How You Should Be Exfoliating Your Skin By Skin Type | Beauty How To

When it comes to your skin, a nice dewy glow is never outdated. And a huge factor in achieving that glow? Exfoliation. But sometimes you can be doing more damage than good, especially if you’re exfoliating the wrong way! Learn the proper way to slough off dead skin and get that gorgeous glow, whether you have oily, dry, or sensitive skin. Your complexion will thank you. On Kirbie: Rachel Roy dress

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Sophia says:

Luv the video!! 🙂

Michael Houston says:

Does exfoliating your skin help prevent ingrown hairs on the face? I’m a guy

bbutterfly36 says:

Ur adorable 🙂 thanks for the quick tips! 🙂

calistar2007 says:

Can u plz recommend a good chemical peel at home that will give me the results of a peel even If it is a slower process…

megsta baby says:

Any dupes for a more affordable clarisonic type thing?? Thanks love your video.

Kenza Khan says:

How awesome would it be to work in the POPSUGERGUIDE?!? I would LOOOVE LOVE to work there

Ly Ly Nguyen says:

You look gorgeous in this dress!

Lynnygreen says:

Anyone tried oatmeal? I want to but how many times should I use it?

8ydn3y says:

“Lauren is setting up for one of my DIY’s” Priceless!

Annabel Aquino says:

pretty sure i have all three skin types

bawa ramotu says:

pls pls pls I need help like asap.
my skin is damaged I mean it doesnt react to any creams or lotions nd m nw really dark in skin colour nd I jst want to get back to my skin colour cos I look ugly as m dark buh my skin isn’t reacting to any lighting body lotions or bath gels. pls I really need help if u can help me with a remedy dat works fast I would really appreciate.

Maddie Bishop says:

combination skin? WHAT DO I DO

The.#1 T says:

What about normal?

Hayley Jeffs says:

in the later video she says that Clarisonic is NOT an exfoliation tool

Kirbie Johnson says:

I can’t respond directly to Megsta Baby but there are a ton of brushes on the market now that are cheap — they’re sold at Ulta, Target, Walmart, etc. Neutrogena has one, and so does Olay!

Ashok Mishra says:

my skin type is normal so can i use coffee mixed with parachute coconut oil??

Tania Lopez says:

Thank you for this video I have dry skin and some times I forgot abouth exfoliation 🙂

Fanny's LoA says:

What about Rosacea?

Erika Ramirez says:

What type of oil can we use with the oatmeal

Lil Note Pad says:

I don’t like to get ripped off and lied to but she is a good sales woman gotta giver her that

Frank Russell says:


Alessandra R. says:

I only have oily skin, I don’t really have problems with acne but can I still use exfoliator and moisturizer that’s for oily and acne skin? Plz answer. Thnx.

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