Exfoliating: Chemical VS Physical Exfoliators, The Differences + Whats Best For You

Chemical and Physical Exfoliators, what are they, what is the difference between them, and what is best? This video breaks it all down for your skincare routine and skin type!! http://bit.ly/1zxtZ0Q Hit the Bell Button for new videos on acne, beauty, diet, skin care, and passionate living http://bit.ly/1zxtZ0Q

I am thinking of having some meet and greets in December! Post a comment and tell me if you would go or not, if it happened to be close to you!??!
▷ Products Mentioned:
Chemical Exfoliant: Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel (Full Strength) http://amzn.to/2A8e2dk
Physical Exfoliant: Zue Beauty Quinoa Exfoliator : http://bit.ly/2xOKRvf
Skin Yoga Green Tea Acne Face Mask (Mild Physical Exfoliant) http://amzn.to/2hybzxJ
Skinfix Renewing Cream For Bumps + KP (Moisturizer + Hydrating Chemical Exfoliator) http://amzn.to/2hBx54N

▷ Thought Of The Day:
Ah, fall. Foliage, pumpkin spice and being late to work every day because you spent 7 minutes figuring out if the tights are black or navy.
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You are beYoutiful inside and out; I love you!


Vanessa I says:

I would love to meet you! If youre from the bay area (i am too), id like for you to do something around the east bay! 🙂

corsican lulu says:

i use lactic acid from sauerkraut as an exfoliator, or oatmeal or baking soda. also clairisonic. but dont over-exfoliate because it will inflame skin and cause more acne

greenaisles says:

What do you think about using Apple cider vinegar for chemical exfoliating?

nabeela banu says:

Please help with scarring ☹️

Akhila Gonella says:

Love your videos!!! totally not related to acne but do you think Keratosis Pilaris can be fixed with a vegan anti inflammatory diet?! Thanks Love you <3

Sof. G says:

amazing vide0 Cassandra love you!

Miranda MacLeod says:

I just wanted to say I really like the direction you have taken your channel. The past few years I would on and off check out your channel to see what you were up too, and how you acne was doing. But I never stayed because the products promoted were not the type of things I would purchase, I am definitely about that “natural” product life. It is also great how much lifestyle content you have been uploading, you are definitely radiating and promoting beauty from all different aspects.

I think a lot of people might be initially put off by the way you have changed your channel and lifestyle, but hopefully they come around, because you are so headed in the right direction. Keep it up! 🙂

Rodrigo Li says:

Why you don’t use clarisonic anymore?!

Leigh Hadlow says:

Hi Cassandra. Love your videos! Ive learnt alot. I have been using this brand for maybe 3 weeks now, and seen a big change in my acne. Ive tried so much in my life. Ever heard of this brand? What do you think? https://www.enessa.com/skin-concern/acne/acne-skin-care-kit.html#.WFtjGfkrKM8
Its very natural, so a big plus in that respect.

Alexa M. says:

Have you ever used a derma roller ? I wanted to know ur thoughts on it

Claire Simoneaux says:

Are chemical peels ok to use if someone has pimples? Would the chemical be too harsh?

Andria Lowery says:

Would you recommend agave or Manuka honey instead of a peel? I know they each have exfoliating properties in them because my skin is really sensitive. Xo❤️

Jessica M says:

We need to name that squirrel!! Our new mascot!
P.S. Great advice as always.

BananaSplitz4ever says:

You should make a video all about retin-A / tretinion! It would be so helpful to hear yours opinions since I know it’s one of the first things dermatologists prescribe to their patients!

Reem Ali says:

Can you make a video about studying dermatology? Are you studying in med school or is it just a dermatology course?

sara nassrian says:

What do u know/ think of BAKING SODA for exfoliating!!!! Cassandra let us know PLEASE
Lots of love, Sara ❣❣❣❣❣

Lea Beaumont says:

How often do you recommend exfoliating with a chemical exfoliator?

Jenan Makki says:

what are your thoughts on chemical peels getting done professionally? i’ve been looking into getting the vi peel done to get rid of my scarring, but i’d love to hear your thoughts on it and if you recommend it!

svg says:

What do you think of the skincare products from paula’s choice?

DominosAndHearts says:

I use bioderma sebium range for my acne and my skins never been better! I know I go on about it a lot but I’ve had acne since I was 9 so after nearly 20 years of not being able to clear it, finding a range of products that help, is amazing. I’m nearly 27 so yea its been embarrassing to have adult acne (which is actually how I come across your channel-searching for acne coverage foundation routines and skincare for acne prone skin!

nebraskacutie96 says:

Ok but why are u filming outside lol like ya could be filmed this inside and done some close ups and yeaaah

liberty mom says:

Great personality and thanks for the tips!

Feliam s says:

I love these outdoor videos you have

Sarah Beck says:

great content!!

Jeniffer Navarro says:

Is mandelic acid an AHA or BHA? how do you like mandelic acid?

Alejandra Carolina says:

As always soooo informative thank you❤️

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