to get it off!

Kate creates says:

I’ve used it twice and I like it. You have to immediately moisturize though. I wanted to hear more about other people who’ve used it longer. It helps my oily and dry mix face

Orchid Ma says:

I am 47 and use this all the time. Use it on dry skin that is clean, then take a face cloth to wipe off…even if you have to wash it off again, do so. I use totally gentle cleansers, this works beautifully!!

Evelyn Addison says:

If it’s called a peel then aren’t you supposed to peel it off? That could be why it’s so difficult rinsing

Demitria Maldonado says:

I hate this stuff it doesn’t peel off when you rinse it well it stays in your tiny hairs on your cheeks

Jess Jess says:

I’m addicted ! I love it my skin feels nice clean soft less textured. It’s amazing

naila hashmi says:

I saw on other reviews that you can use a cleanser after your done to remove the balls of dead skin

Bailey Rochester says:

I just ordered this off Sephora about two hours ago along with a gift set of all of the new Laneige Sleeping Lip Masks and Boscia’s Good Clean Skin gift set that had their makeup breakup cleansing oil, cactus water moisturizer and their matcha face mask and im soooo freaking excited to use it. I never spend a ton of money on skincare but i treated myself today and i feel great and i cant wait for it to arrive!! 🙂

Em Nac says:

I take a dry and clean hand towel and wipe the product off of my face when I’m done using it. I find it takes the peel/dead skin off of your face quite easily if you would like to exfoliate after your shower!

Ava Elizabeth says:

UPDATE: After posting this video and talking to some lovely people in the comments, I learned that I should NOT use it after showering or washing my face (even if I think my face is dry). This seemed to solve the issue I had with not being able to rinse it off. Therefore, I can really only use this product on days I don’t wear makeup if I want to easily rinse it off. This is not an issue for me because I want to exfoliate only once a week and I don’t wear makeup at least once a week. However, I can see how this could be an issue for some people. Hope that helped! xoxo

M Zh says:

It’s not your dead skin, it’s a chemicals transformed

deyo james says:

I used mine today after abandoning it for months, my skin felt soo smooth

Dima b says:

Boscia the best and so natural I got the Boscia skin it

Jess Jess says:

I don’t find it hard to wash off.

Vanessa Davis says:

I feel like this product is a scam? How do I know it’s really peeling my face. I put some on my counter and rub it in and it literally did the same thing it does on your face, i feel like it’s just the way the gel was made and it’s not even taking any skin off, my counter doesn’t have dead skin but it came up just like it would on skin

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