Glossier Exfoliating Solution Review| Dr Dray

💜BHA exfoliants (not for around the eyes!)
Zapzyt acne wash
Eucerin dermopure (Euro)
Cerave Renewing SA cleanser
La Roche Posay Effaclar gel cleanser
*BHA refers to salicylic acid

💜AHA exfoliants (not for around the eyes!)
Alpha Skin Care wash
Alpha Skin Care Gel
Neutrogena pore refining cleanser
Neutrogena exfoliating cleanser
Mederma Advanced Dry Skin Facial Cleanser
Civant AHA
Eucerin dermopure oil control (euro)
La Roche Posay Effaclar gel wash
*AHA refers to glycolic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, & mandelic acids

💜Washcloth physical exfoliation
Wash cloths I use for my KP:
Civant microfiber cloth

Vanicream lite lotion
Cerave moisturizing cream
Neutrogena oil free (Euro)
Avene cicalfate repair (Euro)
Simply Pure Hydrating serum (Euro):
La Roche Posay Tolereiane Riche (Euro)
Cerave PM (Euro)
Cerave PM (US)
Neutrogena oil free (US)
La Roche Posay Toeleriane Riche (US)
Differin balancing moisturizer (US)
Eucerin Redness Relief (US)
Cetaphil redness relief (US)

Vanicream sunscreen
Cerave baby sunscreen
Elta MD UV Pure
Avene Very High Protection SPF50 (Euro)
Eucerin Daily Protect SPF 30
Cerave AM
EltaMD UV Clear
EltaMD UV Sport
Neutrogena Clear Face
Differin spf30

💜Totoro mug
💜 Barefoot dreams cardigan

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Crystal Belle Beauty says:

can acids like aha/bha be used with Trentoin/adaphalene?

Warren says:

This product contains a really high amount of sodium hydroxide, that might of contributed to your irritation. My sensitive skin is scared by just watching 🙁

NoRulesJustBeauty says:

Curious if you have seen Caroline Hirons review where she said this would be a hard product to recommend to virtually anyone?

Jacqueline Lacey says:

Can you please review zo obagi line? Hard to find honest review. Is it worth the price? Thank you

Terrena Guthrie says:

Can you review boscia gentle exfoliating peel? I have been wondering about the safety of using it. Thank you

Angie Poulsen says:

I have been using and love neutrogena water gel but wonder if there is a fragrance free alternative?

ximeect says:

You are awesome !

Nóra Bánfi says:

Hello, Dr. Dray! Do you have any videos on neck lines or planning on doing one in the future? I’m 20 and I have got neck lines I’m gutted. Could you please give me some advice?

Julia Dobrow says:

What are your thoughts on skin care packaging? Some people preach to never use anything in a jar, but doesn’t it depend on the actual ingredients? I’m a new subscriber so I’m not sure if you’ve talked about this in another video. Thank you 🙂 (I’m loving your candid product reviews!)

ivonnestephany2009 says:

Thank you, Dr. Dray! I use the BHA liquid, AHA gel from Paula’s choice (i’ve discontinued regular use because i suspect that increased broken blood vessels in my face). Nowadays i limit myself to once a week use of those acids. I will definitely try your method of application (1st moisturizer then acid) and see how it goes for me. I’ve used from Glossier their SPF35 invisible gel, I like it for under make up, but it is a little oily so i don’t think i apply enough for it to be effective.

Lis Risch says:

I’ve used the Boy Brow brow gel (liked it) and the tinted moisturizer (very sheer/no SPF/pretty pointless). I’d love for you to review more of their products! Thanks for sharing your opinion on this one. Perhaps they’ll see this and decide to include a fragrance-free version in their line.

Fire of Love - Ogan ot liubov says:

I keep coming up with questions today as I watch your video 🙂 I have been using C E Ferulic Acid and I get redness in the nasolabial folds, so I guess there are products that irritate my just like Glossier irritated your skin. So my question is–what is the best way to care for the nasolabial area of the face?

Abi Dillon says:

Would you recommend this product for patients who use a retinoid cream? I use my retinoid every other night, and I am curious if this product would be okay for the off-days. Or would it be too much exfoliation?

Jim Williams says:

Glossier skincare looks to be salad bar inspired.

Lori Ludlum says:

Can you please tell me where you purchase the Elta MD tinted sunscreen?

Rafa Fan says:

Could you review the Glossier Pure Niacinamide serum?

shoujomanga says:

anybody knows which song was playing in the beginning?

Liz Chia says:

Hi Dr. Dray, what do you think about using benzoyl peroxide with the glossier toner? Or should i use one in the AM and one in the PM? BP really helps keep my acne blowouts under control, but I love my acids too since they clean out the gunk in my pores that often manifests in acne if I don’t do anything about it.

