How To Exfoliate Properly – Exfoliating – What, Why, How And When BHA ✖ James Welsh

Helloooooo everybody!

I’ve been asked a lot of questions about exfoliation recently. So today we are taking things back to basics and discussing what is exfoliating, why should you exfoliate, when you should exfoliate and how!
I break it down for dry skin, combination skin, oily skin and normal skin and discuss the type of products you should and should not be using!

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Manocher says:

hey James, love your videos. Could you make a video on whiteheads?

N K says:

I love the daily microfoliant from dermalogica. Great results gentle enough to use twice a day if you even wanted to

Ertugrul Gökmen says:

*throws away all physical exfoliators*

Abhishek Ghosh says:

heyy James, can you tell me anything other than the Son & Park Beauty Water.. ? like an alternative one cant find Son&Park :(..good luck fom India 🙂

Mia Vodopija says:

Hey James, is La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + also a type of a BHA exfoliator?

Margo Locust-Fuentes says:

Thank you. Blessings from Lakeland Florida.

Rajeev soni says:

Great video i also love chemical exfoliaters like you but can you advice me a good one i m struggling to find one i have combination skin

Joseph Martinez says:

I do to have oily skin .. what do you recommend for shaving ?? Like prepping , shaving cream, after shave and what ever steps come after that? Maybe a friendly list , thanks .

Angela MW says:

I use glycolic toner to exfoliate, but I skip a day. It can be too much ☺

supergeared says:

Would you rather skip toning or skip the serum

gundeep hardy says:

Can toner be used after exfoilating? Plz reply

Brijesh Bidani says:

How can I get my beard lined up at the barber shop and pervent ingrown hairs?

Darnell says:

I find my skin actually reacts to exfoliating better…. I use normal face wash and get breakouts, i change and try new things with no change. go back to JUST exfoliating and my skin clears…. maybe I’m an alien?? D: also, moisturisers make me break out as well. tried so many gel, oil cream based and just break out like a pre teen going through puberty. #FeelsBadMan

Ysoserious911 says:

random question but do u like THE ROSE?????

Anthony Castro says:

Bro I learn all of the skin care stuff by the YouTuber Dr. Davin Lim & u

Amil Zapotelli says:

perfect tips like always

Chandhan D says:

Hey James! You should try klairs supple preparation toner. It is amazing !

Brijesh Bidani says:

Im brown and have acne prone oily skin. How often should I exfoliate?

Janrey Buenconsejo says:


bharath tanuz says:

Superb video bro please do a video difference between face and body moisture

thembitch says:

Love it

paul zaldivar says:

Do you rinse off cosrx bha?

Jacy J Elliott says:

Video on combination and acneic skin products?

ds says:

do/can you use chemical and physical exfoliants together? I normally use a physical exfoliant two times and week and chemical the days i dont use chemical – is this ok?

drewski5150 says:

I guess on the subject of chemical exfoliants, do you have any experience/advice with retin-a? I see a lot of female vloggers (especially those of a certain…maturity) who use it, but rarely see men talk about it.

Pink Jelly says:

So…when should AHA’s and BHA’s be used? Do you use BHA?

LouAmari says:

I have a question. Does the foreo exfoliate or just cleanses? Ive been using as cleansing then exfoliating twice a week aswell.

Shahir Sultan says:

What are the products

Muhammed Usamah says:

Love ur videos they are very helpful. By the way can you please do a skin routine for dehydrated skin.

Ishan Ali says:

I love using the ordinary brand

Mercè says:

I’m looking for a chemical exfoliator that doesn’t need a cotton pad because these really irritate my skin. Do you have any suggestion? ^^ <3

Thanks for the video, they are always so helpful!

Stevottty says:

Hey James, awesome video as always 🙂 As a person with spot prone/oily skin, I wanted to get your opinion (yours is the only one I trust lol) on two products: The Body Shop’s Seaweed Oil Control Gel Cream and Vanicream’s Gentle Facial Cleanser.

Margo Locust-Fuentes says:

Thank you

Chandan Kumar says:

I have visible pore how to minimize..

Sanjay Thakur says:

Hey !! I love your videos and find them very helpful!!! Sending lots of love from India

Zebstrika Girl says:

i love using the neogen biopeel lemon pads. chemical and physical in one go and i love using them in the shower. get my face, neck, behind ears then get my elbows and knees lol i’m not wasting the extra juice in it lol peeling gels are fun too!

Diana Dupont says:

i use once a week physical scrub and 3 times a week clarisonic, and i use every second day an ultrasound device called mira skin, it does open the cells of the skin allowing skin care penetratig deeper under the skin, its a marvellous device and has the best hyaluronic acid ever

Sansdem Kinley says:

Damn I go crazy with those physical exfoliators umm gotta do it gently

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