Exfoliation Facial Scrubs | St. Ives Comparison

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Thanks for watching! I bought all 3 scrubs at CVS. I personally like the original apricot scrub the best. Even though I have dry skin I like to use this once in and while and really get all the dead skin off.


Juliann of Pasadena says:

Great review. I’m exploring scrubs right now. This is helpful.

Norah Kasyoka says:

Which one is the best for someone who has acne? And how often should I use it?

Vanessa Bulintao says:

Which one is good for
dry skin?

yvdilysm says:

I have tiny bumbs on my face and I have dry skin. Can you tell what scrub suits me?

michael L says:

I have the apricot one.

Jessica Stirling says:

How ofter can I use the apricot scrub? Can I use it every night?

IAM Habsha says:

I can use dally?

Taebooteh on dat Gucci belt says:

What is better for dry skin

Jeff Timbal says:

can i use the oatmeal everyday and the apricot twice a week?

Ms.muffin NonBussines says:

U never showed the green tea exfolation meter

Extripator Raf says:

Which one is better for acne

싴탱 says:

I’ve been reading a lot of reviews lately and I think that the apricot scrub is for deeper cleansing and acne, so you can only use it twice a week because it really tends to go deep beyond your skin. While the green tea scrub focuses on black and white heads and also minimizes your pores. It is way lighter than the apricot so you can use it 3-4weeks. But you shouldnt literally scrub it, and instead just put it smoothly in circular motions.

Debbie Lee says:

Love St. Ives. Loved your review.Thanks so much!

ujina rai says:

Plz tell me. Which one is best for my skin. I have black sports, open porse, and nose around oily skin.

kim bok jew says:

oatmeal is the best

Fizaaa says:

loved this review!! <3

ama big nobody says:

what scrub is best for clearing pimple marks?

eerie 30 says:

which is the best for oily skin?

Heaven Villa says:

Can i use 2 different st ives scrub per week?

human error says:

The oatmeal one is so good

Natalia Bacchus says:

I use the apricot scrub and it’s great! I do mix a little of it with my cleanser, I feel that the beads can be a bit harsh since my skin is more normal to dryer lately, but if you’re oily prone then you can use it after your cleanser, and maybe more than once a week.

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