Long-Term Pixi Glow Tonic Test, Review and Demo

In this video I’m reviewing the Pixi Glow Tonic that I’ve been using on half my face for about two months. If you’re new and want to join the fun please subscribe!

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Melissa Joyce FAQ

Q: Is Melissa Joyce your real name?
A: Melissa is my first name and Joyce is my middle name – so yes!

Q: What qualifications do you have to review makeup and skincare?
A: Nothing formal but I’ve started to learn more about makeup and skincare over the last two years. I consider myself an amateur but an enthusiast and my reviews will help a non make-up artist see how a product might work for them.

Q: What is your real job?
A: I’ve been working in not-for-profit organizations for 15 years.

Q: What kind of skin concerns do you have?
A: My skin is combination where my T-zone gets oily. I have pores I would like to minimize and some skin redness. I’m also in my late 30s so wrinkles and anti-ageing is a concern. Oh and I do get break-outs from time to time. So I have a bit of everything!


Sherry Giallombardo says:

Thank you for this great review!!! I constantly found myself shaking my head yes with everything you said… you have such great knowledge and your thoughts were very understandable and relatable. We have quite a lot in common so you definitely have a new subscriber in me!! Btw, you certainly look younger than your age! You go girl!!

Shauna Urban says:

Excellent review!

Raven says:

Damn your gorgeous,<3 thanks for the review

VampirellaPR says:

Very nice review. I bought it a while back while visiting Florida but for some reason I haven’t started using it. Instead, I went to Sephora to claim my birthday gift and came out with the Ready set Glow tonic from REN since I had some other REN creams (MUA Lisa Elderidge fault). Let me tell you, I Love it! Been using it for the past 2 weeks and I see a difference. My skin feels balanced and brighter. I have issues with hyper pigmentation and I already see differences in my skin. Also, check Dr. Drays channel; she is a dermatologist who loves drugstore products. I change my face and body skin routine because of her and again, I have seen improvement overall. She tells you what ingredient to look for in the creams and for what.

gillian jo says:

Your skin is gorgeous!

Sarah DeLucca says:

I really appreciate that this was a review based over a long period of time, definitely helpful! New subscriber 🙂

Karina Mendoza says:

Very informative. Thank you! ☺️

sofia sierra says:

good review but don’t use a skin blurring effect when giving a skincare routine

Jennifer DePanicis says:

I used to use the salicylic acid pads from Neutrogena. I HAD to find a substitute for it bc I don’t use products that are not cruelty free any longer. I saw this product from another YouTube channel and I love it! Thank you Rhian & Pixi!!! Btw….you look like you are in your twenties.

Beth Lilly says:

I love your method of testing 🙂 A great way to really see results/or not, I should try that with eye creams samples ….I have never used one that seemed to do much that a moisturizer couldn’t ….I’m a big fan of Glycolic Acid, my pores have never looked smaller or cleaner. I’ve used it for a good 6mths and really feel like my skin looks great, brighter & more even overall. I don’t need as much coverage in my foundation, never thought I’d be one to prefer light/med coverage, but I don’t have as much to cover/correct/fix ..:) I use one by a brand called Alpha skincare ( formally alpha hydroxy or something like that) , I chose it because all the products are PH balanced and there weren’t tons of unnecessary fragrance and other fancy ingredients …it comes in different strengths and creams/serums , also it’s pretty decently priced around $12-15 and a tube lasts months. I’ve never tried the pixie toner, really just due to my location, Target is over 2hrs away. The pixie toner has a cult following, Im always seeing something about it 🙂 …I would probably prefer using a glycolic toner, Makes more sense as I don’t particularly like layering creams/serums/moisturizer …..never feel like it sinks in properly.

Alison Rohly says:

I’m very intrigued by this product! I currently do not use toner but would love to try it. I’m highly considering purchasing a small size of this to try!

Ellen Gallop says:

What did you do to your face before filming this video

Miss Dolphin says:

I love the fact that you aren’t wearing makeup while reviewing skincare and you’re showing your actual skin ❤

Ftang says:

Thank you so much for your honest and thorough review:) I’ve been eyeing on trying this product for a while and I really appreciate that you make the review after using it for 2 months instead of just a few days like most people

Lindsey Vanderbuilt says:

Your skin is FLAWLESS

Rachel Sweets says:

New subbie

Macky Suson says:

This is a great share! I can’t wait to create a video similar to this one of these days! I just subscribed! Thank you for being an inspiration!

KerrBearrxo says:

Great video chick keep it up x

Katelyn Jacobi says:

This review was so thorough! I hate looking for skincare reviews and only finding first impressions. Thanks so much for such a great video!

Jade Slaugh says:

Thank you so much for investing your time into giving a thorough review! I really enjoyed this ❤

ninaleinschen says:

Loved this review, thanks so much!!! xx

Beth Wade says:

Thumbs up for you! Thumbs down for Pixi! I’m not out to bash a brand or anything like that here, but I will tell you that I googled the ingredients of one of their products (Stephanie Nicole talks about this in her videos sometimes)….and it was the same as Coconut Oil! I lost all respect. But I watched for you so that you would get the view, and I’m glad you like it! I have a full body scan to look for skin cancer (just had a tumor removed) on 12/6/17, and I’m going to ask the Dermatologist what he thinks of over the counter products and especially what he recommends for anti-aging. I’ll let you know what he says! I will tell you that he has CeraVe face wash in his office in case people come in with makeup on! Sorry I couldn’t be a fan of this product. 🙁

teacher shola says:

Thank you so much for this! This is very helpful!

Kendra Randall says:

Where can this be purchased in Canada???

Ste McFreeman says:

You should consider diet before chemicals on your skin. Cutting out sugar, gluten and low quality non organic dairy will do a lot more for acne and other skin issues in the long term than any product you find. You will feel a lot better too.

toi jones says:

I would love to see you review the Vichy line…

Megan Tennessen says:

Great review!

Brooke Logan says:

how do you think it affected the amount of sebum you produce?
i have a lot​ of problems with “blackheads” around my nose and chin and have just begun using this product. I will say it has created a few dry spots althought bc im in a new winter environment thats not someting new haha

Sara Scott says:

I totally pegged what side of your face you used it on, before you said it. It’s an obvious difference, in my opinion. Your skin tone is more even on the side you used it, even the dark circles under your eyes are lighter on the side you used it.

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