My Current Skincare Routine (Updated)

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These are the products, key ingredients and techniques that are currently working for me (don’t forget everyone’s skin is different with different concerns/needs). For cheaper alternative products with similar ingredients, see below.

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Bioderma – Sensibio H2O – Micelle Solution:

Bourjois – 123 Perfect CC Cream:

Caudalie – Hand and Nail Cream:

Dermalogica – Gentle Cream Exfoliant:

Eve Lom – Cleanser: for a cheaper alternative Boots Botanics – 97% Organic Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm 70ml:

Kiehl’s – Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado: for a cheaper alternative Boots Botanics – Botanics 80% Organic Hydrating Eye Cream :

La Roche Posay – Effaclar — Purifying Micellar Water:

Paula’s Choice – RESIST Skin Transforming Multi-Correction Treatment with Azelaic Acid + BHA:

Sunday Riley – Start Over Active Eye Cream: a great alternative is Una Brennan – Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Dark Circles Eye Cream:

Zelens – Resurfacing Facial Pads: for a cheaper alternative Neutrogena – Rapid Clear Daily Treatment Pads:

Or for all the products used in this film and for makeup tips and information visit my site :

Lisa Eldridge X

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I can’t guarantee that all of the make-up and skincare products I recommend will suit you. I only use products I personally think are good having tried them on myself and my clients but everyone’s skin is different and it’s possible to be allergic to anything. Wherever possible, test products out on yourself before purchasing.

I only feature products I like, or want to try. The products I use in these videos are either purchased by me or sent to me by make-up companies to use in my professional capacity as a make-up artist for fashion and celebrity photo shoots, red carpet etc. I am also sent products by many of the top magazines to judge for awards.

I do not accept payment and am not sponsored to make any of the films on this channel. Some of the links under the videos and blog posts on my site are affiliated however and as stated before, I only feature products I like, or want to try.


KenzAtHome says:

great video girl

shorya bhushan says:

I love bioderma

Gwen07 P says:

I LOVE your voice! Just listening to you speak is so soothing!!

Adaobi Ugoagu says:


agata burns says:

Products not particularly cheap…

sophie zakharchenko says:

Lisa, please tell me why you said that you would not normally buy a cream by Kiehl’s. I read about them only positive feedback and I would be interested in what disadvantages I did not pay attention to.
p.s. Thanks a lot for your videos. I really love your channel!

frozen waffles says:

you`re amazing….i love ya..keep up your awesome work!

Katelyn Lockwood says:

Just turned 35 and starting to see a few lines coming through (mostly in my forehead) and would like to start to use an anti wrinkle cream. I guess all my early years of sun worshipping and not moisturizing is coming to smack me in the ass 🙁
I have a fair complexion with plenty of freckles.
Any advice at all would be great as there is so much out there not sure which way to go

Ec123 says:

your hair looks awesome!!

Milena STR says:

How perfectly beautiful she is!!!

Jodi Michael Horner says:

What should you use for waterproof eye makeup? I have been using Mary Kay and I suspect it’s loaded with parabens. Need to switch.

Kassondra Dawley says:

Do you have a more recent skincare routine?

Mariem Hichri says:

Dear lisa we really miss your update skincare videos ….I will turn 30 by this coming December and I need your help what kind of products I should start to use,my skin is dry and I really need your advice how to keep my skin look healthy and young …thank you in advance

ThiBrunette says:

Turned the Kiehls Avocado eye cream out to be bad? Because I cant find it on your recomended eye products on your website. Also, what are your thoughts on avocado oil for the face?

Julie Lovett says:

Hey Lisa,
What is your opinion on toners? I noticed that you don’t really mention them. Do you think they are important part of beauty routine?

Kristina says:

I actually find cleansers the most important part of my routine.. use a crap one and I break out..

Beata Szydłowska says:

Any chance for updated SkinCare video Lisa?

lyndsey davies says:

Can you recommend a good AHA Body Cream that doesn’t contain Mineral Oil?