Luciwho1 says:

Hey, I hope I didn’t offend you when I thought it was razor burn.  I should have known by your not addressing it there would be a follow up.  Glad you know what’s going on with your skin…lol.

jacob kablan says:

another cute video I do like the zapzyt washes got it 2 or 3 weks its gives my ksin a glow im told I odnt have or acne hopefully wont have enough isises going on in my life right now wouldn’t need I know people who delat with acne inlcudidng a former girlfriend whe we wher etenes who tried suicide many time loved life an dnone could figure out hse was bueatifuk inside an dout she just had acne and though tshe was ugly after a deacde  a demr finally put her on acutance back in 97 and her sj=kin bnee 100 clear she use sa bha wash and retin a to maintain WHAT ACUANTE DOID FOR HER SKIN ITS WAS LIKE AND DA YTHAT ACUCNTE HERE ACNE WAS NA 8 ON A SCLE 1 TO 10 STILL PRETTY THEN AFTER ACUNTE I TIHNK IT WAS 4MONTHES IT WA SA 1 NO ACNE NOTHING AMZING DRUG PRICEY IT PUT HE RIN HT EPPOOR CHOUSE BUT SHE DIDNT CARE WELL OWRTH IT BEOFR ETHAT SHE OBUGHT EVEYTIHNG WITH ACNE OILY SKIN ETC YOU NAME ITS FORM DR RX DRUGS ALL OWKRED ALITTLE OR NOT AT ALL

DaltonsFriendswood says:

A lady in my town here in the Houston area posted in a facebook group I am in that in her opinion it isn’t healthy to wear sunscreen daily.  I almost fell out of my chair and thought oh boy Dr Dray would have a field day with that one!  Crazy!!

Zara says:

Thank you for the informative video!
I was wondering what you think about the new Hada Labo Tokyo Overnight Treatment.

Leslie Prebyl says:

Very interesting. It seems counter intuitive to put on moisturizer first, but the way you explain it makes sense. I struggle with weird flaky skin on my nose and in the corners by my eyes. So I am not a typical T-Zone gal. I moisturize the heck out of the area and still flakes. I have my 14 year old using First Aid Beauty’s Blemish Patrol pads. I think I will have him try putting on his moisturizer first and then using the pad. Another fantastic video. Thanks for the advice.

kelsy will says:

Hi. When would you use this aha is your using tretinoin  on an evening ? x

Paige Frantz says:

I trust you because you use evidence based research to back your claims. I just have a hard time moisturizing before using adapalene or before acid toning. It feels wrong. It seems like that would put a barrier on your skin so the acids won’t soak in. You should do a video about what order your products should go on in.

Brittany Packer says:

Thank you​ so much! I think you would like their ‘balm-dot-com’ a lot! I recommend! 🙂

Maya A says:

I read once that niacinamide shouln’t be mix with BHA. Ps. I love their super pure and milky jelly cleanser!!!

Rian Hogan says:

Oh so happy you made this video! I love Glossier and have been thinking about trying this product out but was wondering if it passed the Dr. Dray test! Although I do have one question…would it be okay to use this on the same evening as using Differin? Or is it best to maybe alternate them? Thanks Dr. Dray! xo

Mary Walquist says:

I have the Glossier Cleansing Milk Jelly and like it quite well- here’s hoping the it doesn’t have some evil ingredient in it too!!

Mallory Meeks says:

Thanks so much for this review! I love hearing about glossier I haven’t tried anything by them yet but I am also intrigued by the brand

lstackers1 says:

For vegans, it’s important to note only a select few products (including this one it seems) are actually vegan. They use lanolin, beeswax, honey etc in many of their other products. So as a company I don’t see them as very cruelty free or vegan!
I am also unlikely to buy skincare from them as their founder has been quoted in an interview as saying that people don’t care what ingredients are in their products. And that kind of comment makes me think they’re more interested in making money than they are about using ingredients that are good for you

Julie Erickson says:

Great review Dr.D as always:) Will be passing on this product bc of my sensitive skin.

Fire of Love - Ogan ot liubov says:

Can you make a video summarizing the differences among all acids? From your videos I understand that they function in different ways.

Betsy Browning says:

Hi Dr. Dray, I just got my first bottle of CeraVie pm thanks to you. Great. I was wondering if dermatology covered muscles in the facial area and if there was any benefits to skin to massage in certain areas. Would it affect quality in skin ? Thank you for the great blogs.

katyaahhh says:

I love you! Honestly your advice has helped me almost completely cure my acne ❤️ I use differin and am interested in a similar glycolic acid product to the one your reviewing, but the “Nipfab glycolic fix pads” with 5% glycolic acid, 2% salicylic acid, and lactic acid. Can I use it in between days of using differin gel with the goal to minimize irritation?

Madmarsha says:

Quick question. Should I be using EVERYTHING? Ha! Kind of a joke question but with all the ceramides, niacinamides, antioxidants, hyaluronic acids, glycolic acids,, etc. etc. etc. etc., and very much a DIY-er who wants to be frugal, I get lost in all of it. I don’t mind a multi-step process but sometimes it feels like it’s 20 different things.

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