Chemical Exfoliants – I’m Not An Expert But These I Love

Pixi Glow Tonic –
Botanics All Bright Cleansing Toner –
Alpha-H Liquid Gold –
Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean –

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Hannah-Louise Hannah says:

Oops.. Serums/oils and a good moisturier. I was wondering if you could help me or do a video tailored to oily skin as you have it too 🙂 Thanks X

Amber Rose Theron says:

I don’t know if you’ve already done this but would love to see your skin care routine… Especially a budget one using products like botanics etc xx

MissBudgetBeauty says:

yes!!! I was sitting there at the end thinking there was something I wanted to say and that was it.. more susceptible to sun damage.. I will have to do a follow up because that’s definitely true!

hmm101alot says:

you should moisturise after a toner/e toner. but alpha h is different, no toner after that miss b b said

MissBudgetBeauty says:

I’ve had that on my list for a while.. will buy soon

bobbie2717 says:

Do you moisturise after you use these ?

kimberly Carrera says:


MissBudgetBeauty says:

thank you! I’m not the worlds best reviewer because I really am not an expert.. all I can tell you is how I feel about something and hopefully make it interesting for those who want to watch x

kimberly Carrera says:

Yes looking for new skin care regimen for removing dead skin, and anti aging serums, any u recommend?

Christoph Powers says:

“glycol” in the soap and glory face wash are preservatives… GYCOLIC ACID**** is an exfoliant. Glycol is not.

Denise Smith says:

I have peaches and clean in the cupboard, wasn’t iressed as a cleaner but I’ll try this for a few mins and see! X

Hazel Jones says:

Loving your jumper! Lovely and cosy looking. Where did you get it? X

Leanne F says:

Hi Khila. Could you do a video about best drugstore dupes for higher end brands, in the interest of budget beauty? Maybe top 5 or 10?

angelfoodcake1979 says:

HI, thanks so much for your answer. I think you are right, I’ll avoid that so. I kept going with the Alpha H for about two weeks after I noticed the bumps but they never went away. How long did it take you to get rid of them? I might just stick to the Peaches … or stick to conventional exfoliators altogether 😉 Love your videos! x

Urvashi Tolani says:

can I use it as a face wash? I have a oily/combo and acne prone skin

Carolann Williamson says:

i tried peaches n clean after u recommended it a while ago n my face went scarelet but now 2nd bottle in (a little goes a long way) i love it n i dont go red anymore but im lookig forward to trying balms for the face so look forward to see wot ones u like x

Izbee says:

Holy crap, that’s your real life skin?! Guuuuuuurl, you’ve become my new skinspiration!

Diana Tuttle says:

Where did you get such a big bottle?

Rachel Hannon says:

Cannot believe you’re not wearing make up! Your skin looks amazing! I love Peaches and Clean so must try out the Botanics toner! Great video!

MissBudgetBeauty says:

I was 24 I think when I started making YouTube videos and at that time I had foundation but I didn’t consider it a staple.. I definitely wear more makeup because of beauty blogs etc.. I’m not sure how long I could have gone without NEEDING it every day otherwise

Meesha Patel says:

I loved this video! So helpful! Im a massive fan of the all bright collection, and if you’re interested in trying some more products I would really recommend the night cream, its over taken my liz earle by a mile! Its nice and hydrating and makes your skin look great the next morning. I wouldnt recommend the day cream however, not nice stuff at all. I know you cleanse your face in the bath (damn that sounds creepy) but the eye makeup remover is also great, good dupe for the clarins/lancome one!

shannon louise says:

OXYGINSENG™ TECHNOLOGY – an amazingly effective, organic complex that helps increase circulation and cell respiration (which then turns up blood supply and toxin removal), and also speeds oxygen and nutrient delivery to fight aging and re-energise skin
• PEACH & GOJUICE™ (peach and goji berry extracts) – rich in antioxidants and vitamins A & C
• QUILLAJA BARK – a Chilean soap bark tree-derived natural cleansing agent.


MissBudgetBeauty says:

thank you!

BrunetteBeauty says:

Thank u for a fab, interesting, informative and honest video! Xx

Kate Pixie says:

I know that you’ve switched your skincare to be in line with the Caroline Hirons approach, but can I just say that even though she says no foaming cleansers etc.. it doesn’t necessarily mean that her info is 100% right for everyone. I’d much prefer it if you based your skincare on what you like doing. So many beauty gurus now swear by the Caroline Hirons approach – but some of her recs would break me out, and washcloths cause irritation for me. It’s boring everyone saying the same thing.

MissBudgetBeauty says:

thats how I feel about mine as well lol.. yes I’ll do an updated one soon, next month probably

Tania Gale says:

Do you know anything about salicylic acid when pregnant? I am 11 weeks, and I am having breakouts left right and centre since I got pregnant, and they say you shouldn’t use it while pregnant. Have you ever used it while pregnant? I am kinda scared to. I use the pimple creams with it in it, but I am afraid to use anything else!

Steph Woodbine says:

Your skin looks beaut you don’t need foundation.. 🙂 I’ve stopped wearing it recently and found a massive difference in my skin! I use the botanics toner and botanics balm cleanser I saw them both on your channel and I love them.. They have done wonders for my skin! Love you videos 🙂

Stacey-Nicole' Fabiani says:

I’ve been using the botanics toner and currently going thru my spotty phase. If it wasn’t for u talking about ‘bringing the impurities to the surface to get rid’ is have stopped using it…perseverance is the key!!

Lookinginmymirror says:

Don’t know if you have tried this or heard anything about it but I’d be really interested to see a review on the Superdrug Naturally Radiant Renewal Face Mask as this contains fruit acids and is currently only £2.48. x

Angela Beckett says:

What do you have on your lips? It’s gorgeous! X

Rhanna Russell says:

If you have alcohol in a toner, when you put it on it when it exvaporates to reduce your pores 🙂

MissBudgetBeauty says:

yes!! you get that tingle but like I said.. that’s not going to be for everyone. I will try the oil, thanks! x

Jess Bentley says:

I have this.. really nice xoxo

Debbie Sparrow says:

L’Aveu’s Facial Exfoliating Gel is the best!!!  I;m 60 and have tried everything…

Hannah-Louise Hannah says:

I’m also looking update my skincare routine. I wanted to add serim

nicola murray says:

If you like the tingly feeling try the hot cloth cleanser from sanctuary it really tingles and leaves your face pink. Deep down clean but not for sensitive skin!

MissBudgetBeauty says:

haha well if you do tweet me it so I can read lol

lipslikemorphine says:

You look absolutely gorgeous in this video!

thegirlinspired says:

Wow I would not have guessed you weren’t wearing any foundation, your skin looks amazing!! I really need to pick up some products that will help smooth and plump my skin. Do you use any moisturiser?

Hannah-Louise Hannah says:

Can you do a more updated skincare routine? I’m amazed at your skin, its gorgeous! I have oily skin which is annoying but at least my skin won’t age as fast 🙂 (im 22) X

MissBudgetBeauty says:

Yes I still have MUA to do I think.. I’m losing track but I’ll put them on my list

MissBudgetBeauty says:

next last year I’m afraid

laurensmakeup says:

I know these comments get so annoying and I promise I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t have to but I just want to put my channel out there!
I started it a few months ago and i’m slowly getting there with it! I don’t have a big fancy camera but i’m saving up and i’m getting there!
But i’m Lauren and I make beauty videos, I upload every other day and I love making videos! It would mean sooooo much if you could subscribe! Thank you if you took the time to read this.<3

Claire McQueen says:

I couldnt get the soap and glory one booooohooo. So i got the botanics one today 🙂

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