Exfoliating with Cocoons?! Review & Demo

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graymomma says:

I bought these at daiso but never used them before so thank you now I’m going to use them.

amy g says:

I just happened to come across them on aliexpress and I had a feeling that I could find something on youtube about them lol. I didn’t know they were REAL though!! eek!! Here is a link if anyone wants them (the memebox one wasn’t working) but only .42 on aliexpress…I figured, what the heck? http://www.aliexpress.com/item/10pcs-lot-HOT-Natural-silkworm-cocoons-ball-face-care-facial-cleanser-exfoliating-scrub-blackhead-remover-peel/32617102356.html?spm=2114.10010108.1000014.5.UPId7g&scm=1007.13338.33346.0&pvid=02f1044d-e67b-4032-8567-a4843b95a168&tpp=1

Sun Seeker says:

I found a seller online that sells them 200 pieces for $7.95 on Aliexpress but I am kind of nervous about it…I am one who exfoliates daily so I might enjoy these..what was the result with long term use?

Abby J says:

Your makeup looks flawless! ✨ What foundation were you wearing in this video?

zigg3 says:

good video

misaki covington says:

Great review

Jeanie Webb says:

Can you do a video on your all time favorite Korean products plz. Awesome video.

Rah Rah says:

Just to MUCH make up on. Yikes. And why grossed out? YOU are scared of your naked face that is why you have on so much make-up on. She sounds eekey. Typical American girl. (Or at least wanna be)

Kimbers says:

Another person who exfoliated with the silk worm “caps” noted as you did, that her face felt moisturized afterwards too

Beli Cuellar says:

Ahhhhhh! Crazy yet so cool. Thanks for the review.

Petri Heil says:

How incredibly frivolous and cruel to kill an animal only to exfoliate your face. You could actually achieve the same result by rubbing a faceclath over your skin or by applying an exfoliating cosmetic product.

Laylal says:

I’ve been eyeballing this every time I go to their website. Lol, I’m gonna have to get it the next box I order.

Franz Andre Geraux says:

That was cute I think am gonna try

Nightbird says:

These were a huge disappointment. All they did was lightly exfoliate my
skin. I could get the same results by wetting a sock and rubbing it
across my face. And I thought by submerging them in very hot water for
20 minutes they would soften up and feel silky against my skin -they
don’t. They still felt hard and uncomfortable rubbing them on my skin.
Don’t bother..not worth the time, money or effort.

Liz Lorant says:

I saw these when I was buying my first Memebox (thanks to you!) and I was really curious about them. I bought some soap from a craft fair once – it was made out of goat’s milk, water and cornmeal (it said it was good for unclogging pores) and for me it was literally a miracle product. I ended up calling the guy who was selling it and having a bunch more sent to me. I have acne prone skin and from the first time I used it I noticed a difference, and after a couple weeks I noitced my acne scarring was fading and I get less and less breakouts. I just moved and kind of forgot about and was using other cleansers and my face started to get bad again and I pulled this out started using it, and the pimples disappear the next day! All the crazy chemicals I’ve tried to solve my issues and all it takes is cornmeal and goat’s milk. 

graymomma says:

The cocoons cost $1.50 at daiso but you only get 5 in a package. But I figured I would just try it out I didn’t know how well they would work but ended up just sitting in my drawer for a year. 🙁 that’s why I’m glad you posted the video now I know it actually works. Thanks!!

theholygurl says:

I find yucky things intriguing at the same type. like watching sandra lee’s pop those yucky cyst… bleh,,, lol i just subscribed to your channel=)

Rosie Cake says:

Thanks, i have two that I got with my silk sheet and I was wondering 😀 I had no idea what these were for lol

Tristine Evans says:

So fun! Will have to check them out 🙂

Danielle Levy says:

You can get a pack of 4 at Daiso for $1.50. There are several Daiso stores in Los Angeles.

D K says:

Wow. She looks like a high elf from Oblivion.

mensin asen says:

Do I need to wash my face again after use silkworm cocoons? 🙂

cantabile615 says:

Just bought 2 packs of cocoons in JJ Market, Bangkok.  Would like to try them soon ^^

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