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Exfoliation when done the wrong the way can have adverse effects on your skin. It can cause your skin to look little swollen while over exfoliation can clear the healthy skin cells which protect your skin’s natural barrier. Want to know how to exfoliate your face at home correctly?

Our Skin Care Expert, Dr. Rashmi Shetty, gives you the lowdown on Exfoliation, including tips on choosing the right products to suit your needs, as well as taking you through a demonstration of the steps to follow for effective application and usage.

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Kavya Jaswani says:

That’s Sabrina from small budget big makeover.

Piyush Ganguly says:

Should we apply face wash before exfoliating

Umme Habiba says:

Mam i have combination skin so use biotique papaya face wash is its good 4 me

Nahida Khan says:

Hey Sabrina ur already ….beautifull…I love sabrina

Diamante Dea says:

Thanks for this, very informative. I like your accent, so ignore the hate comments they’re just trolls.


Thanks this is the video i needed

GibblerChallenger says:

Talkative Sabrinaaaaaaaaaa?!

sidra hussain says:

I’m from Pakistan mam this I.occitane products nor available in pakistan ..? can you please tell me what can I do??

Kevisa Domeh says:

Hello I am having a problem with my face similar to keeatosis pilaris but am doubtful too it has tiny bumps protruding all over my face neck arms thigh like chicken skin which is itchy too BT not on my face did a lot of treatment but not working my skin looks flaky and dull

nni priVAsi says:

is it save to exofoliate my face when full of acne?

He need some Milk says:

That Doctor looks like a super a super model. She’s really gorgeous

Joe Man says:

How many seconds we should exfoliate

Yasmin Rosmadi says:

They are so pretty

Katreena Mohsin says:

My skin is dry
And I have started noticing open pores. I am 30 years old. Can u help me y it’s appearing suddenly. And how to deal with it

Tally gratton says:

Why does the girl literally look like she’s being held hostage

Mohammad Zafar says:

Hii sabreena

sups kshatri says:

Mam …i have a mark under my belly area …. There was fungal infection on it …. I used some ointment to get rid of tht infection ….bt the is there stilll …what to do mam …. Plz hlp me

Nitika Rana says:

Hello, I am Nitika from Delhi ..
I always watch your video for any of my skin related problem but these days nothing is working for my skin .. I am 22 years old I have combination skin type and I am having pimples attack .. I don’t know if it is because of pollution or wrong product or impurities of blood .. Exact after one month I have cousin wedding and my skin is very dull and full of pimples I want to know what should I do for glowing and pimple free skin
As I am a less makeup kind of girl I want a natural glow and clear skin
Please suggest me something to get rid of all this ..
thank you

John says:

sir plz

Sneha Tulsiyan says:

Which scurb is best for combination to dry skin

Jungkook’s red hair says:

Good video but the accent annoys me

Linabel Blay says:

Pls which is best to do, exfoliating b4 face cleanser or face cleanser b4 exfoliating? Thank you

shradha behera says:

Hyy mam my age 22 & my skin type is combination which product are suitable my skin

Staur. Official says:

I don’t really have much pimples but I have blackheads and whiteheads only on my nose and I’m going to try this method just so I dont get some pimples or anything in the future

zu vi says:


Shilpa Das says:


Emily Davidson says:

Is the neatrogena one good??

Alfina Merchant says:

Can I st’ives apricot scrub?

Dilip Kothari says:

This is Sabrina

Miss Puja Gupta says:

Sabrina, I saw you in another show.small budget big makeover

Yung F says:

i cant with that ugly accent

Briti Daulaguphu says:

Please recommend me some skin care products for daily use. I hv combination skin and acne.

Rangoli Tiwari says:

Hi mam meri skin kafi dry nd sawli h please suggest me kya karu

syeda zahva says:

Should we use it daily?


Does Sabrina has only one expression?

Deep Hits says:

She is soooo beautiful!!

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