HOW I GOT RID OF ACNE | & Paula’s Choice Review

Heyaaaaa my pwends! In this video I talked about how I got rid of acne! If you are struggling with acne I hope this video can help you to get rid of acne as well! If not, don’t worry because this too shall pass and you are still beautiful no matter what!

Links to the stuff I mentioned: Regimen kit AHA lotion

Paula’s Choice Clear Acne Kit

Paula’s Choice AHA gel

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Remember that you are beautiful and your butt is nice 😉


weinnie lim says:

I’m so going to try Paula’s Choice as i always have little bumps on my face (cheeks & forehead) oh well, that’s like everywhere on my face. very well explained video, thanks!

Monika Kong says:

is it harsh as

Đan Thi says:

i have the oily face, so can I use jojoba oil? I’m afraid that I will break out

Nira Aulia says:

how long did u get rid of ur acne using the paula’s choice?

Phuong Nhu says:

what’s your lipstick brand you use on the clip? and the coulour cause its look very pretty

som maylada says:

you look cute!! thanks for sharing

Rooh A says:

i love paulas choiceeeeeeeee

Lil H says:

wait wtf so the acne regime makes u itchy and wrinkly?!!!!

SannaElonJ. says:

Omg you are so pretty

Julianti Dewi says:

hi. where can i order that products? can you please send the linkk thank you so much

Ashley Gerk says:

how long did the Paula’s choice take to clear your skin? I have the Paula’s choice and it cleared my forehead but now my cheeks are breaking out and my chin lots! I was thinking of trying to but now i don’t know what to do..

studiothreeandahalf says:

Do you think you’d have clear skin if the only products you used were the products in the Paula’s Choice kit? I tried a benzoyl peroxide product (one you leave on your skin) this fall but two months in my skin was so itchy, so swollen, and so red that I had to stop. Then I tried a cleanser containing benzoyl peroxide, and it was still too harsh. I didn’t last more than a week. Both of these products were about five percent benzoyl peroxide. Do you think I could tolerate the Paula’s Choice kit since it’s got a lower concentration? Do you think you would have continued to experience irritation if you hadn’t switched to the Paula’s Choice kit? Also, you’re really pretty!!

Haral says:

omg ive been using the but it is drying…i will be trying this out…did u breakout when u started using the kit? im a bit scared and what sunscreen did u use with it? thank u 🙂

beautifyeva says:


Elizabeth Rico says:

What moisturizer and sunscreen do you use?+Brigitte Chaichana

Adzra Tsamara says:

Your brows are goals omg

Nesrin Awad says:

do you have sensitive skin usually? 🙂

Manpreet Vadher says:

I love paula products. U can get $10off using this link.

kayl0l says:

Love the Thai accent!

Irene Lue says:

Which would you say is better? The Benzoyl Peroxide or the AHA+?

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