My updated morning skincare routine! A mixture of products that I use to prevent and treat acne and acne scarring on my sensitive/oily skin.



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BeautyCop07 says:

Not all oils r moisturizing like TTO.. & coconut oil is comedogenic

Happymess10 says:

Love finding youtubers that have the same skin type as me. Really happy I found you! yay!

Zoe Pierce says:

She got acne again tho

Carolina García says:

I found this video on Canny Cleanser Chart – there’s many good videos there that should help you

Adriana Garcia says:


bitty ding says:

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Paige 1996 says:

Birth control is the only reason I don’t have acne scars on my face. Mine was terrible at one point which we found out was hormonal and so I started birth control when I was about 15 (21 now). And I still have acne prone skin but it’s not out of control like it was before. Because of a few recent outbreaks that keep occurring in the same places I’m gonna have to refill some of my products and start being religious about my routine.

Edit: oh and I also wanted to add that I use pure isopropyl alcohol on my chest/breast area because that’s the ONLY thing that will keep it under control! And at this point dry skin seems like a small price to pay for clean acne free skin and just like you showed on your cotton pad, my breasts always have that gross yellow tinted oil that comes off on the pads. That’s another reason I don’t mind using alcohol on that area because at almost any given time (even before I started the alcohol which people say can cause overproduction of oil) it feels just sooooooo oily to the touch and I think that’s also why the alcohol helps so much because I’m just soooo greasy even right after a shower.

shane edwards says:

can anyone help me with acne scars there really bad please iv any advice just type them for me

Aosenla Walling says:

You talk alot

Tracey Plaza says:

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Hoa Vines says:

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Kathleen Chambers says:

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Jeymi Montas says:

Those products are insane for the face! No way someone with sensitive skin should use any of those products you will wind up breaking out more

Jeneca Nicole says:

I recently posted a video discussing my acne story and how I cleared it after Accutane failed! Check it out here:

José Crisalide says:

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Miney gaming says:

If the dermalogica moisturiser is a Too expensive for you, I recommend simple anti blemish moisturiser
Gives a matte finish while soothing and treating your acne

Brandy Yolidio says:

You have model features, pretty skin too!!

Naturë says:

Such a transformation , feel like I been on this journey with you

Lamb Kaplan says:

Hi there, have you considered Fopobiacne Secrets yet? Simply just do a google search. On there you will discover a great guidelines about how you can break free from your acne. Why don’t you give it a shot? perhaps it is going to work for you too.

clc 1.4 says:

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Rory Mendelow says:

Going vegan helped my skin so much more than I expected! Also, birth control SAVED me

rupesh kumar says:


Withney A says:

Your skin looks amazing !

Li Ka says:

Is this a natural product???

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