Leigh Dorei says:

You should check out the brand Rationale. It’s absolutely amazing and I think you’d like it, there’s a few clinics here in Australia but they now have a flagship store in London. There cleanser is full of ceramides lipids etc, extremely nourishing but thoroughly cleansing. I highly recommend it!

colorfullyme says:

+lisa eldridge I HOPE YOU SEE THIS– if you take a trip to germany, you should pick up the Martina Gebhardt Eye Care Cream!! It has avocado oil as the third ingredient (whereas its the 8th ingredient in the Kiehl’s), and it is absolutely gorgeous. it is also really affordable! Thanks for the video!

Tetyana Reshitko says:

Hi Lisa, how often do you use AHA and BHA lotions? I have greasy acne prone skin. Would you recomment to use AHA lotion every day? Thank you in advance! Tetyana

Sylvia Aloysius says:

Hi, may I ask your opinion on Clarisonic brush? My friends claimed that it really helping to clean their skin and help to absorb all those skin care product better…

Kimberly Kelly says:

I was told that salicylic acid can thin the skin over time. Is it really the best ingredient for long term use with acne prone skin?

Anne Isen says:

Love your make up in this video

Hittomin says:

I’d love to see how you do your massages !!

Tetyana Reshitko says:

Hi Lisa, very Mery Christmas to you and your family! Thank you for your channel!

Shante Floey says:

that eve lom cleansing balm is great. I ran out of mine since I only had a travel sized version. but I really liked it!

杨俊峰 says:

Hi Lisa, can you do another updated version of your skincare video. I looked for the SK-II advanced eye treatment film everywhere but failed, can you say an alternative?

M KT says:

thank you for the video, but can you do another one, more current? I’d love to see if you are still using these products or if you have some new ones.

anon a says:

Lisa, would you please make a list of top 5 of “eye mask.. face mask.. lifting cream..”..etc
I trust you so please make it.. start with eye mask, my eyes look tired and i haven’t had under eye dark area though i sleep, like i do sleep and rest my self but still.. I need an eye mask to help

Cloud Walker says:

Can you recommend a product to treat scars?

Sam Dawson says:

Hi Lisa, first – thanks for creating such awesome skin and makeup blog. I have only just discovered make up and love the natural/not caked on looks you do. I know this is an old video, but just wondering if you have a recommendation for a cheaper alternative to the Dermalogica gentle cream exfoliant? I am still in uni-student territory but would love to try out something like this.

Alicia Amiri says:

What do you think about led light therapy for anti aging? I purchased one from eBay and it has 150 bulbs with 7 light settings such as red, green, blue etc.

nandia nandia says:

hi what is the most whitening products for your skin?

Betty says:

I am really loving all the great information and education you give. I love how glowy and polished most of your looks are! Lastly, I would like to see a tutorial on your facial massage routine. Thank you!

Simone Suter says:

hello Lisa, have you a video on face oils? I would love to see which ones you suggest and especially if you like tsubaki or camellia japonica oil.

LM m says:

What do you use as a moisturiser during the day? Would love to know!

doublali asmaa says:

+Lisa Eldridge Lisa how about rosacea skin type, is it safe to use dermologica gentle cream product?

Ali says:

very informative programs

MeValeJJ says:

Be aware that botanical hydrating eye cream has the ingredient denatured alcohol which in the long run it can be very drying and it can do damage that won’t allow your skin to replenish and rejuvenate.
Also, the avocado cream is not an aging cream just a moisturizer.

Harsha P says:

can we see your mother sometime 🙂

Sue Kong says:

Thanks Lisa. You make it interesting while informative. Respect ! You and Caroline Hiron are the only two experts who seen to know the trade well.

May Al-Abousi says:

please update this is 2 years old

J says:

I am shocked that you do not use a prescription Retin A cream. Your skin is beautiful and most women of your same age that have skin like yours, have such good skin due to a Retin A regimen. I would have bet my home that you used it as well!

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