My Favorite Acids For Acne | Best AHA & BHA Skincare Recommendations

Last week we discussed AHA VS BHA Acids, but today I wanted to give you my personal acne-prone skin recommendations, share my favorite exfoliating products, and break down how these acids really differ from each other!

What is glycolic acid best for? How does it differ from lactic or malic acid? What do citric and tartaric acids do, and is salicylic acid really best for acne? This video is a follow up to my AHA vs BHA skincare science video, and discusses my personal favorite products and aha/bha acid recommendations! Hit the Bell Button for new videos because WHO KNOWS when I upload!!

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▷ My Favorite AHA & BHA Acids & Personal Product Reccomendations For Acne:

Paulas Choice BHA Liquid →
Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic →
Cosmedix Purity Clean Exfoliating Cleanser →
Pixi Beauty Peel And Polish (Body Acne) →
Goop By Juice Beauty Exfoliating Instant Facial →
Ole Henriksen Truth Serum →
Caudalie Caudalie Pulpe Vitaminée Anti-Wrinkle Serum →
Sonya Dakar NutraSphere Flash Facial →

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Monica Set says:

What do you think of the t.l.c. Glycolic serum from drunk elephant?

Sam S says:

Could you do a review on The Ordinary’s skincare line?? There’s a lot of actives that line offers that are identical to the actives you mentioned in this video, but they’re way more affordable compared to some of your recs. Just wondering if that doesn’t affect the quality of the products on a fellow acne/acne scar sufferer

heidi foss says:

Tutaric acid sounds like what my skin needs.

shannon wass says:

I’ve been using pixi glow tonic for 3 days and I’ve noticed some breakouts where I wouldn’t usually get them so should I stop using it or just reduce my usage?

kikitootsie says:

Would you recommend using the Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic once a day?

Chris Joseph says:

You use so much Shit lol. Prescription vitamin a will beat any and every one of that inferior stuff.

MissMaayLove says:

In your last video you said milk can be the source of Lactic acid so does that mean most products with lactic acid are not vegan or…? 🙂

Elizabeth Elliott says:

It’s pronounced JIN-sing, not GEN-sing.

Sarah Amrita says:

Hey Cassandra! Love the video!
I think you’re freaking gorgeous!

I also just wanted to say, ginseng is actually pronounced jin-seng.

Keep up the wonderful videos!
I always look forward to them. <3

corsican lulu says:

u can also use lactic acid like in sauerkraut juice

Ry Will says:

Cassandra’s “ADHD moments” are the best parts of this video…I get them often too…I have an Instagram but Cassandra isn’t fallowing me.

Yasmin Flores says:

I really do enjoy ARGAN Rain argan oil. Both myself and my daughter have been using it about a week and I can say my skin looks brighter and the lines look smoother. My daughter had some acne she was trying to get rid of and it is helping to clear it very well. It does not leave any traces on your face after applying. Overall I would recommend this to family and friends.

Angelicsailor says:

Looking absolutely beautiful

diaeli1984 says:

Are these products okay to be used on active acne?

Danicka Coetzer says:

Lovely video 🙂 You have lovely skin! Keep making videos like these <3 xx

Tonisha H says:

Can you do a video for dark spots and what products work best for them? Please

Baiba Saybe Kukute says:

Girl I am still waiting on that skin care routine I wanna know what you are using that cleared your acne up so much

WickedRentIdina says:

Is it okay to use the Pixi Glow Tonic every night? I just purchased it a few weeks ago and I’ve been using it most nights, but I’m not sure if it’s okay to use every night?

lizzzarduh says:

What do you eat in Greece video!!

thechicgeek says:

I always wondered if you liked my girl Paula! I LOVE her skincare!

Angel Smoke says:

I was shocked to read that glycolic acid actually makes your cells DIE over time! So sad about the ordinary and pixi one ppl love!

TiffanyAlesha - Beauty, Fashion, Fitness says:

loving your videos lately. we need a holy grail skincare routine.

Simply Bxx says:

Do you still stand behind these products since you are on a more simple approach to skincare.

Harleigh Stringer says:

I care more about scarring and hyperpigmentation products because my breakouts are basically completely under control

Rachel Chavez says:

Hi! I just listened to you on the radio!!!

Notanexpert 123 says:

Can medium tan/olive skintone people use Lactic acid or citric acid or will it cause pigmentation?

Ele Sk says:

What you think ab azelaic acid?

Prowlgrin says:

Hi Cassandra! I’ve recently picked up night time aha and bha pads from nip fab. Is this a brand you have in America? It’s 4% glycolic and (can’t remember %) salasylic. What do you think about combinations of acids use at the same time? I’ve just used it twice but by the end of the week I’ll have used it at least 3 times. How long does it take from your experience to see any improvements?

Miriam Ortiz says:

Cassandra, have you tried Drunk Elephant? The T.L.C framboos is amazing!!! I also love their vitamin c serum!

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